allows job seekers to post resumes and browse job listings. It also offers helpful articles about job hunting, with advice on things like resume writing and interviewing skills. Job seekers don’t always give Monster high marks, mainly because of its lack of features (especially when compared to other sites like ZipRecruiter), but recruiters do like the platform and use it daily to find qualified candidates.


  • Highlights candidates interested in the job
  • Highlights candidates who recently updated resumes
  • No setup fee
  • Easy to use
  • Large database
  • Free for job seekers to use


  • No monitoring of candidate’s resumes
  • No premium consulting or integration services
  • Jobs lack detail

Overview of

Monster aids in a job search. Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, or work-from-home opportunities, you can use this job search site to find a fitting open position. Here’s a quick overview of the job search engine:

Job seekers use it for free

Monster offers free job searches for anyone looking for a new opportunity. Job seekers can use the platform to search for job titles like “project manager,“ upload a resume, and fill out a profile to explain their years of experience. There is no limit on how many jobs you can apply for or how many searches you do. There are many jobs from which to choose. Monster is a job aggregator as it collects job postings and lists them in a huge database. It was one of the first platforms of its kind when it came out in 1999.

A lot of employers and recruiters use Monster. It’s a common tool, so it can increase your chances of being noticed. It’s a global company with a multilingual platform, which means your searches aren’t limited by geographic borders.

Employers like Monster

Monster is popular with job recruiters. Many recruiting software services and applicant tracking systems also use and post to Monster all over the world. One of the reasons employers prefer Monster over other recruitment platforms is that Monster offers advanced features to employers.

Advanced features include recruitment marketing strategy options that push job opportunities on social via photos and videos, a branding strategy, applicant tracking software, and recruiting help to find and screen candidates.

There is a candidate dashboard that comes with all recruitment packages. You can easily use it to track all your job postings and candidate searches.

Companies also like the employer branding feature on Monster, where brands can create an appealing company profile and career pages to attract more job applicants. Employers buying packages can use this feature, and use job templates, too.


Search bar

The key feature of Monster is its search engine to find jobs. You do this from the homepage, where you can put in your desired job and location. Its primary search is via keywords. The results are based on your geography, so it will list jobs closest to that location first.

The search will separate remote jobs from location-specific jobs, but it doesn’t have a filtering system to search by other factors like salary, company name, or job post dates, as ZipRecruiter does.

Email alerts

Monster allows you to set up alerts for new opportunities that you are interested in. This allows you to respond quickly, which helps compete for great jobs. The job alerts are matched to your skills and desired compensation.

Salary comparison tool

This tool allows you to look at the numbers and salaries of others in your chosen field so you can be sure you are requesting a salary within the standard range for your experience. It also prevents you from underselling your experience, skills, and knowledge. This is helpful when setting up your profile and the desired salary, as that will match you with jobs fitting your criteria.

Career Advice Hub

The Career Advice Hub is full of helpful articles and blogs that job seekers can use to improve their chances of getting a job or bettering their careers. This is a good benefit for those who are re-entering the job market after being at home or moving into a new career. It is also useful for those who are just getting into the job market for the first time.

User profiles

The user profile is where you add your work experience and education. However, it’s not a resume builder. You can upload your resume from Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. It has a cool blocking feature you can use to prevent certain companies, including your current employer, from seeing your resume.

Mobile app

The app has a wide range of features, from resume upload to document creation. You can apply to jobs by swiping your hand, and it has career quizzes to help you hone your skills.


Monster is free for job seekers to use unless you want a premium service like a resume or cover letter writing services. It’s the recruiters and companies that pay for Monster services in finding candidates. There are several packages to choose from in different pricing tiers.

Here’s a look at the costs.

Job seekers

  • Entry Level: An entry-level option is $129 for a professional resume written in five business days.
  • Secondary Option: The secondary option is $189 and includes a cover letter for the resume writing service.
  • Premium Service: A premium service is $349 and includes a newly written resume, a cover letter, and a makeover of your LinkedIn profile with faster delivery of all three elements.


  • Starter Package: The Starter Package is $279 and allows you to post one active job and review up to 50 resumes.
  • The Standard Package: The Standard Package is $399 and allows you to post three active jobs and access up to 150 resumes.
  • A Premium Package: A Premium Package is $649 and lets employers post up to five active jobs and review up to 250 resumes.

Customer service

Monster customer service is a weak spot for the company. It has a customer service telephone number so you can call and speak to a live person rather than use email or a chat. However, its customer service also has a 2.21-star consumer rating from customers who weren’t happy with the job recruitment company. The source of most of the complaints is its customer service.


Is it easy to post a job on Monster?

Monster is one of the easiest platforms to post jobs on. You can use simple instructions and go into the database to find more than 2,000 pre-written job descriptions. It takes the complexity out of trying to write job postings, making a simple task.

Will the job I post get seen quickly?

Yes, Monster takes job posts and lists them on its site, but it also lists them to a network of other job boards it considers partners. Monster also automatically emails your posting to job seekers it believes will be able to fit your needs.

Does Monster have candidate evaluation tools?

Yes, Monster sets rankings and scores on every candidate so you can easily see how well they will fit for the job you posted. There are also filtering options within the job seeker database if you want to search it for candidates yourself.

Does still exist?

The job recruitment platform isn’t as well-known as it once was, but it still exists. It is one of the top two recruitment platforms globally, with only Indeed topping it.

Is using Monster to create a resume worth it?

Those who have used Monster’s resume writing service said it is definitely worth using. The resume writer provides strong content with a brief, insightful summary and writes an experienced section that highlights accomplishments in a powerful way.

Does Monster own Jobr? acquired the startup Jobr, based in San Francisco, in June 2016. Jobr is an app to find jobs and contributed to what is now the Monster app.

Can an employer use Monster internationally?

Yes, Monster is available in multiple countries and features international jobs, so employers can hire job applicants practically anywhere in the world.

How does Monster make money? makes money in two ways. The primary way is through employers and recruiters purchasing platform plans that allow them to list jobs and look for job candidates. The other way is by job seekers paying for premium services like resume and cover letter writing.

Which is better, Monster or Indeed?

They both have their unique features. Indeed is a larger platform than Monster, with more daily users. However, Monster has more variety of jobs than Indeed and features both blue-collar jobs as well as professional positions. Indeed is more specialized in listing the skills of applicants over Monster.

Will Monster sell my information?

No, doesn’t sell personal information under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. You retain the right to delete any information collected from you. However, Monster may refuse to delete it if the law permits.

Does Monster delete old accounts?

Those who don’t sign into an account or interact with Monster services like emails over time will find their account will expire and be removed from the site.

Are there scam job postings on Monster?

There are scam job postings on Monster, so you have to be careful. Monster tries to make people aware of scams and asks that people contact Monster immediately if they spot a scam or get an email that seems to be from Monster that asks for personal information.

Is Monster better than LinkedIn?

Monster is a traditional job recruitment platform, so it is better at quickly finding a variety of jobs within a geographic area, especially if you want to look for typical employers and job listings. LinkedIn has a different way of allowing job seeking and is used primarily by professionals. However, Monster does connect job seekers to LinkedIn through one of its premium services.

Is Monster owned by Indeed?

No, the two are competitors. Randstand owns Monster Worldwide, while Recruit Holdings Ltd owns Indeed.

Can I talk to someone at Monster?

Yes, Monster has a customer service number that both employers and job seekers can call and ask questions. Employers who have specific talent acquisition needs can talk to someone at Monster about handling their requests.

Does the Monster mobile app work on all phones?

The Monster mobile app works on both Apple and Android devices. The staffing site also maintains a strong social media presence.