Most think that senior citizens have it easy during retirement, however, many are unable to work and rely solely on Social Security for income. Most households aren’t ready for retirement and the cost of living is increasing. There is a retirement crisis with one-third of Baby Boomers having only $25,000 saved for retirementLuckily, many companies realize this and want to cater to senior citizens via quality discount programs. Senior citizens can inquire about discounts in numerous industries ranging from movies to prescription medication. 

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Medical alert system discounts for seniors

  • Bay Alarm: Their alert system offers a 30-day risk-free trial and discounts for AARP m 
  • Mobile Help: Another alert system provider that provides discounts for veterans and is a partner of the Wounded Warrior Foundation.
  • LifeFone: Seniors can get two free months of LifeFone when they pay for an annual plan.

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Prescription discounts for seniors

  • Rite AidThis popular chain pharmacy has a program called Wellness65+ which provides seniors with the following advantages:
    • On the first Wednesday of every month, they can receive 20% off non-prescription purchases. 
    • Besides this, seniors and everyone else can obtain free pharmacist consultations, free blood pressure screenings and answers to Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D concerns prescription drugs and which items are covered under Medicare. They can also use this program to earn points, which can be accumulated to pay for the medicine. For every dollar spent on government-funded prescriptions like Medicare or Medicaid, he or she will earn a wellness point.
  • TargetTarget Optical offers AARP members up to 60% savings on eye exams and 30% on eyeglasses.
  • Walgreens: Those age 55 and over qualify for 15-20% online as well as in-person discounts on medicine. Keep in mind that the 20% discount applies to in-store purchases the first Tuesday of the month.  

Restaurant discounts for seniors

  • Applebee’s: Offers a 10 to 15% discount for senior citizens which can depend on the location. This firm used to have a Golden Apple card, which was a senior citizen discount card. They have discontinued the program, but some locations require seniors to show this card.
  • Arby’s: Offers seniors 55+ years of age a 10% discount.
  • Bonefish Grill: This seafood restaurant chain offers AARP members a 10% discount off their meal, not including alcohol.
  • Boston Market: Seniors that are 65 and older may obtain a 10% discount on these delicious, home-cooked style meals. 
  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill: AARP members may enjoy a 10% off discount for their entire order when enjoying a meal at this Italian restaurant chain.
  • Cici’s: This pizza chain gives seniors a 10% discount with ages ranging by location. They also have deals for veterans.
  • Chick Fil A: Provides a 10% discount to senior citizens older than 50. Some areas might offer a free drink instead, subject to change.
  • Dairy Queen: Seniors may get a free small drink or 10% off if they’re older than 55, per the AARP.
  • Denny’s: AARP members have a 15% discount applied to their check when eating at this restaurant. 
  • Dunkin Donuts: Offers a 10% discount or a free donut for 55+-year-olds.
  • El Pollo LocoSeniors may obtain a 10% off deal for meals at this Mexican food chain.
  • Golden Corral: Throughout the day, seniors can expect a 50 cent discount on regular buffet items. 
  • IHOP: Offers one of the best senior discounts with their 55+ discount menu available from 3 pm to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. 
  • Jack in the box: This fast-food chain offers 10% off at its various locations. 
  • KFC: Discounts vary by location, but most give 10% off or a free drink to seniors.
  • Krispy Kreme: This donut chain offers seniors older than 50 10% off.
  • Long John Silver’s: Discounts fluctuate by the franchise, but usually, seniors get a free drink or 5% off. 
  • McDonald’s: Seniors 55+ years old get a discount on coffee and beverages. This can fluctuate as many stores are owned by franchisees. 
  • Burger King: Offers 10% off for those at least 60 years old.
  • Old Country Buffet: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options offer senior pricing. The discounts range from 50 cents to one dollar.
  • Outback Steakhouse: Offers a 10% discount to seniors with an AARP card. This excludes some items like alcohol.
  • Ryan’s Restaurant: Offers 10% off regular menu prices from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 
  • Taco Bell: Offers a 10% discount and free drinks to those age 65 and older. The deal varies based on franchisee policies.
  • TCBY: Seniors older than 55 may enjoy 10% off their next frozen yogurt.
  • Wendy’s: Gives seniors older than 55 a 10% discount.  

Theater discounts for seniors

  • AMC theaters: Gives seniors that are older than 60 an 8 to 10% discount throughout the week. This can vary in certain states and by specific theater, but it falls into this range.
  • Cinemark: The discount starts at 35% throughout the week, but it increases to 45% on Mondays.
  • Landmark Theaters: Senior discounts vary based on the location, however, those older than 62 may expect to receive a 10% discount off of the ticket price.
  • Marcus Theaters: Offers a “Young at Heart” program where they charge seniors older than 60 $6 for any show before 5:30 PM. They also provide senior discounts at the snack bar.
  • Regal Entertainment Group: Those 60+ receive anywhere from 8 to 10% off every day of the week.

