SafeMart Business Security System Review (2023)

In 2018, SafeMart, whose security system was known as LiveWatch, joined forces with MONI Smart Security and The Brink’s Company to form the new Brinks Home Security. Brinks was one of the first security companies to hit the market, and they first started by providing security to commercial businesses, especially banks.

The three companies joined forces to upgrade their offerings to customers and compete in the marketplace with some of the other giants.

Quality and warranty

The trio of companies allowed them to offer a plethora of options for customers. They offer a Brinks Home Complete system that has the option of adding video surveillance, or if you already have a Nest Secure alarm system, you can use Brinks to integrate that with your monitoring.

Brinks focuses on home security, but you can certainly put together a package that would work for your business, too. The system hardware they provide comes with a two-year limited warranty, where Brinks will replace it if anything breaks during those first two years.

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Brinks has some impressive features and uses technology to their benefit. The entire system can be controlled through smartphone apps that allow you to arm and disarm the system as well as check on live video streams. They also offer cloud video storage so you can view old clips that are saved securely for you.

The Brinks systems have what they call LiveVoice Assist, where you can speak to a Brinks professional straight through your equipment if there is an emergency. Their system uses cellular and Wifi to connect the security panel to their Alarm Response Center, and they also provide 4G LTE back up and battery backup.


Brinks has a few different plans that you can choose. The first is the Nest Secure plan, which comes with smartphone control, home automation, Google Assistant, tamper protection, cellular backing and 24/7 monitoring for $299 for the equipment and $29 per month for the monitoring.

They also have a Home Complete system that comes with all the same features as above, but with a touchscreen control panel and LiveVoice Assist. The hardware costs $399 and it’s also $29 per month for monitoring.

You can also add video surveillance to the system, which gives you live video streaming and cloud video storage. The hardware costs $499, and the monitoring is $39 per month.

The Nest Secure and Home Complete systems don’t require a contract, but the video plan requires a 36-month agreement.


Brinks prides itself on not only the 24/7 monitoring their provide their customers but also on the fast response time they have if there’s ever an emergency of a need. They back this up through their technology offering of being able to communicate directly with a professional through the control panel.

As for customer service, Brinks has professionals standing by to help you via phone, chat, email and even text whenever you need it.


Brinks has a do-it-yourself setup in place. It’s a plug-and-play solution, as all the equipment is configured in their office before they ship it to you. All you have to do, then, is unpack the box, attach the hardware in the appropriate locations, and you’re good to go.

If you are not a DIYer, or you don’t trust yourself with this process, you can pay to have Brinks Pro Install do it for you. This service will cost $199, but it does also give you a lifetime warranty on the parts. If you choose to install yourself, you can also purchase the lifetime warranty for $49.

Things to consider

Brinks has been around for years but is just getting back into the security industry after a few year hiatus. Some people may be cautious to proceed with the company because of this, but that alone shouldn’t deter you from going with Brinks.

It would be nice if Brinks had a division dedicated to business security, but any of their systems could be easily adapted for commercial properties. You will lose out on extra features such as monitored entrances, however.


  • Merger with Brinks gives the trusted name that has been around for a while
  • A lot of options for products and features with easy add-ons
  • No contracts for non-video surveillance
  • Offers an easy DIY installation kit
  • Great customer support and service


  • Recently re-entering the market and is a merger among three companies
  • Not dedicated to business security, so some features are not present
  • Video surveillance requires a 36-month contract

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 4.4
  • Equipment: 4.4
  • Features & Technology: 4.5
  • Contract & Price: 4.1
  • Customer Service: 4.4

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