SRFax Review – 2022


  • Plan Reviewed: Basic Plus
  • Free Trial Period: All plans (except the lowest) have a 60-day free trial period.
  • Monthly Fees: $6.95 per month or $5.50 per month if paid annually.
  • Page Counts: 200
  • Users: Unlimited outbound users, multiple fax lines available.
  • Overage Charges: 6¢ per page sent or received over limit.
  • Mobile App: No, but the website is mobile responsive.

Choose SRFax if:

  • You want multiple employees to have access to fax, as well as multiple lines.
  • You prefer clean, intuitive interfaces.
  • You want a highly customizable fax experience.

Don’t choose SRFax if:

  • You absolutely require a dedicated mobile app.

SRFax stands head and shoulders above other online fax services. Its user interface, wide array of features, and reasonable prices beat the competition at almost every juncture. Aside from a few minor shortcomings, SRFax is one of the best options for both business and individuals.

We reviewed the second tier plan (Basic Plus) rather than the first tier (Basic) because it is more representative of the SRFax system.

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SRFax pricing

For such a feature-rich service, the pricing is surprisingly low.

The first thing you’ll notice upon landing on their pricing page is that their lowest plan is a mere $3.29 per month. Granted, it’s limited compared to the other plans they offer, but it does allow you to use their excellent system to send a few faxes per month.

It’s ideal for a solo contractor who only has a couple of clients that require faxes. When compared to the free plans other companies offer (although it costs about a coffee a month), it’s quite excellent. You get a fax number and the ability to receive faxes, something free plans usually lack.

Their standard plans really start at the Basic Plus level, however, and $7 for 200 pages is somewhat generous. There is little difference between the plans from here on, other than page count and pricing (also overage fees steadily decrease with higher plans). There are certainly options though – you can choose from any of 7 plans rather than the standard 3 or 4.

SRFax is appropriate for both individuals and larger businesses, but the plan at which a company should enter may not be clear. We recommend that companies start with the Standard Plan ($15.95 per month and 800 pages) and go up from there – that’s the point at which consolidated billing becomes part of the package.

One of the best parts of SRFax is the ease with which multiple users can be accommodated. There is never any limit on the number of users that can access a particular fax number you own, and new lines are added at a mere $4.95 each. They integrate seamlessly into the plan and the interface for a comfortable transition.

SRFax features

Setting up SRFax starts with choosing a fax number. They offer both local and toll-free numbers at no extra charge. It’s unclear whether or not they are able to transfer your old fax number over, but it’s very probably that they can.

During setup, they’ll ask if you want to enable the ability to complete full-text searches on incoming faxes. It’s an extra buck every month, but it’s worth every penny if you receive many faxes each month. Online fax services have notoriously poor fax archive and organization capabilities, and a full-text search helps to alleviate a lot of that headache.

SRFax allows fax broadcasting at every level. Many services restrict sending the same fax to multiple recipients to just the highest level or don’t support it at all. You’re also able to use a robust fax scheduler, choosing a time and date has never been easier.

The interface itself is pleasing. It’s focused on the text and strips out a lot of the unnecessary graphics and menus to make a streamlined and intuitive user experience. Upon logging in your popped onto a dashboard where you can get a good sense of where you’re at fax-wise without having to dig too deep.

Note that SRFax does not have a mobile app. While that’s disappointing, their site is responsive. That means it plays well with mobile phones and tablets. It probably won’t be especially fun to fax full time from a phone, so if your business requires mobile faxing, you might want to steer clear.

With over 100 file formats supported, SR Fax has the widest range of any online fax service. It’s unlikely you’ll need to use most of them, but having the option is nice. Also unusual is the level of customization you can reach – for example, you can change the default email notification format from .pdf to .tiff.

A unique offering from SRFax is a driver download for Windows that adds SRFax as a print option for most applications. Niche? Yes. Handy? Undoubtedly.

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