Employers are searching for good people to work with these days. There may be many who walk through the door, but distinguishing good candidates from bad can be difficult unless you do a background check. 

Small business owners have a challenge with background checks because some companies are expensive. Some services are based on doing many background checks and some businesses just need one or two. That is when services like ShareAble for Hires become a good resource. 

TransUnion, one of the big three credit reporting agencies, created ShareAble for Hires in 2004. It is a cloud-based system with SaaS that employers can use to make sure people they are looking at meet their standards when it comes to both criminal history and credit background checks. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access to have a background report sent to you quickly, as soon as just a few minutes. 

Ready to learn more about this background check service? Read on to learn about ShareAble for Hire’s screening services that can improve your hiring decisions.

What is ShareAble for Hires?

Hires.shareable.com is a self-service platform that provides employee background checks to small business owners quickly and reliably. The company uses modern, state-of-the-art technology to provide comprehensive background checks on potential employees to those who are looking for the best to work in their business. 

Using ShareAble for Hires is much simpler than traditional ways employers had used because you simply create an online account to begin the process. Previously, employers had to become a member of an accredited group to get a full background check or check-in police departments, which meant inspections, business verifications, and tons of paperwork. 

With ShareAble for Hires, you use the program to send an applicant a screening invitation. They fill it out and submit it. Then, their background check reports are sent to you within minutes. 

ShareAble for Hires background checks cover both criminal and credit background searches. It includes a National Criminal report, a detailed credit report, and an identity report where your applicant’s identity is verified. 

What are the pros and cons of Shareable Hires?

Any program like this is going to have both pros and cons. ShareAble for Hires has far more advantages than disadvantages, but it pays to look at both. The pros and cons are listed below. 


  • Easy setup. This is one of the easiest programs to set up, which makes it an excellent choice for small business owners. This is especially true for employers looking for quick access to background checks. It’s free to create an account and you can manage all your applications from one dashboard. 
  • Simple cost structure. ShareAble for Hires cost structure is one of its best features because there is no monthly cost or set up fees. Business owners pay for every time they are given a background check under its pay-per-use pricing structure. Prices start at $2 a feature, making it highly affordable. 
  • Self-service. The fact that both the employer and the applicant are doing the work of the background check provides both efficiency and assurances that all legal standards are met. It is an easy process because no one else is involved or sees the information.
  • It’s quick. This is one of the fastest ways to get an applicant’s background checked. Since it’s web-based, you can have a report back within minutes of the applicant returning the forms through the system.


  • Cost grows. The one downside of this type of service is the cost can get expensive when you need multiple screening reports. There may come a point where the cost outpaces the service.

What are the best features of ShareAble Hires?

ShareAble Hires offers three types of basic screening but also goes beyond that depending on the package of features you select. 

  • Background checks

The background checks offered by ShareAble for Hires are a broad background check that scans almost 400 criminal records. It includes information from criminal databases like the National Sex Offender Public Registry, the U.S. Customs, and Border Protection, and other federal organizations. 

It uses new tech algorithms and accuracy is ensured to make sure your application isn’t mixed up with another person’s history. 

  • Identity verification

It’s so important to verify someone applying for a job as the modern age is riddled with information harvesting and decreased privacy. Verifying someone’s identity becomes easy with a program like ShareAble for Hires. 

When you send an applicant a screening invitation, they self-report their information. They provide their name, address, social security number (SSN), and birthdate. That information is compared to all of ShareAble’s databases to make sure their identity is correct. 

Since it is the applicant providing the information, it is going to be the most accurate way to check identity. 

  • Credit checks

While not every employer needs or wants a credit check, ShareAble for Hires provides it as part of some of its packages. It is an important factor when you are hiring someone to handle money or for accounting and other sensitive roles within your company. 

Small business owners haven’t always been able to get credit checks and most have been expensive. ShareAble for Hires makes them low-cost and easy because the applicant is providing the information. 

It is better for the potential employee too as this isn’t a hard credit check, which could negatively affect their credit score. 

How much does ShareAble for Hires cost?

ShareAble for Hires has three tiers of pre-employment checks and each has a different depth of screening. Signing up is free and there are no monthly costs or hidden fees. You pay per pre-employment screening that is done, so the pricing is straightforward. Here is a look at the three tiers. 

