VyprVPN Review (2023)

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VyprVPN is a fast and reliable VPN based in Switzerland that helps keep subscribers information safe and secure. With its high speed, no logging of user information and effective protection against information leaks, it’s the perfect security solution for small business owners, travelers, and remote workers.

VyprVPN features

What makes Vypr VPN stand out is its exceptional speed. Since Vypr VPN physically owns all of their servers, users can enjoy nearly all of their connection’s bandwidth if they connect to nearby servers. In case the VPN connection drops, there’s a kill-switch built-in that blocks network data transfers to ensure that no unencrypted data is leaked.

The Chameleon protocol is an extremely helpful tool for any business operating in regions that impose strict Internet controls, such as China or Russia. Its server obfuscation masks a user’s location and circumvents any geo-restrictions/censorship.

The company is also a no-log VPN service, which means they do not log their users’ information (e.g., IP address, connection start/stop time or traffic content).

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VyprVPN pricing

Vypr VPN - 2 pricing

VyprVPN offers two types of plans for business owners:

  • VyprVPN for Business – This plan starts at $299 per year and comes with basic VPN features and access to the company’s global business servers. Subscribers to this plan also have access to a dedicated account manager for fast and professional customer support.
  • VyprVPN for Business Cloud – This plan starts at $349 per year, and has all the features of the VyprVPN for Business plan, plus a unique IP and dedicated server.

Users can sign up for a 7-day free trial for all business accounts prior to making a long-term commitment to the service and can extend trial usage on a case-by-case basis.

VyprVPN customer support

Vypr VPN offers support in the form of request tickets, 24/7 live chat, and a knowledge base. Their live chat and ticket system are relatively fast and professional, but the knowledge base may be considered limited by some and only contains relatively basic information on VPNs.

What’s lacking

Vypr VPN is solid VPN software overall and it’s hard to find fault with the VPN’s top-notch speed, security, and reliability. It’s not perfect, however. The refund process can be slightly convoluted, as it involves dealing directly with your account manager and is handled on an individual basis (we’ve been told this is currently in the process of being updated and improved as of mid-2019). Additionally, trial usage lasts 7 days and can be extended via the dedicated account manager – depending on the user, this may too short a trial period. Anonymous payment options are also currently missing, which may be an issue for business owners looking to maintain 100% anonymity.


  • Excellent speed and security due to no reliance on third-party server networks
  • Chameleon server obfuscation protocol that can get around VPN-blocking
  • Intuitive and user-friendly  interface


  • Slightly convoluted refund process
  • No option to pay anonymously

Rating breakdown

  • Overall Rating: 4.3
  • Features: 4.5
  • Price: 3.9
  • Ease Of Use: 4.6
  • Customer Service: 4.0

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