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Working together with you to preserve our national heritage for the next generation of Americans.


National Flag Foundation's mission is to promote a deeper appreciation of our nation's founding principles and its first and principle emblem, the Flag of the United States of America, by serving as a primary resource for patriotic and flag education. Since 1968, we've built upon this one simple yet vitally important premise. We've done more to amplify the message and the meaning of the flag than perhaps any organization in history.

Distinguished Endorsements

"Works like this can only increase our love for this land of liberty and for the flags of American history that tell us freedom's story." - Ronald Reagan
"I feel it is a tremendous privilege to become one of your members." - Orrin Hatch, U.S. Senator from Utah
"I commend National Flag Foundation for taking the initiative to provide students of all ages with an important guide to citizenship and civic responsibility." - Lamar Alexander, Former U.S. Secretary of Education
"The flag is our Nation's greatest emblem, and I salute the patriotic spirit of all of you associated with the National Flag Foundation." - George Bush

Since 1968, National Flag Foundation has worked tirelessly to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the American flag and our nation's founding principles.

The popularity of NFF's materials is reflected by the fact that more than 200 million pieces of the foundation's patriotic literature is in schools, libraries and homes throughout America. Additionally, NFF's headquarters - Flag Plaza - is home to the foundation's world-class flag/flag-history library, which provides invaluable ongoing services in support of "Old Glory-"

NFF is very proud that millions of Americans know that "National Flag Foundation" is the answer to the question "Who's minding our flag?"


You will like being a part of this vibrant, unique, patriotic, educational movement. You'll be actively invigorating America's attachment to freedom.

For a quarter century, the National Flag Foundation (NFF) has been creating programs and activities which elevate our appreciation of America's heritage of liberty and Flag with original art and literature.

In addition to the pride and satisfaction you'll feel knowing that you're doing something good for your flag, you will also receive:
  • A personalized membership card and certificate.
  • A handsome National Flag Foundation enameled lapel pin.
  • Member Newsletter
  • The official Flag Etiquette Handbook.
  • A IO% discount on all purchases of books and materials from National Flag Foundation.
  • Access to National Flag Foundation's Toll-Free Hotline.
  • In addition, for a membership gift of $35 or more you'll receive a full color limited edition print of "One Hundred Years Ago"(shown at top left), the Centennial masterpiece by William H. Wilcox, considered to be America's most important flag painting. The original now hangs in our headquarters at Flag Plaza.The full size print measures 25" x 38", and includes the artist's key with an explanation of each element. Printed on I00% rag using the finest fade-proof inks. Suitable for framing, this stunning print will make a beautiful addition to your home, study or office.


  • more Flags are flown in America today
  • the Flag is more often properly saluted and displayed
  • young Americans know more of American history
  • America's resurging patriotic spirit is enhanced
  • the Flag is more often given its proper respect
  • new citizens are taught how to salute their new Flag
  • many youngsters better appreciate the priceless priviledge of being an American, and
  • messages concerning America's heritage, by the hundreds of millions, have been distributed nationwide . . . worldwide.

  • It is a living, working tribute to America's Flag and Heritage.
  • It is a persistent reminder of the inestimable value of Liberty.
  • It inspires ideas and actions in Freedom's cause.
  • It neither seeks nor accepts government funds.
  • Its work is supported by member contributions.
  • Its members live in every state and many nations.
  • They actively elevate respect for Old Glory's ideals.


Membership catagories:

Standard Bearer $25 to $50
Minuteman $100
Patriot $500
Heritage $1,000
Patriarch $5,000

Credit Cards Accepted: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover

Contributions to National Flag Foundation are deductible as charitable contributions for U.S. Federal Income Tax purposes.

Do join this mission nourishing patriotism and the sweet sweep of Liberty.

Contact the NFF at the address and phone below

National Flag Foundation
Flag Plaza
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219-3630

800 615-1776 or 412 261-1776