Managing customer support is important for many companies. To maintain customer satisfaction and ensure your brand stands behind its products, you need a team of customer service representatives to handle inquiries. Many companies use a customer support application, like ZenDesk, to help them with this aspect.

Zendesk Support is one of the biggest and most well-known solutions on the market. Zendesk makes a lot of different types of software for various industries, but Zendesk Support is one of its more popular applications.

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What is Zendesk Support?

Zendesk Support is a customer support application with solid reviews from its users. Usually aimed at larger businesses with complex product offerings, this SaaS solution has ticket management options, tools to build a knowledge base, chat features, and reports on daily activity.

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Who is Zendesk Support best for?

Zendesk Support is generally deployed by companies with 500+ employees or those with a $1 million support budget. Zendesk Support has a lot of features to accommodate the needs of big companies and has a higher price tag as a result.

Companies that require detailed reports gravitate towards Zendesk Support too, as do companies with a strong e-commerce presence. can integrate with many different online selling tools, which makes it the go-to support team for larger online companies.

Pros of Zendesk Support

  • Customer communication is located in one place
  • Customers have multiple ways to reach a help desk representative
  • Customer service agents like its ease of use and features
  • Many ways to customize to your company’s needs

Cons of Zendesk Support

  • It’s one of the most expensive ways to provide support to customers
  • To use all of the features, companies need to buy a higher-tier plan
  • There’s a high learning curve for customer service agents

Zendesk Support features

Zendesk Support has a wide variety of features that companies enjoy. The streamlined ticketing system and the ability to meet customers on many different platforms, from social media to email, appeal to many. Take a look at this list of features offered by the customer service platform:

Ticketing system

Zendesk has a lot of capabilities built into its ticketing system. Agents can convert emails, phone calls, chats, and social media inquiries into a ticket, and manage them all in one dashboard. All tickets, no matter how they originate, flow into one centralized inbox.

The ticket contains customer history, previous purchases, loyalty status, website history, and other pieces of intel to help an agent understand the customer and how to help.

Tickets can be assigned manually, or your company can set up automation so assignees are selected through a specified workflow.

Agents can collaborate with others while supporting a customer through side conversations, prioritize support tickets, and set up workflows to ensure a streamlined system.

Live chat

With Live Chat, your company can chat with a customer through your website, or you can upgrade to Zendesk Messaging, which gives you the chance to speak with customers through the website and through popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

There are additional fees to implement the full messaging services, but if you want to meet customers on their preferred channels, it could be a wise investment.

Knowledge base

Zendesk offers tools to help you create a self-service knowledge base. Customers can browse the knowledge base to find answers on their own, or an agent can point a customer to a particle how-to article for assistance.

Through FAQs, community forums, and widgets, you can build a knowledge base to aid customers and ease the workload of customer service reps.


Zendesk Support has 1200+ integrations with some of the most common business tools. Zendesk integrates with many CRMs, marketing and lead generation tools, and project management platforms. Integrations with big-name software like Microsoft Teams and Slack are also in place.

Community forums

In the higher-tiered plans, you can set up community forums to give users an online gathering place. In the forum, they can ask questions and chat with other users. Some users find it helpful to ask other company owners how they use the software and its specific applications.

Zendesk Support pricing

Zendesk Support has three pricing tiers, each of which includes more customization and tools. You’ll notice each of the plans is priced per month, per agent, so the cost will depend on how many employees field inquiries and manage customer experiences. Monthly charges can be paid by credit card.

Support Team: $19/month/agent

This package offers integrated ticketing across email, Tweets, and Facebook wall posts. Tickets are routed based on agent status and capacity to make sure support requests are handled quickly. Companies can set up workflows, see customer details and interaction history, and can take advantage of apps.

Support Professional: $49/month/agent

This plan comes with all of the features listed in the previous package, but it includes a few additions. There are more routing options, business hours can be defined, and customer service surveys are available. You also have access to view real-time conversations between customers and agents to help you grade your team’s performance.

Support Enterprise: $99/month/agent

In addition to the features above, companies can optimize their customer relationships, features, and workflow. You can set team roles and permissions, create workspaces for each agent, access storage, and utilize a sandbox to try out new customized features as your company needs evolve.

Zendesk customer support

Zendesk’s entire purpose, unlike Zendesk alternatives, focuses on customer support; as such, the company knows how to manage customer questions and requests. Users can contact customer support right from their dashboards, search their knowledge base, or chat with other users in their community forum.

Any request for help is met by Z bot, which then fields your question. You might be directed to an article, or you can request to speak with an agent.


What kind of metrics does Zendesk Support offer?

Zendesk Support offers pre-built reports that look at daily activity. There are a handful of different reports that also explore things like customer data, ticket views, and Zendesk chat usage, but if you upgrade your plan, you have more customization options.

Is Zendesk support ideal for startups?

Zendesk is typically suggested for large, established companies that have 500+ employees and a complex product line or offerings.

Can agents see the Service Level Agreement in their Zendesk account?

Yes, agents can see Service Level Agreements, or SLAs, to ensure they understand what the company has promised the customer and to ensure customers aren’t able to scam the system.

Does Zendesk Support use ticket forms?

You can create a ticket form for customers to fill out prior to engaging with them. An agent can review the ticket form to gain the necessary information needed to handle the customer’s questions.

Can you manage multiple brands within Zendesk Support?

Yes. The system has the capacity to manage 300 different brands all with one installation.

Does Zendesk offer support in multiple languages?

Yes. Zendesk offers support in 40 different languages, so you can help customers in many, many different locations.