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Holidays to display your Flag

The flag should be displayed, from sunrise to sunset, on all days when the weather permits, especially on,

New Year's Day
Inauguration Day
Martin Luther King's Birthday
Lincoln's Birthday
Washington's Birthday
Easter Sunday
Patriots Day, April 19
National Day of Prayer, the 1st Thursday of May
Mother's Day
Armed Forces Day
Memorial Day (half-staff until noon)
Flag Day
Independence Day, July 4th
Labor Day
Constitution Day
Columbus Day, October 12th
Navy Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
Election Days

and such other days as may be proclaimed by the President of the United States.

State and Local Holidays

Your State Birthday (date of admission to the Union)

Alabama (22nd state) December 14, 1819 (5th U.S. Flag Design/23-Stars)
Alaska (49th state) January 3, 1959 (26th U.S. Flag Design/49-Stars)
Arizona (48th state) February 14, 1912 (25th U.S. Flag Design/48-Stars)
Arkansas (25th state) June 15,1836 (7th U.S. Flag Design/25-Stars)
California (31st state) September 9, 1850 (13th U.S. Flag Design/31-Stars)
Colorado (38th state) August 1, 1876 (20th U.S. Flag Design/38-Stars)
Connecticut (5th of Original 13) January 9, 1788**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Delaware (1st of Original 13) December 7,1787**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Florida (27th state) March 3, 1845 (9th U.S. Flag Design/27-Stars)
Georgia (4th of Original 13) January 2, 1788**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Hawaii (50th state) August 21, 1959 (27th U.S. Flag Design/50-Stars)
Idaho (43rd state) July 3, 1890 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
Illinois (21st state) December 3, 1818 (4th U.S. Flag Design/21-Stars)

Official Flags of the United States
13-Star 15-Star 20-Star 21-Star 23-Star
24-Star 25-Star 26-Star 27-Star 28-Star
29-Star 30-Star 31-Star 32-Star 33-Star
34-Star 35-Star 36-Star 37-Star 38-Star
43-Star 44-Star 45-Star 46-Star 48-Star


Indiana (19th state) December 11,1816 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Iowa (29th state) December26, 1846 (11th U.S. Flag Design/29-Stars)
Kansas (34th state) January 23, 1861 (16th U.S. Flag Design/34-Stars)
Kentucky (15th state) June 1,1792(2nd U.S. Flag Design/15-Stars)
Louisiana (18th state) April 30,1812 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Maine (23rd state) March 15, 1820 (5th U.S. Flag Design/23-Stars)
Maryland (7th of Original 13) April 28, 1788**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Massachusetts (6th of Original 13) February 6,1788**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Michigan (26th state) January 26, 1837 (8th U.S. Flag Design/26-Stars)
Minnesota (32nd state) May 11, 1858 (14th U.S. Flag Design/32-Stars)
Mississippi (20th state) December10,1817 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Missouri (24th state) August 10, 1821 (6th U.S. Flag Design/24-Stars)
Montana (41st state) November 3, 1889 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
Nebraska (37th state) March 1, 1867 (19th U.S. Flag Design/37-Stars)
Nevada (36th state) October 31, 1864 (18th U.S. Flag Design/36-Stars)
New Hampshire (9th of Original 13) June 21,1788**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
New Jersey (3rd of Original 13) December 18, 1787**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
New Mexico (47th state) January 6th, 1912 (25th U.S. Flag Design/48-Stars)
New York (11th of Original 13) July 25, 1788**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
North Carolina (12th of Original 13) November21, 1789**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
North Dakota (39th state) November 2, 1889 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
Ohio (17th state) March 1, 1803 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Oklahoma (46th state) November 16, 1907 (24th U.S. Flag Design/46-Stars)
Oregon (33rd state) February 14, 1859 (15th U.S. Flag Design/33-Stars)
Pennsylvania (2nd of Original 13) December 12, 1787**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Rhode Island (13th of Original 13) May, 29,1790** (1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
South Carolina (8th of Original 13) May 23,1788**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
South Dakota (40th state) November 2, 1889 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
Tennessee (16th state) June 1, 1796 (3rd U.S. Flag Design/20-Stars)
Texas (28th state) December29, 1845 (10th U.S. Flag Design/28-Stars)
Utah (45th state) January 4, 1896 (23rd U.S. Flag Design/45-Stars)
Vermont (14th state) March 4, 1791 (2nd U.S. Flag Design/15-Stars)
Virginia (10th of Original 13) June 25, 1788**(1st U.S. Flag Design/13-Stars)
Washington (42nd state) November 11, 1889 (21st U.S. Flag Design/43-Stars)
West Virginia (35th state) June 20, 1863 (17th U.S. Flag Design/35-Stars)
Wisconsin (30th state) May 29, 1848 (12th U.S. Flag Design/30-Stars)
Wyoming (44th state) July 10, 1890 (22nd U.S. Flag Design/44-Stars)

** Denotes the date the first 13 colonies ratified the Constitution of the United States