• Plan Reviewed: Standard
  • Free Trial Period: 14-day free trial available for basic features.
  • Monthly Fees: $29 per month or $27 per month if billed annually.
  • Page Count: 350 pages sent and received.
  • Users: Unlimited.
  • Overage Charges: 10¢ per page sent or received over limit.
  • Mobile App: iOS only.

Choose Sfax if:

  • Your business needs to be HIPAA compliant.
  • Security of communication is particularly important.
  • Having an intuitive and friendly interface is very important.

Don’t choose Sfax if:

  • You want to save money.
  • The content of your faxes is not confidential.

Sfax is a product of Scrypt, a longstanding company that develops software for the medical industry. As such, Sfax has been developed to satisfy their strict needs. It just so happens that those requirements make for an excellent online fax service for just about anyone.

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Sfax pricing

Considering that their most basic plan, the Standard Plan, costs two times as much as any other plan we reviewed, you can probably see where this is going.

Sfax is not a service for penny pinchers.

They don’t want to be, either. Their target audience is the healthcare industry: hospitals, private practices, insurance companies, medical billing, and the juncture of law and medicine. What do all those have in common? Big money.

Remember how much those 15-minute annual checkups cost? $29 a month isn’t even a drop in the bucket for them. That’s why it’s the starting level plan and has a relatively low page count of only 350 per month. It’s intended for smaller businesses in the industry, like a family doctor.

The next tier almost doubles the price to $49 and offers 700 pages. The value in page count doesn’t increase that much, but that’s not the core offering here. Unlike the first tier, the second level of plan (called “Plus”) introduces the inclusion of BAA.

For those unfamiliar, BAA stands for “Business Associate Agreement” (also known as a Business Associate Contract) and is a vital part of adhering to HIPAA regulations. That alone may make the second-tier mandatory for some customers.

The last tier, the Contender Plan, is $99 but offers another particularly useful upgrade. It includes a download service which, once set up, mostly removes the need to use their access portal. Instead, faxes received can be securely downloaded to whatever location you want and be accessed without logging in to view them.

Additionally, they give you access to the API in case there is any other software you might want to integrate this service with (or custom solutions you may want to build). This offering is absolutely unique and incredibly valuable.

Of course, for customers needing more than 1500 pages per month, there is a customizable enterprise option available if you contact Sfax.

Sfax features

Despite being obviously geared for a specific type of customer, Sfax is also supremely useful for most everyone who needs to fax… if money is no object.

It has the most visually pleasing interface of any online fax service we reviewed. Where most other ones were simply not offensive, Sfax’s portal is actually pleasant to look at and a joy to navigate. That alone may be worth the price of admission.

Furthermore, the access to API and the ability to directly download faxes to wherever you want without exporting them through their website is incredible. It definitely has applications for people outside of the healthcare industry with large volumes of faxes.

The capacity for unlimited users on any plan is a big plus, although setting up more fax numbers increases the hassle a bit. Particularly useful is the ability for an admin to control the permissions of each user and fine tune what they can and can’t do.

Worried about audits? Don’t be. Sfax automatically generates a complete audit trail and stores it for every document sent or received. It also has better fax storage and organization than most of its peers.

A nifty, and in this case necessary, feature of Sfax is the ability to insert digital signatures. Even better is the option to digitally annotate any fax.

We would be remiss not to mention a few of the downsides, however. For example, Sfax can only send faxes to numbers in the US and Canada. While it has an iOS app (no Android app yet), it’s fairly restricted due to HIPAA compliance, and by some reports, pretty useless.

HIPAA also necessitates one other aggravating limit – no sending faxes directly from email. It makes sense in context, but nevertheless, it makes Sfax one of the only online fax services that can’t fax from email.