AccountEdge Pro is different in that it’s a great choice for larger businesses since it has many complex reporting options. AccountEdge Pro is one of the older choices and has been around for decades. However, it has a better UI than other large software like Sage50 cloud. This platform has more robust offerings like a project management system, payroll reports, and supply chain insights.

It has a dashboard that shows reports in categories like sales, banking purchases and accounts. It’s relatively easy to toggle back and forth between the major functions.

It has a solid invoicing system that even allows payment from trust, retainer and escrow accounts.

Also, users can pay third parties using these same accounts and AccountEdge Pro. Like Onpay and Zoho, it has a detailed CRM that allows small business owners to keep track of customer information.

AccountEdge Pro features

AccountEdge Pro has numerous reports including sales tax information. This allows users to pay and keep tabs on sales tax. They can also customize this area based on factors like the state they do business in.

Another main differentiator that this product has is preloaded card templates. These card templates include thank you cards, refund orders, and apology letters. These can be integrated with the CRM and can help the business develop quality relationships with its clients.

AccountEdge Pro is one of the better options for inventory reports. It allows users to track inventory, warranty and has serialization options. It’s even possible to record the information of an item for businesses with multiple storage locations.

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AccountEdge Pro pricing

AccountEdge has two main accounting programs which are AccountEdge Pro and AccountEdge Basic. These two platforms cost a one time fee of $399 and $149 respectively. These prices aren’t cheap, but it’s great that they don’t bill per year or month. They also don’t have contracts and give each new user a 30-day free trial.

The main differences between the two platforms are that Pro has more features like payroll, time tracking, inventory reports and can accommodate up to ten users. Conversely, the basic version only allows one user and just has the fundamental reports.

AccountEdge Pro customer support

AccountEdge could have better support, considering that it has many features and a steeper learning curve. Its support is generally limited to email as phone support costs an additional $199/year after the first month.

Many clients have reported that AccountEdge answers inquiries within 24-48 hours, but it’s usually on the slower side.

This firm also has support forms and help centers with useful guides. AccountEdge also has an established Youtube channel with over 200 videos and a helpful blog.


  • Many functions: AccountEdge has a variety of different functions under one software. It has detailed inventory, project management reports, CRMs and more. Other software has these features, but AccountEdge has more detailed and comprehensive options. For example, it’s the only platform that offers card templates
  • One-time fees: It’s one time fees aren’t cheap, but users don’t have to pay per year or month. This provides greater flexibility and AccountEdge doesn’t have contracts.


  • Limited support: Most platforms include phone-based support with their fees. AccountEdge charges an annual fee to have simple phone support. This can be tough as it has a steeper learning curve than simpler options
  • High learning curve: Many customers have reported that it takes a while to learn the software. Even with the many free resources, users have reported difficulties mastering the fundamentals.

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 3.75
  • Features: 5
  • Price: 4
  • Ease of Use: 3
  • Customer Service: 3