Perimeter 81 is a comprehensive business VPN alternative that provides safe and secure remote access for SMBs and enterprise clientsThis differs from consumer-level VPNs, where the main goal is to help people get around content geo-restrictions. 

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Perimeter 81 is a complete Network as a Service with lots more features under the hood. This Israel-based company offers a full suite of cloud-based cybersecurity solutions, in addition to their popular cloud  VPN architecture. This creates an ideal solution for companies with remote employees and multiple-office locations.

The design of the service reduces the need for any physical security hardware while offering support for multiple devices and companies that are spread out across the globe. Perimeter 81 provides a secure connection via the industry-standard AES 256-bit encryption and offers a variety of connection protocols including OpenVPN, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP. Perimeter 81 utilizes the same privacy measures as SaferVPN, which leverages a strict zero-logs policy and complete privacy for its customers. However, admin users have access to user data when connected to the network.  

Perimeter 81 has a network of over 700 different servers spread across 35 different server locations. The fastest speeds and server performance is across North America and Europe since this is where the majority of the servers are located.  The Software-Defined Perimeter security architecture offered by Perimeter 81 will ensure that the only people allowed to access your network are authorized personnel, and those employees only get network access to specified network resources.  


  • Complex access control over network security and applications 
  • Simple scaling for VPN networks and when deploying new servers 
  • Exceptional value for the large feature set 
  • Unify your security across multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems Integration with existing server networks and applications 
  • Full visibility to access across all corporate resources and network environments


  • Speed and performance can occasionally be slower depending on the server location 
  • Issues have been reported with the Windows kill switch 

Cloud-Based Business VPN 

The corporate VPN model built for businesses is different from consumer-level VPNs. VPNs built for businesses allow for remote workers to access IT resources, databases, internal software, and more, all via a completely secure connection.  

Traditionally, this was expensive to implement, since it required on-premises server setup and manual configuration. Perimeter 81 makes this a thing of the past since it utilizes a cloud-based SaaS model. This makes it much easier to deploy and configure to your unique business needs without laboring over endless configurations and setup. It also gives you the ability to unify your security network across mobile, IoT, cloud-based storage, and even existing physical servers.  

Perimeter 81 customers report satisfaction with the network scalability and security across remote devices, employees, and customers. 

There are also industry-specific features like: 

  • HIPAA compliance for healthcare professionals and businesses via end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication 
  • Onsite and offsite data security for financial businesses 
  • Multi-tenant cloud support for connection with a central office hub 

Perimeter 81 offers a wealth of business and enterprise-ready features to help ensure data and resource security, no matter where teams are located.

Here are some unique features of the Perimeter 81 service: 

  • Create on the fly VPN servers to instantly scale your network  
  • Monitor in-depth network activity including bandwidth use 
  • Available applications for every platform including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android Kill-switch available for most applications 
  • Integration with identity authentication providers like OneLogin, Google Suite, Microsoft Azure, and more
  • Connect with existing server networks and cloud environments like AWS and Google Cloud 
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Security across non-secure public networks 
  • No IP leaks across Mac and Windows applications 
  • Collect, search, and analyze all network data across your custom VPN network 
  • Complete permission configuration 

Perimeter 81 is equipped with a wide range of security options for in-depth control over your V network.

The advanced management platform allows you to set your own security standards and protocols. Perimeter 81 can be configured to your business’s unique security needs.  For example, you can enable two-factor authentication across your entire network, instead of relying solely on secure passwords alone.

The management console also lets you view all the devices connected to your network set up endpoints, manage team member passwords, view activity logs, and much more. 

Finally, Perimeter 81 allows you to create complex rules to define which users can access certain parts of your network.

You can create rules based on: 

  • Specific users and user groups IP address location or country 
  • Whitelisted IPs only
  • The operating system being used 
  • Device being used 
  • Time and date of connection 
  • And more DNS filtering 

Perimeter 81 offers in-depth control over DNS filtering, which will block domains and IP addresses that are known for spam, ads, and malware. Beyond standard domains and IPs that are blocked automatically, you have full control over the types of URLs that will be blacklisted. 

Companies that want to block and restrict certain types of domains and websites across the network and personal devices will find this option to be valuable.  This feature includes blocking distracting and non-work-related websites, such as social media, online shopping, gaming sites, and more.  

Perimeter 81offers a suite of apps capable of supporting the most popular devices and operating systems. For reference, the macOS, Windows, and Linux applications all have a very similar user experience and functionality. The mobile applications function in the same way as desktop applications, although they contain fewer features overall.  

When new users are given permission to join your VPN network they’ll receive an email with instructions on how to set up the proper VPN client. This applies to desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. This seamless setup allows for smooth operating service, even when your employees have their own devices and are working remotely. 

 Perimeter 81 Pricing 

Perimeter 81 has three different pricing plans, Essentials, Premium, and Enterprise. 

If you’re going to have over 50 users on your accounts, then you can get a custom Enterprise package. The Essentials plan costs $10 per month for the monthly plan, or $8 per month if you choose to be billed on a yearly basis. 

The Essentials plan requires a minimum of five user accounts, however, it isn’t equipped with common security features like DNS filtering, and an Always-On VPN.

Most business owners will be better suited for the Premium plan, which costs $15 per month for the monthly plan and $12 per month when billed yearly. This plan requires a minimum of 10 user accounts and includes the missing features above, gives you access to public VPN servers, and more.  

The Enterprise package is well-suited for larger businesses that require higher levels of customization, and additional security features. To qualify for a custom Enterprise plan you’ll need a minimum of 50 users. If you opt for the Enterprise plan a customer success engineer will be dedicated to your account. Beyond the standard monthly price, you’ll pay an additional $50 per month per gateway added to your plan. Like other VPNs, you’ll save on your monthly costs by selecting an Annual subscription. Perimeter 81 offers a 20% discount on team member and gateway licenses with an Annual plan. No matter the plan you’re on, you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee. This will let you test drive the service for a full month to see if it’s right for your business.

Perimeter 81 Customer Support 

Perimeter 81 includes a variety of different support channels. For those who prefer to sort out tech issues themselves, you’ll find a wide range of guides, tutorials, webinars, documentation, and even videos to help you out. The in-depth video tutorials show you how to set up your private servers, create custom networks, and much more. 

If you’re a member of the Essentials plan you’ll get access to email support within standard support hours, while those on the Premium plan will get prioritized email support and 24/7 chat availability. Phone support is only available for users on the Enterprise plan and support is offered in only a few languages, so those speaking other languages may need to find a VPN provider that offers multi-language support.  

The customer onboarding process is smooth and intuitive. It’s very easy to use the Perimeter 81 management platform to, add team members, manage user permissions, and set up new VPN servers.   


Perimeter 81 offers an excellent suite of cybersecurity tools for small to medium-sized businesses.

While the flexibility, ease of use, and scalability are always being improved and users may occasionally notice small performance issues, this does not put a damper on overall performance and speed. Those who require speed above all else may need to find a different and less robust business VPN provider.

Yet as a whole, the Perimeter 81 network is reliable, affordable, and can help businesses create a zero-trust network with guaranteed user authentication. Business owners can deploy an extremely secure VPN server network without the high costs associated with physical server hardware and security personnel.