Best Business Name Generators (2023)

Coming up with a great business name that speaks to your audience and resonates with your business can be difficult.

It’s common to get stuck during the name generation phase of starting your business, luckily there are a variety of online tools that can make your business name search much easier.

Here you’ll learn about 10 different name generators that can help with the brainstorming process, break through a mental block, and find a memorable new name for your business.

Tips for coming up with a good business name

Coming up with a great new business name isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s easy to get hung up at one of the very first stages of starting your business–picking a name.

Your name is one of the most important parts of your branding. Even with great products, services, and marketing, it’ll be difficult to scale if customers can’t remember what your company is called.

Think about iconic brand names like Nike, Apple, and Google. Even just thinking about the brand name brings feelings and images to mind.

Here are some tips to help brainstorm the perfect business name:

  • Your name should portray your business in a positive light
  • Your name should be short, catchy, and stick in the mind of your visitors
  • Ideally, your name should be seven letters or less
  • Ensure your name doesn’t have an undesirable in different languages
  • Your brand needs to be unique and doesn’t have overlap with existing brands
  • Additional elements like a domain name and social media accounts should be available as well

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How to use a business name generator

A business name generator can make it easy to come up with unique and creative brand names and assist with the overall brainstorming process. A business name generation tool will combine different words, phrases, and related words into a unique combination.

All you have to do is enter a few seed keywords into the tool, and you’ll be given 100s of different possibilities.

You might get lucky and find the ideal small business name the first time using the tool, but usually, it’ll take a few rounds of searching to find the best name for your business.

Sometimes a tool will help you spur new creative business name ideas, while other times it’ll help you find an exact match business name.

How to register a business name

After you’ve used a company name generator to come up with a handful of unique business names, you’ll want to register the actual business name in your state.

You can also have a separate company name and brand name. For example, Procter & Gamble is the legal business name of many popular brands like Gillette, Olay, and Duracell. Most smaller companies have the same business name and brand name.

Here’s a quick process to register a business name:

  1. Conduct a business name search in your state to make sure it’s unique
  2. Do a domain availability search to make sure your preferred top-level domain is available
  3. Do a US Federal Trademark search to make sure the name isn’t trademarked
  4. If it passes the above, register your business name in your state

Best business name generators

Here are the most popular online name generators that’ll help you find the perfect business name and associated domain name for your business.


1. Shopify business name generator

Shopify logo

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that has tools to help business owners launch and scale an online store.

The Shopify Business Name Generator can help you find thousands of potential business names. The only business names that this tool shows are ones that have available domain names. This can make your search hassle-free, since you won’t find the ultimate business name, only to get let down when the business name isn’t available.

The results generated by this tool are designed for store owners. So, you won’t find strange combinations of words. It was built with beginner business owners in mind.


2. FreshBooks business name generator

The free FreshBooks Business Name Generator can help you out if you’re a person that’s prone to overwhelm. Before you enter your starter keywords you’ll need to select the industry of your business:

  • Creative and marketing
  • Legal services and business consulting
  • Information technology
  • Trades and home services

After you select your industry, you can enter your target keyword or keywords. Initially, the tool will show three available business names, but you can expand the results if the first three aren’t enough.



It’s not always easy to generate a unique business name. Even if an entrepreneur has a name in mind, availability is always in question. A business name generator can provide a list of creative name ideas AND check name availability, which saves time. is a simple keyword-based name generator that will provide a list of available business names based on descriptive words that are entered. 

It’s a great tool for entrepreneurs who need some inspiration or just want to check the availability of a certain name.


4. Oberlo business name generator

The Oberlo Business Name Generator will give you hundreds of different potential business names with the click of a button. All you have to do is enter a seed keyword and you’ll get a variety of different results. 

It also shows the domain name availability for any business names you’d like to register. Once you’ve found your business name there are a variety of other tools you can use to get your online store off the ground.


5. BrandBucket

BrandBucket is a unique tool in that you’ll be searching through a database of pre-created brand and domain names. The great thing about these results is all of these brand names are ready for a business to be built around them.

You can search by industry, or browse the entire list of domain names on an industry basis. If you enter a keyword you’ll see which brand names are available, and the results will also include names that are in the same overall industry as your chosen keyword.

A lot of the business and domain names offered are expensive, but you’re guaranteed strong branding from the very start.


6. Anadea business name generator

Anadea is a free business name generator that can help you find the right name for your business, app, or website.

It’s very easy to use, all you have to do is enter your target keyword or keywords, and this tool will give you a list of potential names. All of the business names are brandable as well, instead of being random keywords that are strung together.

By entering a single keyword you’ll get hundreds of potential names that could be right for your new startup.

You can also browse the entire catalog of business names by industries like software, healthcare, tech, travel, and more.


7. Namesmith

The Namesmith business name generator lets you include up to five keywords for your name search. The results are filled with a variety of different word-blends, including, rhymes, exact match keywords, pre-suffixes, suffixes misspellings, and more.

If you find a business name you like you can register it right away with the GoDaddy domain name registrar.


8. NameMesh

NameMesh makes the startup name generation process creative and fun.

This tool divides business names into a variety of different categories, like fun, common, mix, new, and more. You’ll get hundreds of different unique results that aren’t typically mentioned with other tools.

It also filters names based on if the domain name is available, or not. You can hide names that don’t have a domain name available, otherwise unavailable domain names will be highlighted with red text.


9. Hipster Business Name

Hipster Business Name is a truly unique business name generator. It started as a joke, but some of the name suggestions are pretty great.

The names are generally more broad and vague since the names don’t directly relate to any specific products or keywords.

But, a few random searches shows a ton of very brandable business names, especially in the world of eCommerce. The names aren’t niche-specific, but instead can be applied to a wide range of different niches and verticals.

Another unique feature is that you can buy a t-shirt with your new brand name and logo, directly from the tool.


10. Namelix

Namelix is a name generator that utilizes a complex artificial-intelligence-based algorithm to help you find a short, catchy, business name.

All you have to do is enter a word, and select from filters like the length of the name, style of name, and preferred branding. The name results are also equipped with a logo you can use for your own business.

The more you search and use this tool the better your results will get, as the algorithm learns from what domain names you favorite.


11. Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator does exactly as the name suggests, it helps to generate names for your new business. You can even enter multiple words at the same time.

The tool also syncs up with GoDaddy, so you can see the availability of the domain name immediately.

This tool is equipped with multiple filters as well, like industry, number of words, keywords, synonyms, and more.

In the results, you’ll find several standard domain names, along with premium domains with built-in branding.


Wrapping up

The business name generators above are a great place to start brainstorming your new iconic business name.

It’s important not to rush this decision, it’s something you’ll want to get right from the beginning. Of course, you can always change your name and rebrand down the road, but this can be costly and time-consuming.

The tools highlighted above can also be used together. Some of the generators are better at generating synonyms, and word combinations, while others can generate unique brandable names, perfect for a new startup.

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