Small business owners and entrepreneurs usually find themselves in a maze of legal and administrative responsibilities in a rapidly evolving business environment, whether starting a new firm or even merging an existing one. Bizee, formerly Incfile, is a company registration service that aims to simplify this complex procedure, offering one potential answer to these issues.

In this thorough analysis, we’ll cover every significant aspect of Bizee, such as its user-friendly platform, services provided, pricing transparency, customer support, and more. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned small business owner, you can determine if Bizee is the ideal partner for your business formation service needs.

About Bizee

Giving customers and aspiring business owners an easy approach to handle the difficulties involved in launching and incorporating their firms is the aim of Bizee, formerly known as IncFile. Bizee’s mission is to demystify the often intimidating and challenging process of starting a business, making it accessible to a wide range of clients—from seasoned pros searching for a hassle-free solution to those venturing into the realm of entrepreneurship for the first time and unclear on what to do next.

To support this range of users, Bizee provides services pertaining to all aspects of business formation. They can help you set up an LLC, obtain an EIN, utilize registered agent services, prepare annual reports, pay business taxes, and more. All of this is done on a user-friendly platform that makes starting a business possible even for those with no prior experience.

Entrepreneurs can choose to collaborate with Bizee by either purchasing individual services from them or by choosing one of their Silver, Gold, or Platinum packages. The most basic products are free, except for state filing fees. The upper tiers offer an extensive array of services along with ongoing upkeep for the life of the organization. Because they only collaborate with professionals in the incorporation industry, Bizee is a great resource for understanding the company formation process. They are therefore the authorities on every facet of this process.


The benefits of Bizee have made it popular in a variety of settings and industries. The following are some of Bizee’s most noteworthy attributes:

  • Entrepreneurs just need to pay any applicable state fees, as Bizee does not charge for fundamental services like LLC formation. Although there are costs associated with using different services, Bizee is typically less expensive than its competitors.
  • Bizee aims to be a one-stop shop for business owners, hence it provides a variety of services on a single platform. Their platform includes everything a business needs, so it’s easy to take care of all the necessary tasks without having to search for multiple service providers.
  • The Bizee platform is simple to use and navigate, even for those with little technological experience.
  • Most Bizee users are satisfied with the company’s customer support, which is available to all users via phone, email, and online chat. A complete online learning center is also accessible to all business owners at no cost.
  • As IncFile, Bizee was able to establish a strong reputation and has collaborated with many other businesses. This indicates that they can offer competitive pricing and integration for products like business bank accounts, websites, and domain names.


Some Bizee users do have concerns with the service. Some of the potential negatives are:

  • Bizee provides all you need, but it could be challenging to operate with large, intricate company organizations that demand specialized services.
  • Some of the additional services that Bizee offers are based on a subscription basis and automatically renew, so you should be aware of what is being charged to you and when.
  • Tax SBizee offers simple business tax consultancy services, which, because of their simplicity, might not be suitable in complex tax situations. Some businesses will need outside help with filing.


Services and features

Most Bizee customers utilize them as part of a formation package before launching their own companies. Bizee can provide a range of services, contingent on the type of business being established. In every state in the union, these can include nonprofit organizations, S corporations, C corporations, and LLCs.

Business formation

Bizee can handle every aspect of beginning a firm, including completing the necessary formation documents, such as the Articles of Organization. In order to do this, you must obtain EINs and other tax IDs, prepare operational contracts, serve as a registered agent, provide guidance on taxes and licenses, look for and reserve business names, and more. Bizee also provides support for other services including business email, domain registration, website creation, administrative work, and more.

Business maintenance

The company can help with business upkeep regardless of whether Bizee is used in the founding of the business. They provide businesses with tax filing guidance in addition to registered agent services. Bizee offers ongoing support for annual reports and is able to submit business amendments to the state.

One further ongoing benefit of a Bizee bundle is the lifetime company alerts. For as long as your business is in operation, they will let you know when anything needs to be done, including annual reports or business license renewals.

Add-on options

In addition to their bundles, Bizee provides a range of stand-alone services that can be purchased separately. This includes things like filing for trademark registration, reorganizing or dissolving a business, and consulting with accountants and financial specialists. Among their legal services include obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing, renaming a corporation, or obtaining a Doing Business As (DBA).

Pricing options

The services provided by Bizee are available in tiers, with some options being add-ons. Each of the three primary levels—silver, gold, or platinum—is open to any business owner.

Silver – $0

The Silver Package is the Bizee tier that comes with free formation. There are no hidden fees, although users are responsible for paying state filing fees, which can range from $40 to $500 for your LLC. This package includes all you need, including company name searches, phone and email help, preparing and filing necessary paperwork, and a year of their free registered agent service.

