MarketerHire connects businesses with freelancer marketers. It’s a great fit for a company that wants to outsource its marketing or a company that needs some support in a particular department.

There are many freelancer platforms that exist these days. A company can find a freelance writer or a graphic designer on places like Upwork or Fivver, but this platform specializes in marketing talent only and caters to companies that have a sizable marketing budget.

You don’t go to MarketerHire to get a few odd-and-ends done on the cheap, you go to the site to hire talented marketing experts who will work on a consistent basis for your company.


  • Highly vetted professionals
  • Growth potential
  • Ease of use
  • Hire a specific kind of marketer


  • Companies must commit a minimum budget of $1,500
  • Unlike Fiverr or Upwork, freelancer profiles aren’t public-facing
  • No 1-1 freelancer direct messaging platform is available today
  • Freelancer rates tend to be on the higher end of the market

How is MarketerHire different?

MarketerHire is the new kid on the block. The company started in 2018 and has grown to include about 30 employees. By comparison, MarketerHire’s biggest competitors, Vettery and TopTal, have been around longer and have many, many more employees.

However, MarketerHire focuses on providing marketing professionals to businesses. Its competitors are more of a freelancer buffet. TopTal, for example, recruits talent from all over the world in many different disciplines like programmers, copywriters, social media experts – you name it – the site offers freelance jobs abound.

The platform is easy to use. It’s quite intuitive and user-friendly. You could hop on the platform today and have a marketer hired quickly.

Who is MarketerHire best for?

MarketerHire is ideal for a growing company that might not have a marketing department but needs one. It’s also a good fit for a company that might have one marketing professional in the office who needs additional help.

The cost of MarketerHire will turn some companies off. The cost to work with marketing freelancers is $80-160 per hour, but in some cases, the rates could be higher as freelancers set their own hourly rate. For this reason, MarketerHire is best for companies that are committed to marketing and have a dedicated marketing budget.

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What are the best features of MarketerHire?

MarketerHire has a handful of great features that potential clients love, including:

Proven and vetted marketing specialists

MarketerHire is serious about vetting its freelancers. Marketers are asked to provide detailed descriptions of their work and experience. MarketerHire reviews portfolios, conducts video interviews, and asks the marketers to do test projects.

If you hire someone from this platform, you can rest assured that he or she will be responsive, experienced, and effective. Less than 5% of the marketers who apply are accepted each month.

Some of the marketers have worked with big-name brands like Crate&Barrel, Dollar Shave Club, and Kissmetrics.

You may hire marketers to help with the following:

  • Amazon marketing
  • Brand marketing
  • Growth marketing
  • Paid search marketing
  • Paid social media marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO (search engine optimization) marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing

Matching system

To get started, you’ll go to the site and describe the project you need help with. From there, MarketerHire will match your project needs with a handful of qualified freelancers within 48 hours. Most projects start the same week that a job description is filled out.

No long-term pricing schemes

You don’t pay a monthly membership fee, you simply pay freelancers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis. There aren’t any hidden fees. You’ll know what you’re paying right from the start.

Marketing manager

Every client is assigned a marketing manager, which is essentially a customer service representative who oversees your account. The marketing manager will handpick your qualified candidates and will check in every few weeks to see how the process is going for you.

Role-based hiring 

MarketerHire asks marketers to identify what they’re best at, be it lead generation, e-commerce marketing, copywriting, brand marketing, etc. By doing so, new clients can select a marketer that fits their specific needs. In other words, not all marketing jobs are created equal. A small business will work with a marketer who has experience in a specific role.

What’s the pricing for MarketerHire?

Wondering how much MarketerHire costs? It’s not easy to find pricing on the MarketerHire website. It’s hidden under a Q&A section of their site, but the company tells clients that freelance marketing does come at a cost and that every freelancer sets his or her rates. However, they do provide this breakdown to give you an idea of costs:

  • Hourly:  $80-$160+/hour
  • Part-time (20% discount for 20-hour commitment): $1200-$2400+/week
  • Full-time (20% discount for 40-hour commitment): $2400-$4800+/week

To ensure freelancers are placed on high-quality projects, our projects also include a soft commitment of $1,500 minimum per month.

MarketerHire invoices clients weekly and clients can review charges before they get processed. They accept all major credit cards and ACH.

MarketerHire does not charge any placement fees or termination fees. You do not sign a long-term contract either.

What kind of customer support does MarketerHire have? 

MarketerHire provides each client with a marketing manager who will oversee the process. This person handles the customer service side of things. If you have any issues with the freelancers that you were matched with, you’d reach out to this person.

In addition, if you aren’t happy with content creation, feel put off by the attitude of a particular marketing consultant, or want additional referrals to grow your team, the marketing manager is your point of contact.

The company does have an IT support team too, in case you’re having trouble maneuvering the platform. However, most problems are solved by the marketing manager.


Do large companies use MarketerHire?

MarketerHire does work with some notably big companies like Netflix, HelloFresh, and AllBirds. However, any company – from a startup to a multi-national corporation – can use the platform.

Is there a particular service that MarketerHire experts excel at?

You can find freelancing experts of all sorts. There are a large number of content marketers and digital marketers in particular, but you can find a marketer who can help with just about anything – from running ad campaigns to creating an influencer marketing post on social media.

What kind of turnaround times can a client expect?

Once you’re matched with a freelancer, you’ll set deadlines to ensure expectations are met. Typical turnaround for a project will vary, but clients have said that the site isn’t ideal for companies who need a project done in a pinch.

Can your company grow with MarketerHire?

With MarketerHire, a company can grow its marketing team with ease. A company might decide to work with two or three freelancers from MarketerHire to form their own virtual marketing department. Overall, it’s great for a company with a long-term digital marketing strategy in place.

What can you expect from the MarketerHire sales team?

Once you start looking for talent on MarketerHire, expect the account management team to be in touch with you on a regular basis. It’s important to share with the MarketerHire talent team exactly what type of candidates and skillsets you’re looking for to fit the role… and let the combination of candidate matching technology and talent team get to work for you. MarketerHire’s technology typically matches companies with a qualified candidate within 48 hours. Although some business owners have mentioned MarketerHire’s aggressive sales tactics as a downside and say they try to push a “matched freelancer” even though that particular person doesn’t match the required skill set for the job.

Do you post your project on a job board?

No. With MarketerHire you fill out a project form and the company hand selects freelancers for you to work with. At no point is the project form ever public. With other platforms, you post a job ad and freelancers respond to it. Then you’re responsible for vetting and selecting the freelancers. That’s not how it works with MarketerHire. This platform gives you a small list of qualified candidates based on your privately submitted project details.

Are there other fees or charges you should know about? 

MarketerHire isn’t a cheap fix to a marketing problem. The rates for freelancers usually range between $80-160 an hour. Plus, MarketerHire asks that you make a soft commitment of spending $1500 a month on the platform. The cost can be a deterrent.

Do marketing agencies use MarketerHire?  

It’s not uncommon for a marketing agency to reach out to MarketerHire to help with consistent projects. MarketerHire can help any company really, but the average cost does tend to favor larger companies with sizable marketing budgets.