Background Check Basic

These are $25 each. They include:

  • State and county check
  • Federal watch lists check
  • National Sex Offender Registry check
  • National Most Wanted check
  • TransUnion Identity Verification
  • FCRA and state filters

Background Check Plus

This service is $40 each and includes all the features of the basic service plus these:

  • A check for fraud alerts
  • A Social Security Number and name match check
  • A Social Security Number deceased persons check

Background Check Pro

This service is $60 and includes all the features of the other tiers plus the following:

  • A reported verification of prior employment
  • Current and previous address verification
  • A detailed credit report

What kind of customer support can users expect?

ShareAble for Hires customer service hits high marks with those who use the service. Its customer service is available around the clock and the company sets a high standard for it. It is one of the things the company is most proud of. 

Those who prefer to research issues themselves or educate themselves on topics can go through the FAQ sections. ShareAble for Hires has sections for both employers and applicants. 

Sections include topics like best practices for finding good hires and insights into employer issues. All of that is in the hiring resource center. There is also an educational section that has expert advice on issues like reducing employee turnover, compliance, and other common issues. 

Applicants will find other sections useful such as topics like privacy and addressing concerns like credit checks. 

Employers who need more personalized help have two options. You can tweet @ShareAbleHires with a question and get a response back quickly or you can call 888-710-0270 and speak to someone live. 

What are the benefits of ShareAble for Hires?

There are three primary benefits of using ShareAble for Hires. 

  • Solid company. ShareAble for Hires was created by one of the big three credit reporting bureaus. TransUnion has been around a long time and has a top-rated reputation. This should give you confidence in their online services, privacy, and reliability. 
  • Keeps you legal. Since ShareAble for Hires is the creation of a top-tiered company, you can rest assured it meets all legal standards for privacy and within employment standards. ShareAble’s screening process is in line with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all other laws. Consumer reporting agencies, and the information coming from them, are regulated and the information is protected by federal and state laws. That means it must also be compliant with who has access to it for job screenings, rental applications, and other standard uses. 
  • Use it as needed. Since there are no monthly subscriptions or other fees, it’s easy for a business owner to control the cost of using ShareAble for Hires services. Its flat fee structure is upfront and easy to manage. There are no monthly minimums for use so you can use it as you need to fulfill your employment requirements.

What are the disadvantages of ShareAble for Hires?

One disadvantage of using ShareAble for Hires and is that it doesn’t have a mobile application. You can use it from your mobile phone but must use the browser to get to the mobile site. 

This isn’t the most convenient way, but the mobile ShareAble for Hires site is responsive so it isn’t a challenge to use it. It is easy to navigate for you and your potential employee. This means they can access the invitation to screenings anytime, anywhere. That can put them to work faster and get your business moving quickly. 


What package should I buy?

That depends on the job you want to fill as some jobs are more sensitive than others. Those who are hiring people like caretakers, child care workers, and others in similar fields may want to get a full report to ensure the applicant can be trusted in intimate home environments. You don’t want a person who has money issues to be caring for an elderly person with cash or a checkbook on hand. 

You would also want to be sure a person around children is who they say they are with their Social Security number and isn’t on a sex offense registry. 

Other sensitive jobs where a person has access to cash, account books and other sensitive material probably should go through a credit background check as well as a criminal background report. You will want to be sure those in your business inner circle can be trusted to be responsible and aren’t in a desperate situation.

Other jobs, like being a dishwasher or a line cook, may only require a background check since their duties are limited. 

How does the process work?

ShareAble for Hires has a simple process where a business owner can get a background check done within minutes. It is also good for the applicant as well since they are providing the information and won’t need to wait around for days for the background check to come back.

To do a screening, you just use ShareAble for Hires to send the applicant a screening invitation to their email address. They answer some questions to verify their identity and hit submit. A report comes back to you quickly with all the necessary background and credit history information that you need to decide on hiring.

How is ShareAble for Hires different from other background check companies?

There are two ways ShareAble for Hires is different from traditional background check companies. 

First, it’s streamlined so the cost is much lower than what you would typically pay. This is primarily because ShareAble for Hires is a self-serve option rather than having someone else fill out all the paperwork. 

It’s faster. Many traditional companies require tons of paperwork for business owners to fill out and then it can take two or three days to get reports back. Most businesses are short-handed and need people now and most job applicants want to start working right away. This is a good option to move the process along to satisfy both. 

Is ShareAble for Hires safe?

Yes, since identity verification and credit reports will come directly from TransUnion, the service is safe. Information is shared only between the applicant and the employer without others having access.

What will the information from a ShareAble for Hires report include?

Information sent to employers through ShareAble for Hires includes all information available through federal and state agencies regarding criminal background checks and a soft check on credit history. It isn’t a complete investigation into an applicant’s past but provides information that complies with state and federal consumer reporting laws.