Zoho for Accounting Review – 2022

Zoho is unique because it is a family of products and includes a CRM, email solutions, website analytics and of course, its accounting solution. This review will focus on accounting software, but Zoho could be a good option for those looking for a “one-stop-shop.”

Zoho’s accounting platform has many similarities to Quickbooks and Xero as that it helps customers manage expenses, generate an income statement, and link bank accounts.

Its dashboard has three main charts which show projected receivables, payables and a pie chart that breaks down expenses. The pie chart helps small business owners break down their expenses and cut back on the largest categories.

Like other apps, Zoho provides customizable invoice and estimate templates. These can also be automated and it does have a secure client portal. It’s portal is similar to Freshbook’s portal and it allows customers to edit, comment and pay invoices.

Zoho is a good platform, but it would be more suitable for small businesses and freelancers since it doesn’t have payroll nor detailed budgeting reports.

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Zoho accounting features

Since Zoho offers a CRM, users can include their client’s data which includes, names, addresses, and other contact information.

Zoho has a detailed inventory chart feature which can be customized with important factors like SKUs (seller keeping units), photos, and rates. Customers can choose if the product is taxable and this chart is only available for businesses that have chosen its Professional Plan.

Even though Zoho could be better suited for smaller businesses, it does have a robust project management platform. The project management software can segregate tasks per employee and can track hours spent on each task. It can also be easily converted into an invoice, which saves time and enhances the workflow. Clients can also see the weekly progress of each task via their own secure portal.

Zoho pricing

Zoho is one of the more inexpensive options out there and it has three main plans which are Basic, Standard, and Professional. These cost $9, $19, and $29 per month respectively.

Each plan has fundamental features like basic charting, linking bank accounts, time tracking, invoicing and project management. The main difference between the options is that standard and professional have accounts payable reports, more automated workflows, and the ability to share with up to 10 users. The professional plan has detailed inventory reports along with a custom domain name.

It has some add on features that it charges extra fees for like additional users ($2/mo.), mail credits ($1.50 per credit) and scans. Scans enable business owners to scan, upload and store receipts, with 50 scans costing $5 per month.

Zoho customer support

Zoho is known for its excellent customer support and offers assistance via email, phone or contact form for all users. It doesn’t offer special treatment for those that purchase higher plans. The support staff is very knowledgeable about the software and emphasizes quick turnaround. Customers can even contact support via their Zoho platform to save time.

Zoho also has an accountant finder that helps small businesses find competent accountants in their area. Unlike other platforms, it doesn’t have a built-in CPA feature. Some platforms like Wave and Quickbooks have additional features that charge more if users want to speak with an accountant.


  • Price: Zoho is very affordable and has many features that other alternatives charge more for using. For example, it includes a sturdy project management system that all users can implement.
  • Multi-faceted: Zoho has many features which include a CRM and advanced invoicing. It doesn’t cap users on invoices per month and the CRM enhances the organization. Due to these factors, Zoho was named best accounting software for general business.


  • No payroll: Payroll is vital for larger businesses and Zoho doesn’t have any options nor affiliates. Larger businesses need to have a payroll solution as they have to accurately record employee and contractor payouts.
  • Limited integrations: More well-known options like Quickbooks and Xero have dozens of app integrations. Their APIs are very flexible and can help a business streamline their processes. Zoho integrates with its own CRM and is working on adding more app integrations.

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 4.125
  • Features: 3.5
  • Price: 4
  • Ease of Use: 5
  • Customer Service: 4

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