ZenBusiness uses technology and automated processes to provide a fast, low-cost business formation service that meets your unique business needs. Their technology keeps costs down and offers the most customized business formation experience online. The result is a fast, low-cost, and personalized service. Just choose the filing option and add-on services that fit your needs, like expedited filing speed, Registered Agent, and Worry-Free compliance.

This ZenBusiness review will cover all you need to know about the popular online incorporation service. 

ZenBusiness overview

ZenBusiness helps entrepreneurs form, grow, and run small businesses. Regardless of your industry or the business structure you choose, ZenBusiness can help. The primary focus of the service is to help businesses form their legal structure, file all the necessary state and federal paperwork, and form their business accurately. Through the service, you can easily form the following business types online:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation 
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Doing Business As (DBA) 

ZenBusiness supports business formation in all US states. Depending on the business structure, you can get started for as little as $0/year (plus state registration fees). Whether you’re forming a startup, beginning an online business, opening a local restaurant, or just starting to freelance, ZenBusiness can help. 

Beyond the initial business formation, ZenBusiness offers a variety of tools and resources to grow your dream company. You can obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN), draft operating agreements, and even build a business website, all on the ZenBusiness platform. To learn more about what this service offers, the section below covers all the business features of ZenBusiness. 

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ZenBusiness pros & cons

Like any other service, ZenBusiness has both advantages and disadvantages to consider:


  • Fast and simple
  • Affordable plans
  • Easy online filing for new businesses
  • Form LLCs, corporations, sole proprietorships, and more
  • Very competitive pricing – get started from just $49
  • Compatible with requirements in all US states
  • Valuable online business services
  • Ability to customize your plan to fit your needs


  • Annual pricing structure (although you can cancel if you want)
  • State filing fees cost extra (this is standard in the industry)

ZenBusiness features

ZenBusiness is unique in that it’s helpful before, during, and after the formation of your business. While many competitors only offer business formation, ZenBusiness offers much more, with tools to help your business thrive long after the paperwork is complete. 

Business formation features

The primary focus of ZenBusiness is on the initial formation of your business. When you sign up, ZenBusiness’s platform will walk you through the setup and incorporation of your new company to help you get started.

  • Form LLCs, corporations, sole proprietorships, and more
  • File all necessary state & federal paperwork online
  • Fast formation – generally 2-3 weeks with standard processing and as little as 1-2 days with expedited processing
  • Support and full compliance in all US states
  • Access operating agreement templates, banking resolution templates, and other useful formation resources
  • Access Zenbusiness customer support via phone and email 
  • Access your documents online, 24/7
  • ZenBusiness can conduct a Name Availability Search to ensure your business name is available for use in your state
  • ZenBusiness can serve as your business’s registered agent service
  • ZenBusiness can help you obtain an Employee Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS (requires tax ID, such as a social security number)
  • ZenBusiness guarantees 100% accuracy 

In short, ZenBusiness can walk you through the process of forming a business of any type and any legal structure. Everything is handled online, and the entire process can be done in just a few days to a few weeks, depending on the state. 

Business growth features

Once your paperwork is filed, and your business is formed, the usefulness of ZenBusiness does not end there! The platform offers a variety of useful features and services, most of which are found in their Pro and Premium plans.

  • Worry-Free CPA Assessment to help you structure your bookkeeping efforts
  • Access to a detailed virtual business guide and other resources
  • Business domain name
  • Business email address
  • A business website with a website builder
  • Ongoing Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee to monitor state requirements and keep your firm compliant
  • Resources to connect you with a business credit card provider
  • Ongoing access to your account dashboard, which stores digital versions of your incorporation paperwork, digital communications with state agencies, and more
  • Ongoing phone and email support when you have questions

ZenBusiness aims to be a one-stop shop for your business needs. And particularly with their more advanced plans, they’re coming pretty close. No other service covers so many bases. If you want simplicity, with everything managed under one roof (including your business’ website), ZenBusiness is a great option. 

ZenBusiness pricing

ZenBusiness offers a few different plans at different price points to suit the needs of a wide range of business owners. Listed pricing is transparent and simple, and there aren’t many upsells or any hidden fees. ZenBusiness LLC formation costs are among the lowest in the industry, although the more expensive plans offer far more than just simple business filings. 

