Dashable is a particularly excellent choice because it’s a “project time tracker”. You load it up with the information about a client, as well as the tasks you need to complete to finish the project and let it run.

Dashable will keep you on track with check-ins and daily recaps, showing you all the progress you and your team have made. You can also opt in to daily or weekly “overviews”, a sort of State of the Union address that gives you a broad perspective on the state of the agency.

Dashable shares the time budgeting and timesheet approvals features that other time trackers have. It’s easy to see at a glance which employees are clocked in and which aren’t. You can also mark hours and check-ins as billable or non-billable so they can be quickly added to an invoice later.

Dashable also offers integrations with several popular apps such as GitHub, Trello, and Basecamp. For billing, you can attach a PayPal or your bank account directly. Note that the native integrations are a little limited, although on the Enterprise plan the Dashable team will help you get connected to other vital programs like QuickBooks.

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Who Dashable is best for

Dashable is self-described as software for digital agencies that are in the creative industry. Writers, artists, and designers will all find it particularly useful for managing and billing clients, as well as keeping track of their own productivity.

Contract studios in other industries, such as marketing or engineering, will also find Dashable pretty handy.

Dashable pricing

Dashable is meant for teams, and the pricing reflects that. There is still, however, a hidden “Freelancer” option meant for a single person. All plans come with a free trial and increasing levels of customer support. All prices are monthly and there are no annual payment options.

  • Freelancer $19/month, 1 integration, email support
  • Studio $79/month (up to 6 users), unlimited integrations, check in approvals, daily recap
  • Agency $199/month (up to 15 users), unlimited integrations, check in approvals, daily recap
  • Enterprise $499/month (up to 100 users), custom integrations, data migration, concierge setup

Dashable customer support

Dashable’s customer support is best described with the word “earnest”. Each pricing tier comes with more support – the Studio tier gets you access to email support and the Agency tier has email and phone. If you pay for the Enterprise tier, you have Dashable on speed dial – 24/7 phone and email support with someone who actually knows your name.

The concierge setup on that tier is a lovely perk for those who can afford it. They take all of the hassle out of onboarding and moving the data over.


  • Free trial and a money-back guarantee.
  • Positive, upbeat customer service that will work with you.
  • An intuitive interface that cuts out unnecessary features.


  • Dashable doesn’t have the widest variety of available integrations.
  • It’s a little pricey unless you’re a high-end design agency.