What does 30 years of experience as a payroll provider combined with the latest payroll technology give you? The answer is OnPay. This payroll software service is highly praised for its functionality and user-friendly interface. Because of its features and integrations, OnPay’s payroll processing can cater to most employers and managers when it comes to easy payroll management, not to mention its competitive pricing.

Here’s what you should know about OnPay:

What is OnPay?

OnPay is a payroll processing system, which is cloud-based and quite affordable compared to other options, such as Gusto and Quickbooks Online. Although it is a versatile option, its features, and the intuitive user interface is best for startups and small businesses that are in the stages of hiring new employees.

This software gives employers and managers everything they need to navigate and automate payroll, HR, and even provide employee benefits like retirement plans. It includes HR tools that make the payroll process faster, which gives employers and small business owners time to focus on more important things.

OnPay has served companies with payroll services for the last three decades as a payroll provider. With their experience in the field combined with the latest technology, the company has created an easy way to quickly process payroll for old and new employees in an error-free way.

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Who is OnPay best for?

With OnPay’s ease of use, it is best for small businesses and startups.

It is the best payroll solution for employers who don’t know how to run payroll too. Thanks to its intuitive interface, a wide range of features, and very affordable prices, new businesses that are hiring employees can take advantage of OnPay’s online payroll features.

Whether you own or manage a physical business that has on-site offices or manage a team of remote workers and freelancers, OnPay makes a great, dependable, and highly-affordable choice.

Although OnPay has most of the features any type of company needs, it still falls a little short when it comes to managing larger groups of employees for larger companies, which is why it’s recommended for smaller businesses.

Its HR tools, payroll features, and benefits like health insurance tools, are in one easy-to-use accounting software. Whether you are tech-savvy or not, you won’t have a difficult time learning how to use OnPay.

Aside from processing payments, OnPay allows employees to access their own accounts, which is excellent if you own a small business with only a few staff members. It is definitely a reliable option for most industries, including restaurants, dentists, farms, nonprofit organizations, food chains, gyms, accountant firms, and a whole lot more.

To sum it up, you will definitely make the most with OnPay if:

  • You manage a business with only a few employees
  • You manage a business that offers benefits to its employees
  • You own a small business
  • You are opening a startup
  • You manage a team of remote workers


  • Affordable with straightforward pricing plans
  • Very easy to use
  • Employee access for ease of operation
  • Offers live support
  • Allows you to manage employee benefits
  • Enables quick tax filing and payment calculations
  • Excellent tech with no errors when it comes to payroll processing
  • Robust features for payroll, HR, and benefits
  • It offers free account migrations and integration set up
  • New hire reporting
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not for businesses that require expert support and features
  • Lacks scalability for growing businesses
  • Its limited integrations hinder some businesses
  • Live support is not 24 hours

OnPay features

Although OnPay might not be for everyone, it is definitely one of the major payroll software options for most small businesses. Here is a list of OnPay’s most notable features:

Full-service payroll features

OnPay’s full-service payroll features include unlimited monthly pay runs for all employees, including both full-time W-2 and freelance 1099 employees. With its extensive options, you can use OnPay to pay employees through direct deposit, debit card, or check.

You can also set up multiple pay rates and pay schedules for specific employees, and do a lot more with just a mobile device. It is available in all 50 states, making it an excellent option for remote workers around the United States.

These full-service payroll features come with special payroll services at no extra cost, which includes templates for employees of various industries, such as restaurants, farm and agriculture businesses, non-profits, medium-sized corporations, and more.

Employee self-service features

One of OnPay’s most notable features is the Employee Self-Service feature, which allows employees to log into their accounts for self-onboarding, time tracking, get pay stubs, get important tax forms, tax filings, and other employee documents. Without going through a long process of requesting these specific forms from an HR manager, they can do it themselves without disrupting a schedule.

HR tools and features

OnPay is not just a payroll service. Aside from being a reliable payroll provider for small businesses, OnPay also features essential human resources tools that make managing new employees a lot easier than traditional managing tools. These tools include automated onboarding flows, e-signing, in-app offer letters for promotions and hiring offers, and online filing of important employee forms.

Because OnPay is a cloud-based service, it also offers storage for employee documents, payroll reports, direct messaging, and more. The software also has a wide selection of document templates for any specific situation, which you can access straight from the mobile app.

OnPay pricing

OnPay’s pricing is pretty straightforward. It costs $40 a month for the base fee and an additional $6 monthly fee for each employee. You can even get a free trial for the first month to try out their service without any risks.

Customer support

Wondering about Onpay’s customer service? The payroll company does offer support by phone and email. Phone support is offered during the weekdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Email support is offered during the week and on the weekends. User reviews say customer service is fairly quick in its response.


Is OnPay a legitimate company?

Yes, OnPay is a legitimate company that you can trust to handle payroll and bank accounts, thanks to their secure payment process.

Is OnPay a good payroll service?

OnPay is a good payroll service for small businesses. It is not too complicated, but flexible enough to handle up to medium size businesses.

How long does OnPay take to deposit?

It may take a while for OnPay to deposit the money, so to be on schedule, the account must already have funds before the scheduled payday.

How does OnPay payroll work?

It is a simple automated payroll service that works with ADP to roll out wages for your employees on a fixed or flexible schedule.

What are the fees for OnPay

The base fee is $40 per month with an add-ons for each employee; $6 per employee. There are no hidden fees and the pricing is pretty straightforward.