Retail discounts for seniors

  • Amazon: This large e-commerce site doesn’t have a senior discount, but it lets those on food stamps or Medicaid obtain Amazon Prime for just $5.99/mo.
  • Banana Republic: A unique clothing store has a 10% discount for seniors that are at least 50 years old.
  • Bealls: This clothing store has a 15% off Monday’s event and allows seniors older than 50 who have Monday memberships to take advantage of this deal. The Monday membership is free to sign up.
  • Best Buy: There aren’t really any senior discounts at Best Buy, but seniors could ask about price matching. For example, they could compare discounts from other local store competitors like Target or Walmart and this store would possibly match it. This would be the best strategy to take regarding saving money when it comes to possible best to buy senior discounts
  • Dress Barn: Retail clothing store, Dress Barn, gives a 10% discount to seniors older than 55 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Fred Meyer/Kroger: Both Fred Meyer and Kroger are large grocery store chains that have discounts of 15% and 10%, respectively. Fred Meyer has a senior day on the first Tuesday of the month and Kroger has one on the first Wednesday of the month.
  • Harris Teeter: 60-year-olds can get a 5% discount each Thursday with Harris Teeter retail store. It also applies to certain categories and excludes pharmacy, fuel, tickets and gift cards.
  • Kohls: Seniors older than age 60 can obtain a 20% discount every Wednesday at Kohl’s, which can be applied to electronics, clothing, and toys. This is known as the senior day and this amount can’t be combined with items that have already been discounted.
  • Ross: This store gives seniors a 10% discount every Tuesday for seniors that sign up for this deal.

Phone plan discounts for seniors

  • AT&T: Seniors can obtain a 10% discount on cell phone plans through AT&T.
  • Sprint: is another large phone service provider that has a great unlimited plan for senior citizens. So, those older than 55 can get two lines for $35/mo. which includes unlimited talk, text, data and mobile hotspots. However, there is a $30 activation fee and cancellation fees can be expensive, as they can be as much as $350.
  • T-Mobile: Offers a 55+ plan lets senior citizens over 55 obtain two lines for $70/mo. They can just get one line for $50/mo. and each plan has unlimited talk, text, and data.
  • Verizon: This large cell phone company is a competitor to T-Mobile and offers a $15 discount for 55-year-olds, which can climb up to $50 per month if they purchase 2 lines.

Best travel discounts for seniors

  • Amtrak: Seniors over 65 can get a 10% discount on train tickets on domestic trips and those over 60 for trips to Canada.
  • Greyhound: A bus service that has trips that go to most major US destinations. Seniors older than 62 must show valid ID to obtain 5% of the ticket price.

Airfare discounts for seniors

  • American Airlines: along with United Airlines can give them the option to choose senior fares. It can vary based on the flight and location, but it’s usually between 10 to 20% of the ticket price. These seniors just need to select “Senior 65+” when selecting a flight.
  • Southwest Airlines: seniors older than 65 can get discounts on their flights and these fees can be fully refundable if necessary.

Cruise discounts for seniors

  • Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise offer discounts to those age 55 and older. These vary based on destination and dates as these are subject to supply as demand.

Rental car discounts for seniors

  • Avis: Gives discounts up to 30% to AARP members that want to rent cars.
  • E-Z Car Rental: offers seniors a 10% discount if they are at least 50 years old at the time of booking. Seniors can use these coupons at any location in the US.
  • Hertz: This rent-a-car service provides seniors at least 50 and older with a 20% discount on daily rates.

Best senior hotel discounts

Hotels aren’t cheap, with the average room cost per night being at least $180. Taxes, fees, and cost of living impact this figure as well. This section will cover the best senior hotel discounts for a budget to 4-star hotels and other choice hotels!

  • Best Western: There are over 4,000 locations worldwide which is why Best Western is a great choice regarding best senior hotel discounts. The Best Western senior discount is simple and it gives those that are at least 55 the option to save 15% on rooms. Seniors need to select the AARP/senior rate when booking and show ID at check-in. This hotel also includes a free breakfast, wifi, and points that won’t expire.
  • Marriott: Seniors that are 62 years and older can get 15% off a room at Marriott. As with most discounts, this is subject to blackout dates and a first come first serve basis.
  • Motel 6: This budget hotel chain is affordable and offers seniors a 10% discount on the lowest rate, which can be below $50/night.
  • Wyndham: At Wyndham, those that are 60 years and older can receive a 10% discount. They can also receive additional discounts up to 10% if they have an AARP membership.

Senior recreational park discounts

National Park Passes

Going to national parks like Yosemite is a great way to see the country and outdoors. 62-year-olds can pay $10 for an annual pass that will entitle them to free entry to these parks. It also provides a 50% discount on other services that these parks offer like swimming pools and camping grounds. These seniors can also pay $80 for a lifetime pass that offers the same benefits.

State Park Passes

Every state from Alaska to Florida has its own parks, which may not be included in the national park system. For example, California has state parks like Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park along with San Onofre State Beach and much more. Annual passes cost $125 for free admission to these parks and seniors can call to obtain discounts per state.