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Here is what you need to know to buy a flag that has been flown over the Capitol!

United States Code Title 36 Chapter 10, also known as the Flag Code.

Here is how Robert G. Heft designed the 50-star Flag.

The proportions of the Flag as set down by the law.

Here are the words to the National Anthem, one of the few national anthems in the world devoted to a flag (includes link to anthem sound file).

Display your flag on these Holidays.

How to properly fold the flag.

The meanings of the folds of the Flag are outlined in the Flag Folding Ceremony by the US Air Force Academy.

Read the text of the Declaration of Independence.

All about the drafting of Declaration of Independence, including links to interesting image files.

George Washington's personal copy of the Declaration of Independence(129k).

Read about our National Symbol, the American Bald Eagle.