FlexJobs Review (2023)

FlexJobs is a freelance platform that prides itself on the integrity of jobs listed, the database of quality freelancer resumes, and its reputable customer service department.

The company’s USP is pre-vetted employers, job postings, and employees, which helps it stand out from other platforms that are full of scammers and lower quality talent. Unlike other platforms, FlexJobs isn’t free to join, which is a deterrent for scammers.

FlexJobs goes beyond the traditional freelance job board with curated listings that feature full-time remote work contracts, jobs with employee benefits, and flexible work opportunities in 50 distinct categories. Businesses can also have customer support help zero in on the right candidates.

This platform is ideal for larger-scale businesses looking to hire remote workers, as well as full-time contractors. It’s also perfect for smaller businesses that are in need of high-quality talent on an ongoing basis.

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FlexJobs pricing

Flexjobs has two pricing plans for employers:

  1. Basic Subscription – This is an invitation-only subscription that can take up to a few weeks for processing. Once an application as a buyer is accepted, businesses can post an unlimited number of jobs in any number of categories, as well as access the entire database of resumes.
  2. Flexjobs Pro – For $399/month, businesses can expedite the application process, upgrade job postings to premium, have jobs promoted on social media, get monthly statistics, access dedicated account support, and take advantage of digital marketing campaigns at reduced prices.

FlexJobs customer support

FlexJobs is known for its amazing customer support. Apart from promptly and thoroughly addressing issues as they arise, they also engage with users on social media platforms and review forums. Feedback is taken seriously, as is evident by the constant improvements to search filter options over the years.

FlexJobs usability

FlexJobs - 3

The FlexJobs interface is a little cluttered, overcrowded with features, and takes time to figure out. Although there are numerous filters to narrow down search results, the algorithm itself does a poor job of finding the right candidates based on the given keywords. This platform is a perfect place to outsource work, but on average, prices are higher than on other platforms. This is mainly attributable to a smaller, and more skilled, base of freelancers.


  • Freelancers are vetted for their skills and experience before being accepted into the system, which provides a quality workforce to hire from.
  • Freelancers are required to pay a monthly fee of $14.95 to have an account, which keeps scammers at bay.
  • Reliable and prompt customer support ensures a great experience.


  • Search functions are a little tricky to figure out. Too many filters and a poor algorithm make the process of hunting for the right freelancers quite tedious.
  • The interface isn’t the most welcoming or easy to work with.
  • While access to a curated workforce is wonderful, the $399/month price tag is steep.

Rating breakdown

  • Overall Rating: 4.20
  • Features: 4
  • Price: 3.5
  • Ease of Use: 4
  • Customer Service: 5

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