PR Distribution (formerly known as Press Release Jet) is a news release distribution company focussing on affordability.

PR Distribution has a range of plans, but is best known for the Premium plan. This sells for $69 and is the cheapest single-release plan on the market.

They also offer a reasonable number guaranteed online placements for the price.

If used intelligently, PR Distribution’s social media features can be a powerful supplement to a broader online campaign at a very affordable price.

However, there are limitations placed on customer support with the basic plan, and getting a reasonable distribution for access to earned media requires going up to one of the more expensive plans, which is against the point of going for a budget distributor.

Who it’s best for

  • New startups with very small marketing and PR budgets looking to create an early buzz
  • Established small businesses trying out press releases to test results before investing in a bigger and more expensive campaign distribution plan
  • Small businesses looking for funding who want to get the word out to the investment community

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Extremely flexible pricing options

With PR Distribution, customers can not only choose between the single-release or subscription pricing, but can choose between different subscription prices based upon:

  • The features they’ll need
  • How many press releases they want per monthly or annually
  • Whether they want to pay monthly or annually
  • If customers want their releases to be unbranded, have a private label, or don’t mind

This means that businesses have a greater chance of finding a distribution plan that’s better fitted for their needs.

Unlimited word count

Most PR distributors have a word limit of some type. These usually start at 400 words. That’s usually enough, as an ideal press release is between 300 and 500 words.

However, there are times when a longer press release is called for. For example, if a small business is facing a public relations disaster and needs to address it in a detailed statement.

For times like these, PR Distributions unique lack of word limit can be useful to get out all the information needed in a single release. No other distributor currently offers this.

The fact that it’s included even with their cheapest plan is another big advantage. The next highest word limit is from Send2Press and comes with their Standard National Plan, which is their second most expensive at $199 per release.

With PR Distribution, you get unlimited words for $69.


For single-release distribution, prices are:

  • Premium $69 – 35 guaranteed placements, inclusion on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, SEO ‘Mass Ping’, financial feeds, ‘social media blast’, blog outreach, syndication, basic reporting
  • Premium Pro $129 – All Premium features, plus 100 guaranteed placements, distribution through the ‘top tier newswire’ to their ‘Premium News Network’, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW, and their affiliates. Also includes an SEO audit before sending and priority support.
  • Premium Concierge$299 – All Premium Pro features, plus 200 guaranteed placements and distribution through the ‘Concierge Perpetual Wire’, which gives access to other networks like AP, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

Subscribers can choose between signing up for a set number of Premium, Premium Pro, and Premium Concierge releases per month or per year. They can also choose between Regular, Private Label, and Unlabelled.

For example, the cheapest subscription is a ‘regular’ Premium annual subscription with 24 press releases per year ($1,536). However, a subscriber could also choose 24 Premium Concierge plans per year for $6,672 per year.

The most expensive plan available is an ‘Unbranded Premium Concierge’ subscription with 16 monthly press releases, paid monthly, which would cost $30,528 per year.

Customer service

PR Distribution representatives are available by:

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Telephone

PR Distribution claim their customer support is available 24/7. However, trying their chat box outside of business hours or sending an email shows that this may not be true.

Even during business hours, representatives using chat seem unresponsive.

For sales, they list their hours as 9am-5pm PST, and it’s probably easiest to get hold of customer service during these times, too.

Customers on the Premium plan (the cheapest option) also have their customer support options limited compared to people on more expensive plans.

Considering the majority of their customers are on this plan and most people choose it based on price, this means most small businesses with PR Distribution won’t be getting top-tier customer service.


  • An extremely affordable basic plan
  • A very flexible price structure with multiple subscription options
  • Unlimited words across all plans
  • Multimedia like embedded video included


  • Basic plan limits customer support options
  • Customer support not as available as advertised
  • Their old brand name is still on parts of their website damages their credibility, including on prominent banners and in their support email
  • Price plans can be confusing