SwyftFilings is an online business services company that makes it simple to form a new business. With Swyft, you can easily start a new corporation, LLC, or even a non-profit, quickly and easily – and most important, accurately. Swyft Filings handles the paperwork so that you can focus on what you love: running and growing your new company. This Swyft Filings review will cover everything you need to know about this popular service.

Swyft Filings overview

Swyft Filings helps entrepreneurs and founders accurately file the needed paperwork to form a new business entity with the relevant state authorities. It’s a fully online service, which makes an often-outdated state business licensing system much easier to navigate. Swyft’s plans are compatible with requirements in all US states, so you can use the service to form a new business, regardless of where you live.


  • Choice of S-corp, C-corp, LLC, and more
  • Help to obtain a Doing Business As (DBA) and Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Nonprofit formation services also available
  • Ongoing services and resources to support business growth
  • Huge range of add-on services: Registered Agent, Business Conversion, Annual Report filing, and much more
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Choice of three different packages
  • Installment payments available (make 2 separate payments)


  • Does not offer Sole Proprietorship packages (although Sole Proprietorships are generally quite simple to sign up for)

Get started with Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings can help you file the necessary paperwork to start the following business entities:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Corporation (S Corp and C Corp)
  • Doing Business As (DBA)
  • Nonprofits
  • 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status

Depending on the business structure, you can get started for as little as $49 (plus state fees), making Swyft Filings one of the most affordable ways to form a new business. And because of the wide range of packages available, and the variety of business structures you can choose from, Swyft Filings truly has something for everyone.

The focus of Swyft Filings is on helping you structure and form your business. However, they also offer a variety of ongoing services and resources to help you grow your business. For example, you’ll get a free 30-minute business tax consultation, a free business domain name, and ongoing compliance support. All the features of Swyft Filings are covered in greater detail in a later section.

Swyft Filings features

Swyft Filings offers a wide range of features and services to help your business. It’s helpful before, during, and after the formation of your company. In general, the features and services from Swyft can be broken up into two categories: Business Formation and Business Growth/Management.

Business formation features

The main focus of Swyft Filings is on helping you get your business formed, quickly and accurately. They have an intuitive online system that helps you select the right business structure for you, and fill out all the necessary forms to start your new company.

  • Register new corporations (S Corp, C Corp), Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and more
  • Choice of several LLC formation packages
  • Register new nonprofits, and apply for 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Obtain Doing Business As (DBA) names
  • Obtain Employer Identification Numbers (EIN)
  • Business name search
  • Full compliance with requirements in all US states
  • Choice of standard or rush processing speed
  • Swyft Filings can serve as your company’s Registered Agent, handling correspondence between your company and government agencies
  • Access business formation resources and templates
  • Much more

Swyft Filings can walk you through the process of starting any sort of new organization, with support for both for-profit companies and non-profit organizations. Everything is handled online, through an intuitive interface. Swyft communicates with the necessary government agencies and helps you fill out all the necessary paperwork.

Business management features

Once your company is started and fully registered, the usefulness of Swyft Filings does not end there! Swyft offers a lot of services to help you manage and grow your business – some are included in their formation packages, while others are sold separately.

  • Business domain names, websites, and web hosting
  • Help to obtain reseller permits, S corporation election, and more
  • ComplianceGuard Company Alerts to keep you on top of compliance requirements
  • Registered Agent services
  • Ongoing access to articles of organization and other documents
  • Annual report filing
  • Initial report filing
  • Business conversion services (LLC to Corporation, for example)
  • Business dissolution
  • Business license and permits
  • Digital Corporate Kit to manage files online
  • Much more

Basically, Swyft Filings can help you with just about any legal, regulatory, or licensing step that your business may need to take. They aim to be an ongoing resource for your company, helping you adapt to changes and grow your business.

Plus, Swyft also has a huge learning center with hundreds of useful resources. This online library includes detailed guides on launching, registering, and growing a business, tax, and accounting, selling or exiting a business, and much more.

Swyft Filings pricing

Basic Package Standard Package Premium Package
Price $49* $149* $299*
  • Basic business formation features
  • Standard filing speed
  • Free domain name
  • Company name search, document filing, online access to your incorporation documents
  • Lifetime support
  • Free business tax consultation
  • All features of Basic plan
  • Standard filing speed
  • Includes federal tax ID (EIN)
  • Custom LLC operating agreement and banking resolution
  • Custom organizational minutes
  • Lifetime support
  • All features of the Standard plan
  • Express filing speed
  • Express document shipping via Fedex Express
  • Electronic delivery of state documents
  • Customized Digital LLC kit
  • Free business website and 3 months of free web hosting
Best for The Basic Plan is best for founders who want to start a new business at the lowest cost possible. It includes all the basics you’ll need, at an industry-leading price. If you don’t mind standard filing speed and don’t need extra features, this plan is a fantastic value. The Standard Plan is best for those who want a few more bonus features, including an Employee Identification Number (highly recommended), and custom formation papers like operating agreements and banking resolutions. The Premium Plan is best for those who want faster processing and filing, as well as faster shipping + online access to state documents. This package essentially expedites the entire process, helping you start your business faster. Plus, it includes bonus features like a website.

Get started with Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings LLC formation service is a fantastic value, and overall it’s among the most affordable business formation services. Pricing is very competitive with competitors like LegalZoom, Bizee, ZenBusiness, and others.

Keep in mind that the pricing figures above do not include state business registration fees. These are charged separately, and on-top of Swyft Filings’ fees. State fees go directly to the state; Swyft just serves as a middle-man between you and your state, by helping you fill out the required paperwork.

State fees vary drastically. For example, starting an LLC costs $70 in California, $300 in Texas, and $200 in New York. Fortunately, Swyft will show you estimated costs during the signup process. Turnaround time also varies by state. Some states process applications in just a few business days, while some states might take a month or more to process new business filings.

In addition to the standard business formation packages described above, Swyft Filings also has various other services (additional fees may apply):

  • Registered Agent services
  • Reseller permits and sales tax ID
  • 501 (c) (3) applications for tax-exempt status
  • Conversion of business structure (LLC to corporation, for example)
  • Much more

Swyft Filings charges are a simple one-time fee. They are not a subscription service, so you’ll just pay the initial fee, form your business, and move on. This is different from competitors like ZenBusiness, which has an annual fee pricing structure. With that said, some services from Swyft, like their Registered Agent service, have ongoing fees.

Customer service

Swyft Filings offers prompt and professional customer support from knowledgeable agents. You can reach their support department during normal business hours. Swyft Filings can be contacted via phone, email, and online live chat. Plus, all plans come with lifetime customer support, even though most Swyft Filings packages are a one-time fee.

Swyft Filings customer reviews on TrustPilot and elsewhere are very positive, and there are over 20,000 recorded reviews. Many positive reviews mention good experiences with Swyft Filing’s customer support.

Swyft also has a few specialized services, and even free perks, that connect you with trained experts. For example, all their business formation plans include a free 30-minute consultation with a tax professional, to help evaluate and plan for your business’ bookkeeping efforts.

Swyft Filings review: Our verdict

Swyft Filings is an excellent business formation service. It offers a simple, efficient, and accurate way to start your new business – as well as tons of resources and services to help small business owners grow their companies.

The ease of use of Swyft Filings is excellent, making it simple to navigate the often-complex world of business registration. And beyond their incorporation service, a variety of additional services offer a lot of ongoing value for businesses.

Plus, all plans come with lifetime customer support. If you’re looking for a complete solution for your business’ formation and licensing requirements, Swyft Filings is a great option.