It’s really quite impressive how generous Clockify’s free plan is. If all you want it a time tracker app with no frills, you can get it here for absolutely no cost. The free plan lets you have unlimited users, unlimited projects, unlimited reports, it supports billable rates, and it has integrations with many popular apps. For many people, that’s enough.

If you’ve tried some of the other options on this list, the free version might seem lacking. Time audits or even just time rounding is only a feature of the paid tier, as is the ability to set up targets and reminders. Many of the features you might consider to be necessary are behind the paywall.

That paywall, however, is by far the cheapest of any of the time tracker software we covered. It’s a fixed cost with unlimited users. You could easily spring for the Premium plan at $30 a month and it is the same price per user as many other tools. Clockify definitely packs a huge bang for your buck.

Clockify also has perhaps the most inclusive app spread. For desktop, there are Linux, Mac, and Windows apps. There are browser extensions for both Firefox and Chrome. You can even clock in on the go with both iOS and Android apps.

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Who Clockify is best for

Clockify is an excellent option for people who want just a time tracker and nothing else. New freelancers that need an official-looking report for hours billable will love it.

Teams of any size that are looking to save a few bucks will be able to integrate Clockify into their workflow, although a few workarounds might be needed to maintain team cohesion.

Clockify pricing

Immediately upon landing on Clockify’s homepage, you’re met with a lot of copy about how free it is. Clockify is indeed free (for unlimited users, even!), but of course there are some optional paid add-ons to enhance your time tracking experience. They are described below.

  • Free – $0/month, unlimited projects, apps and integrations
  • Plus $10/month per workplace, targets, and reminders, time audit
  • Premium $30/month per workplace, add time for others, bulk edit, project templates
  • Server $450/month per workplace, maximum data privacy, single sign-on, admin panel, priority support

Clockify customer support

All of these great free features come at a cost. The customer service, while not bad, is a little lackluster compared to some of the other entries which border on amazing.

Customer support at Clockify leans heavily on their comprehensive documentation of the app and its features. If you can’t find the answer to your problem there, or in a tutorial, you can email them for help.

If you subscribe to the Enterprise level, however, you have access to a telephone number and a live agent to walk you through any issue.


  • A legitimate free option.
  • Clean and easy interface.


  • There’s no support for invoicing through Clockify.
  • It lacks many project management tools found in other software.