LegalZoom Registered Agent Services Review – 2022

LegalZoom is similar to Rocket Lawyer as it provides the public with low-cost legal services. Both companies are very well known and have large marketing budgets. It can assist users with wills, trusts, LLC formation, incorporation, trademarks, and legal registration. They’ve helped over 2 million businesses with their organization needs and have received over 400,000 requests for attorney consultations.

LegalZoom is a good choice for those looking for access to other services besides starting an LLC. It’s also helpful for those that want to consult an attorney without high legal fees. Despite its well-known brand, it’s received negative reviews about customer service and business set up times. For example, users have complained about their lawyers being condescending and judgemental.

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One of LegalZoom’s most popular features is its will and last testament option, which allows users to create legal documents with just a few simple questions. This has caused it to skyrocket in popularity, but it’s smart to always have a lawyer review these wills. Besides wills, it also gives users the option to create powers of attorneys or POAs. These are important documents that give an outside party like a bank or relative the power to make financial as well as health care decisions on another person’s behalf.

Like other providers, it has packages that help business owners start LLCs, corporations, DBAs, and non-profits. It also has options that assist business owners with transitions like dispositions and foreign qualifications.


Like other competitors, LegalZoom has straightforward pricing on three platforms which are Economy, Standard and Express Gold. The economy package costs $79 and includes name lookup, business organization articles, LLC guides, support and peace of mind review. The peace of mind review is a great selling point and involves having a legal professional proofread your documents.

Users with a standard package pay $329 and have access to speedier processes, a deluxe organizer with official seals and certificates. The express gold option costs $349 and has all the benefits of the first two options, but also includes 7-10 business day rush processing with the secretary of state. These options are on the pricier side with the express option not providing as much value for the price increase.

Also, these packages don’t include a year of registered agent services which cost an additional $159 per year. LegalZoom doesn’t reward users that have been with the company for years as it doesn’t have tiered pricing. For instance, other services give tenured users significant discounts the longer they’re with the company.

Customer support

LegalZoom has received many mixed reviews regarding customer support. It has many one-star reviews on Yelp and an A+ rating on the BBB. Some of the one-star reviews have mentioned excessively long waiting times for business processing and rude representatives. Like Rocket Lawyer, they also offer access to licensed attorneys. However, some customers have stated that these lawyers aren’t kind and talk down to them. This is a shame as great attorneys should be considered approachable business partners.

Similar to other providers, it offers customer service via phone, live chat, and email. It also has social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, where it shares useful business content.


  • Variety of Services: LegalZoom has a variety of services besides helping businesses start LLCs. It also guides them through copyrights, trademarks, corporations and other legal topics like estate planning. Users can create legal documents like real estate agreements, wills and trusts without high attorney fees. These can be very useful, but it’s prudent to have a legal professional fact check them.
  • Brand recognition: LegalZoom has been around since the 1990s and has a powerful brand. It has assisted over 4 million people with legal needs. These facts alone make it stand out from the other options and customers can trust it with their data. In fact, LegalZoom takes data security seriously by implementing measures like having Norton antivirus on their site.


  • Customer Service: For an established brand, LegalZoom doesn’t have the best customer service reviews. People have complained about rude representatives, delays in processing documents and mediocre service. This firm serves millions of customers, so it can be fairly easy to make mistakes. However, it needs to work on improving these ratings as it will dissuade people from working with them.
  • Price: LegalZoom has fairly expensive pricing as it doesn’t include registered agent fees in its main organization packages. It doesn’t have the benefits like compliance tools other cheaper providers offer. LegalZoom has been known to increase prices, which make this option not as competitive.

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 3.25
  • Features: 4
  • Price: 3
  • Ease of Use: 4
  • Customer Service: 2

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