Gold – $199

All the contents of the silver package are included in the gold package, along with additional services, and customers till paying any applicable state filing fees. These services will cover filling out IRS Form 2553, getting an EIN, creating an operating agreement and other necessary documents, giving business advice on banking and tax issues, and more. Gold level members will also receive online access to a dashboard that simplifies account management for them on mobile devices.

Platinum – $299

At $299 plus any relevant state fees, the platinum bundle is the priciest option that Bizee offers. In addition to all the benefits available to gold members, platinum members will receive free next-day filing, a domain name, business email, and access to business contract templates.

Stand-alone pricing

In addition to these bundles, users can also pay for one-time services without a subscription. Consumers are responsible for paying the indicated price plus any applicable state and federal fees associated with the service.

The following prices apply to specific services:

  • Annual or periodic reports: $99
  • Amendments: $99
  • DBA/fictitious name filing: $149
  • Tax election: $50

Keep in mind that some services, like getting an EIN, are available for free on their own but can be bought through Bizee. For example, you can get an EIN for free from the IRS, but using Bizee will set you back $70.

If you need multiple services, getting a gold or platinum package may be more cost-effective. Make sure to consider all of your needs before making any separate purchases.


Customer support

Unlike many of its rivals, Bizee offers its members unlimited phone support, email support, and an online chat facility. Even when you stop being a member, this customer support is provided for the life of your business. If customers are platinum or gold members with dashboard access, they can simply use the platform to contact customer service via their account. Agents are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. central time. After hours, the conversation feature is also monitored.

Customers report getting good service and quick responses from most channels, though contacting them  by phone is often the easiest way to get through. One of their key advantages is that, instead of being salespeople, the people you get in touch with are specialists in the incorporation procedure. The customer service representatives must all have at least five years of experience incorporating new businesses in various states.

Bizee offers basic support along with a range of advisory and consultation services for things like taxation. These can both point customers toward pertinent services or help them do particular tasks in order to satisfy a wide range of business needs.

Final word

Bizee offers a range of services that, when taken together, offer a useful option for company owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who do not want to accomplish the method alone. The ease and security of having everything on one platform is appreciated by many, even if many of the jobs in their packages could be handled for free. Despite the affordable prices of Bizee’s packages, company owners can test the service without having to commit any money by taking advantage of the free package option.

If you don’t have enough time to manage the associated responsibilities or feel overwhelmed by starting a business, Bizee is a great option. Bizee displays consumer satisfaction and industry knowledge by providing filing services that are both free and fairly priced. It’s probably not the best choice for large, intricate corporate operations or for those who are willing to work autonomously on certain tasks.

For the most part, new business owners would find Bizee’s solutions helpful because they are comprehensive and offer ease of use. For those who would rather have assurance that they have complied with all requirements at a slight cost, rather than deal with complexity and difficulty, their packages can be the ideal choice for you.



What payment methods does Bizee accept?

Bizee accepts major credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers. They do not currently accept cash or checks. (Think of a variety of payment options at your fingertips.)

Can I file my annual report with Bizee?

Yes, Bizee can help you file your annual reports with the state for an additional fee. This can save you time and ensure that your report is filed correctly. (Think of Bizee as your annual report filing superhero!)

Does Bizee offer customer support?

Yes, Bizee offers customer support via phone, email, and live chat. Their support team is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Is Bizee legit?

Yes, Bizee is a legitimate business formation service. They have been in business for over 10 years and have helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs form a business entity, for most of that time under the name Incfile. They are also a member of the National Association of Registered Agents (NARA).

What are some alternatives to Bizee?

There are a few other online LLC formation services available, such as LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer. However, Bizee is generally considered to be the most affordable and user-friendly option.

What documents do I need to form an LLC with Bizee?

The documents you need will vary depending on your state, but typically you will need to provide your business name, the names and addresses of your LLC members (owners), your business address, and your registered agent information (if you are using Bizee’s registered agent service).

How can I avoid making mistakes when forming an LLC?

The best way to avoid making mistakes when forming an LLC is to consult with an attorney or accountant. However, Bizee can also help you avoid common mistakes by providing you with clear instructions and step-by-step guidance.

What happens if I don't appoint a registered agent for LLC?

Without a registered agent, important legal documents, like lawsuits or tax notices, could be delivered to your personal address or go undelivered. This could delay your response time and potentially result in penalties or missed deadlines. (Imagine a stack of important papers blowing away in the wind – a registered agent acts like a secure mailbox.)