LegalZoom is an online legal services provider. They provide a huge range of legal and advisory services, covering everything from drafting a Last Will and Testament to forming a corporation. LegalZoom can help you with legal filings, however, they cannot represent you in court. Should you need a lawyer to represent you in a court setting, LegalZoom can connect you with independent attorneys in your area. 

The overall purpose of LegalZoom is to help make legal help more accessible to the average person. They offer transparent, flat-rate pricing, making normally-expensive legal services much more affordable. Our LegalZoom review below will cover all you need to know about this service.

LegalZoom overview

LegalZoom is well-known for offering online legal services to small businesses and individuals alike. LegalZoom’s services cover business formation, wills and trusts, intellectual property, legal plans, and much more. They can also help you find and contact an attorney.

Here are just a few of LegalZoom’s most popular services:

  • Business formation, including LLCs, corporations, sole proprietorships and more
  • Wills and trusts (estate plan, living will, etc.)
  • Intellectual property protections (copyrights, patents, etc.)
  • Legal consultation by prepaid subscription (business & personal)
  • Attorney services via referral

LegalZoom offers a range of different online legal services at different levels, so summarizing their quality and affordability is a challenge. However, overall LegalZoom is considerably more affordable than hiring a legal professional and much more convenient than going through often- complex legal processes unassisted. 

LegalZoom essentially aims to be a one-stop shop for all your legal needs. And so far, they’ve succeeded in that mission. They regularly add new services and features, and always stay on top of any changes in the legal or regulatory world.


  • Huge array of legal services
  • Covers both personal and business legal services in one place
  • Transparent and competitive pricing
  • Much more affordable than traditional legal advice
  • LegalZoom can help connect you with a qualified attorney, should you need one
  • Has served more than 4 million customers 
  • Customer reviews are clearly displayed on
  • LegalZoom works with a network of law professionals in all 50 states
  • One of the largest and most trusted service providers in the industry


  • Does not offer legal representation in court (although LegalZoom can connect you with an attorney)

LegalZoom features and services

LegalZoom offers a huge variety of legal services. They serve both businesses and individuals with valuable legal consulting and filing options. Here’s an overview of key services from LegalZoom: 

Business formation services

LegalZoom can help you form a new business entity, and run your small business. They serve as a middle-man between you and your state’s business department, helping to simplify a complicated process. LegalZoom can help with:

  • Forming a new LLC, corporation, nonprofit, or partnership
  • Choice of S-corp, C-corp, B-corp
  • Obtaining tax IDs, business licenses and permits, etc.
  • Choosing an available business name or company name
  • Obtaining Doing Business As (DBA) names
  • Obtaining tax-exempt status for nonprofits (501 (c)(3) status)
  • Handling corporate changes, conversions, sales, etc.
  • Registered agent services
  • Employment identification numbers (EIN)
  • Annual reports
  • Much more

Estate planning

LegalZoom can help with personal and legal tasks relating to estate planning. These services can help you protect your assets, decide who you want to inherit your belongings and clarify what your end-of-life wishes are. LegalZoom can help with:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Advance Healthcare Directive/Living Will 
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney 
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Living Trust 
  • Pet Protection Agreement 
  • Much more

Intellectual property

LegalZoom has a suite of services designed to help you register and protect your intellectual property, such as inventions, music, writings, etc. LegalZoom can help with:

  • Trademark Registration 
  • Copyright Registration
  • Trademark & copyright search
  • Design Patent 
  • Utility Patent 
  • Much more

Contracts & agreements

LegalZoom makes it easy to download, fill out, and file various legal agreements, contracts and forms. They can help with:

  • Affidavit
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Termination of agreements
  • Final invoice
  • Operating agreements
  • Much more

Prepaid legal services

LegalZoom also makes it easy to receive customized legal advice from a licensed attorney. With this service, you prepay for services at a specific monthly rate (as low as $10/month), and get unlimited, 30-minute consultations. The service also includes review of legal documents and much more. They can help with:

  • Business advisory plan 
  • Personal advisory plan
  • Legal document review
  • Review of website terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.
  • Much more

In short, LegalZoom can help with just about everything that you could need in regards to legal services. Many services are handled 100% online, through the LegalZoom platform. For customized, one-on-one legal support, LegalZoom can also connect you with attorneys in your area. 

LegalZoom pricing

LegalZoom offers a huge variety of legal services, making a full pricing list difficult to put together. Pricing also varies depending on the state you live in, the specific scope of service you need, and other factors. For an overview, here are starting prices for some of LegalZoom’s most popular services:

Business formation services

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) – from $0 + state filing fees
  • Corporations – from $149 + state filing fees
  • Nonprofit – from $99 + state fees
  • Limited Partnership – from $149 + filing fees
  • Limited Liability Partnership – from $149 + filing fees

Estate planning

  • Last Will and Testament – from $199
  • Advance Healthcare Directive/Living Will – from $39
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney – from $39
  • Financial Power of Attorney – from $39
  • Living Trust – from $499

Intellectual property

  • Trademark Registration – from $649 + federal fees
  • Copyright Registration – from $114 + federal fees
  • Design Patent – from $999 + federal fees
  • Utility Patent – from $699 + fees 

Legal consultation

  • Business advisory services with a licensed attorney – from $39.09/month (12-month plan)
  • Personal advisory services with a licensed attorney – from $16.59/month (12-month plan)

In addition to these services, LegalZoom offers help with contracts and agreements, workplace benefits, legal forms, legal advice, and various other add-ons, all priced separately. They also have a huge online learning resource library, with everything from tax advice for IRS compliance to templates and examples to reference. Access to the blog and library are free. 

Overall, LegalZoom pricing is very reasonable. Compared to working with a local attorney or law firm, LegalZoom can present huge savings. Compared to competing online services, rates are relatively similar. Some incorporation services and LLC formation services (Bizee, ZenBusiness, My LLC, etc.) may be a bit lower than what LegalZoom charges, but overall pricing and value is very competitive. LegalZoom pricing is also comparable to legal services providers like Rocket Lawyer.

LegalZoom’s legal consultation services are perhaps the best value that they offer. For around $10 per month, you can get one-on-one advice from a licensed attorney, in unlimited 30-minute sessions. For businesses, the cost is as low as $31.25 per month. 

Another huge benefit of LegalZoom pricing is that it is very transparent. You’ll know upfront exactly what each service will cost, from start to finish. This is completely different from traditional legal services, which charge hourly (often with rates of hundreds of dollars an hour). 

Customer service

LegalZoom customer support is known to be very helpful and professional. Customer service representatives can be reached anytime via phone, email and online chat. Plus, some of LegalZoom’s plans even include one-on-one access to a licensed attorney, for personalized legal consultations. 

LegalZoom posts customer reviews for various services directly on their website. They also have a good rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Consumer Affairs, Trustpilot, etc. In short, you can trust that LegalZoom is a professional and trustworthy partner to trust with your legal matters. 

LegalZoom review: Our verdict

LegalZoom is an excellent partner for legal assistance, legal consultations, and more. Whether you’re looking to start a new business, draft a will, establish a trust, or file for a trademark, it’s a great idea to use LegalZoom.

LegalZoom is unique in that it offers just about every legal service under the sun. Business owners, individuals and corporations alike can find value in its services. LegalZoom’s prices are very competitive (particularly when compared to traditional law firms), and the service can help save you both time and money. 

Unlike most competitors, LegalZoom also offers one-on-one access to attorneys. A major advantage of LegalZoom is access to an impressive network of attorneys at a relatively low cost. With a prepaid monthly plan, you’re entitled to unlimited thirty-minute legal consultations on either business or personal matters.

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