OnPay Review (2023)

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OnPay is different from the other options as it primarily emphasizes payroll, health benefits, and managing workers. Unlike other options on this list, it doesn’t have options to manage expenses, have AR nor inventory reports. Instead, it’s designed for businesses that have sufficient amounts of employees or contractors. It mainly handles HR tasks like onboarding employees and has areas for W4 and I-9 forms.

It also allows automatic payment of federal and state taxes, which saves time and ensures accuracy. OnPay also syncs with popular bookkeeping software like Xero and Quickbooks. This platform is better suited for those that want a user-friendly and efficient HR solution.

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  • Automated HR features: OnPay has many features like workers comp, 401(k), and health care assistance. These features allow employers to find the best plans, stay compliant, and automate busywork. This is a win-win-win for employers, employees, and OnPay.
  • Transparent pricing: The price is relatively affordable, considering larger companies charge higher rates. It’s also straightforward and doesn’t have contracts, hidden fees, nor upsells.


  • Lacks the features of other bookkeeping software: This service focuses on HR solutions, instead of managing business expenses, AR, and inventory. Thus, many businesses use this in conjunction with another software choice on this list.
  • Learning curve and integrations: OnPay has some integrations, but users have complaints about not having enough time sheet integrations. Other alternatives on this list integrate with over 40+ apps. Related to this, it does have an initial learning curve. This learning curve has made it harder to filter reports and properly integrate related programs.

OnPay features

OnPay primarily emphasizes HR tasks and offers its employers to manage 401(k) plans for their employees. Having a quality 401(k) plan will help lower taxes, allow employees to save for retirement, and build morale. These plans are complex and have many regulations, which is why OnPay helps businesses with safe harbor rules, automatic withholding, employee education. It also provides fee-free investment management, which is important considering most 401(k) plans have expensive fees that diminish retirement nest eggs.

OnPay also has methods that help employers manage health insurance plans along with workers comp. Health insurance is one of the most important employee benefits and OnPay has connections with competent insurance agents that are licensed in all 50 states. These agents can assist business owners to choose the best plan at a low price point and integrate it with their payroll. OnPay automates many health insurance-related tasks like changing an employee’s benefits due to a change in their work status.

The workers’ comp plan feature protects users from liability and costly audits. It calculates premiums automatically and updates plans in real-time for new hires. These processes save time, money, and prevent noncompliance.

OnPay pricing

OnPay has pretty straightforward pricing with a base fee of $36 per month with an additional person costing $4 per month. It also has an additional service that automatically sends W-2 at the first of the year and costs $5 per form. This transparent pricing has made OnPay one of the most trusted payroll/HR software on the market. It also doesn’t have any contracts, which guarantees flexibility.

OnPay customer support

OnPay is known for its excellent customer support, which is available via phone, email, and ticket submission. Their knowledge center has self-help articles on a variety of topics, including state by state payroll issues. It has a map with each state that can be drilled down to learn more.

This center also breaks down information into other subcategories like payroll, tax, and compliance. This area is very user-friendly and has a support ticket submission in the top right corner. Besides having this knowledge area, it has a resources tab that has useful tools like payroll calculators on its front page.

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