Starter Package Pro Package Premium Package
Price $0 plus state filing fees* (does not renew) $199/year plus state filing fees* (renews annually) $349/year* plus state filing fees (renews annually)
  • LLC filing service
  • Standard filing speed (2-3 week avg)
  • Worry-free compliance, free first year (optional)**
  • 100% accuracy guarantee
  • LLC filing service
  • Fastest “rush” filing speed (1-2 business days avg)
  • Worry-free compliance
  • Operating agreement
  • Employer ID Number (EIN)
  • Everything from the Pro Package
  • Business Document Templates
  • Domain name registration
  • Domain name privacy
  • Business email address
  • Business website builder
Best For The Starter Plan is best for entrepreneurs who just need help filing their new business formation papers at the most cost-effective rate. Add-ons are available for the basic package at an additional cost. The Pro plan is best for entrepreneurs who want faster formation filing, as well as extra paperwork templates and worry-free guarantees. Add-ons such as domain name registration and website creation are available at an additional cost.  The Premium plan is best for entrepreneurs needing very fast filing, as well as ongoing services like a business website,  domain name privacy, and email address.

*Plus state filing fees

**If customers accept WFC, it renews at $199/yr

ZenBusiness serves as an intermediary between you and your state’s Department of Revenue or Business department. They will help you file the paperwork and pass the information along to the appropriate department in your state. 

Keep in mind that ZenBusiness’ stated prices do not include the state fees, which are charged separately (this money goes directly to the state you are filing in). This cost varies by state and by business structure. 

For example, the filing cost to form an LLC is around $70 in California, $200 in New York, and $300 in Texas. These costs are typically only for the first year and pay for your Certificate of Formation or similar document. Ongoing state fees may also apply, such as an Annual Report fee. 

The good news is that ZenBusiness is very transparent about these costs. State filing fees go directly to the state, so although they are processed through ZenBusiness, they won’t charge you extra. The cost would be the same if you were to file completely on your own. 

Business owners should also keep in mind that processing time varies depending on your state and the package you choose. Turnaround times can be as quick as a few business days or as long as a month or more.

 If you want your files completed as quickly as possible, we recommend opting for the Pro or Premium package. That said, even with expedited processing, you will still be at the mercy of your state’s Department of Revenue for the actual processing. Fortunately, ZenBusiness will show you an estimated completion date during the signup process. 

Customer service

ZenBusiness offers great customer support for all customers. Support agents are available during normal business hours and can be reached via phone and email. All agents are knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have.

A unique aspect of ZenBusiness’ customer support that sets them apart from other service providers is that they also strive to connect you to other resources for business services that they don’t offer in-house. For example, ZenBusiness has licensed CPAs that can help guide you toward an accounting solution that works for your business. 

The service aims to be a complete solution for business services – and if they don’t offer a service directly, they can point you in the right direction. 

ZenBusiness review: Our verdict

ZenBusiness provides everything you need to form a small business – and ongoing resources to ensure your company stays in good standing with the relevant state business agencies. The formation process is simple due to ZenBusiness’ intuitive tools and solid ease of use. The service can serve as your Registered Agent, which in and of itself makes ZenBusiness a good value.

In a lot of ways, ZenBusiness is similar to other business entities and LLC formation services (like LegalZoom, Bizee, Northwest Registered Agents, etc.). It makes the initial process of setting up a business simple and transparent and helps you navigate a sometimes confusing world of state and local requirements. It also offers extremely competitive pricing, making it perhaps the best LLC service overall. 

ZenBusiness has earned great customer reviews and excellent ratings with Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It offers business formation services and LLC formation packages at very competitive rates, along with fast processing times. 

Where ZenBusiness is unique in its ongoing services – Registered Agent services, business website hosting, business email, and ongoing compliance support, to name a few. And for services they don’t offer, such as accounting, they have resources to point you in the right direction. In a way, ZenBusiness aims to be a one-stop shop for all your business needs – and they regularly add new features to keep up with the ever-changing business world.

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to help form, run, and grow your business – ZenBusiness is it.