Scoro for Time Tracking Review – 2022

Scoro is more than just a project-management software – it’s a business management solution.

Yes, it tracks time. It also tracks everything else, even the stuff you never thought about before. It allows you to control the whole workflow, from customer acquisition to task scheduling to billing in one massive, fully-featured dashboard.

All of those options in one place have the potential to make for a very confusing user experience, but Scoro navigates those pitfalls with grace. The interface is clean and full, but not cluttered. It’s colorful but not distracting. It’s logical and intuitive and, dare I say it, a joy to use.

It even has nice little things like reminding you about the birthdays of your team members.

The best part is the inter-connectedness of each module. Scoro pulls information from the entire gamut of your business operations to make managing a breeze. From things like showing your % profit on an item so you can quote effectively to auto-filling just about any information you’ve ever entered before, it really does automate most of business.

The time tracking system operates about as you would expect. It will track automatically and update projects so you know where time is allocated. Timesheets can also be automatically generated, and that information transferred to invoices containing info about billable hours. The reporting and analytics system is quite flexible, allowing for both visualizations of time and the raw numbers.

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Who Scoro is best for

Scoro is designed for medium-sized businesses up to enterprise level corporations. It can be used by a company in any industry, although those that have a heavy emphasis on sales will get more out of this software than anyone else.

If you’re a small team or operating on a tight budget, Scoro shouldn’t be your first choice.

Scoro pricing

Scoro has a pricing structure that is needlessly complicated in the name of customization. It’s also incredibly expensive and has a minimum member count of 5. Each of the tiers beyond the Essential has both a “premium” (standard) version and an “ultimate” (extended version) which delivers more, primarily sales-focused, features. They also offer an onboarding service that starts at $899.

If you’d like more info about their features at each tier, check here.

  • Essential $130/month ($26 per person, minimum 5 users)
  • Work Hub$185/month ($37 per person, minimum 5 users)
  • Sales Hub$185/month ($37 per person, minimum 5 users)
  • Business Hub$305/month ($61 per person, minimum 5 users)

Scoro customer support

For the price you’re paying, you would expect the customer support to be at your beck and call at all times.

This is kind of true.

There is an email address and a phone line to request a call back. There is no online support chat available, at least outside of the dashboard. There is an extremely in-depth knowledge base, however, with dozens of articles as well as videos on how to use Scoro to its maximum potential.


  • Everything-included business management software.
  • Integrates with many other apps.
  • Mobile-responsive site.


  • Can’t edit invoices after they are sent.
  • Data organization and filtering could use some work.
  • Setup and learning the interface is a big task.

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