Founded back in 2012, Bookkeeper360 is a financial technology firm that offers accounting and cloud-based bookkeeping, as well as business advisory services. Their outstanding service places the company on the shortlist of best bookkeeping platforms on the market.  As a Xero Platinum partner, Bookkeeper360 provides seamless integration with Xero’s cloud-based technology. It’s exactly what makes them unique and differentiates the company from other competitors on the market. Additionally, Boookkeeper360 is powered by Salesforce.

Is Bookkeeper360 right for my business?

Bookkeeper360 is best suited for smaller companies that use Xero or are looking for an alternative to QuickBooks. They work with small-to-medium businesses and strive to innovate the way they maintain their accounting to fuel overall growth of the business.

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What features does Bookkeeper360 offer?

  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Astroboards, which are business dashboards that can be accessed via computer and mobile at any time. They are easy to use and connect the most crucial parts of your business in one place, providing you with a simplified way to run your company.
  • Back in 2016, Bookkeeping360 launched their virtual CFO360, which is much cheaper than a full-time in-house CFO executive
  • HRC360, their virtual Human Resources service, helps ensure that your company adheres to all governmental rules and policies, as well as completely regulates your payroll
  • Merchant services
  • Tax preparation

How much does Bookkeeper360 cost?

Bookkeeper360 offers four price plans to meet the needs of many types of businesses.

  • Hourly & Project
    • It starts at a one-time payment of $1,000
    • It provides a do-it-yourself option, with a little help from Bookkeeper360 software
    • Ideally for people who don’t need automated plans for accounting and bookkeeping
  • Sky
    • Starts at $349/month
    • Tailor-made for businesses that require organized accounting
    • It’s a monthly bookkeeping plan
    • Includes the services of a dedicated accountant
    • Cash and Accrual-based reporting
  • Space
    It costs $599 per month, includes all the benefits of the Sky plan plus:

    • Weekly bookkeeping feature
    • Ideal for businesses who are looking to grow
    • Invoice and Expense Management
    • Technology Consulting
  • Virtual CFO
    It costs $1149 per month, includes all the benefits of the Space plan plus:

    • Daily bookkeeping 
    • Ideal for businesses who need a lift-off
    • Dedicated CFO/CPA
    • Human Resource services

Pros of using Bookkeeper360

  • Free consultations
  • Dedicated bookkeeper
  • A wide range of services and tailored solutions
  • Excellent for small businesses
  • Salesforce compatible
  • Astroboards can be used on any type of device

Cons of using Bookkeeper360

  • QuickBooks outcompetes Xero in many segments
  • Services are slightly overpriced
  • No refunds