MyFax Review (2023)


  • Plan Reviewed: Home Office User
  • Free Trial Period: All plans offer a 30-day free trial.
  • Monthly Fees: $10 billed monthly or $9.17 per month billed annually.
  • Page Counts: 100 outgoing faxes and 200 incoming faxes per month.
  • Users: Up to 5.
  • Overage Charges: 10¢ per page sent or received over limit.
  • Mobile App: Android and iOS.

Choose MyFax if:

  • You want a simple, no-frills experience.
  • You plan on doing most of your faxing internationally.
  • You need an international fax number.

Don’t choose MyFax if:

  • You will send a lot of faxes.
  • You like elegant and intuitive interfaces.
  • You will be primarily sending faxes instead of receiving them.

MyFax is in a bit of a weird place. It does nothing exceptionally but does everything acceptably. In a market crowded with much better equipped competitors, it is unclear how MyFax continues to operate.

Our best guess? MyFax, MetroFax, Send2Fax, and eFax are all owned by the same parent company – j2 Global. It’s likely that MyFax continues to exist solely to increase their market share of a surprisingly profitable industry.

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MyFax pricing

If MyFax has one thing going for it, it’s the price. Coming in at $10 per month, it’s on the cheaper end of the scale.

The thing is… it’s still not a great price to page ratio. What’s worse is that MyFax is one of the few services that distinguishes between outgoing and incoming faxes. If you only send faxes and never receive them, well, you’re outta luck once you hit 100 faxes. Those 10¢ overage charges really sting (not to mention that’s pretty high compared to other online fax services).

The kicker is that if you decide to bite the bullet and go up to the next tier, you pay $20 a month and receive 200 outgoing faxes and 200 incoming ones. Yes, you read that right. The incoming fax count stays the same and you only gain the ability to send an additional measly 100 faxes per month.

And for that marginal increase the price doubled? That’s pathetic, really.

Not only are other services cheaper and offer more (and pooled) pages, it’s actually possible to pay for 100 pages of overage on other services and pay less. In fact – the second tier of pricing is literally equal to just paying for 100 pages of overage charges on MyFax. How’s that for a pricing structure?

MyFax features

Once you get over the absurdity of the prices, MyFax actually has a decent lineup of features.

Their biggest selling point is the ease with which international accounts can be setup. When choosing a phone number for your online fax service, you can select options to import an old number, create a toll-free line, or pick an international number from any of dozens of countries.

This is one of the few services in which international numbers are an option, and MyFax has perhaps the largest selection. If you plan to do most business internationally this may be the service for you.

Apart from their cosmopolitan telephone numbers, MyFax boasts a mobile app available on both major platforms. It’s a surprisingly good one, too – most online fax services are lacking in the app department, but the simplicity of MyFax lends itself well to mobile faxing. The app can snap pictures and send faxes with hundreds of different file types and up to 10 files at once… as long as they don’t exceed 10mb. Remember to use .jpg instead of a .png, it’s much more space-efficient.

Relatedly, you can send fax via email with their app. It has many of the same restrictions and benefits as sending a true fax. Another nice touch is that they have an extensive list of more than 100 free fax cover page templates to choose from and customize with your company info should you not have your own. They don’t even include a watermark (like some other services).

Every plan comes with 5 users that can be added into the system to utilize the fax service through their email. For additional users, you’d have to contact the company and inquire about the enterprise package.

The native fax storage and organization is alright; nothing more, nothing less. It does not readily integrate with popular cloud storage software, such as Google Drive. However, it will keep all your faxes in perpetuity.

While it’s not a huge deal, their Fax to 50 feature is nice to have. Most competing services let you fax to multiple recipients simultaneously, but the number usually caps out at around 10. MyFax lets you go up to 50 (if you can find that many people who still use fax machines).

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