• Plan Reviewed: The Essential Plan.
  • Free Trial Period: 30-day free trial with different terms than any of the plans.
  • Monthly Fees: $7.95 paid monthly or $6.63 per month if paid annually.
  • Page Counts: 500 pages sent and received.
  • Users: Up to 5 with on fax number.
  • Overage Charges: 3¢ per page sent or received over the limit.
  • Mobile App: iOS and Android.

Choose MetroFax if:

  • You’d like a great companion mobile app.
  • You have large OR variable volume needs.
  • You’d like email to fax or fax to email options.

Don’t choose MetroFax if:

  • You only need to send or receive a few faxes each month.
  • You want to customize your cover sheet.
  • You’re picky about fax notification frequency.

MetroFax is a solid option for almost any user. It has incredible value with low prices and a full feature suite to match.

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MetroFax pricing

The first thing to note – the free trial has this nifty feature where, when your trial is expired, you can upgrade to a full plan with the same number and no loss of service.

That’s a great move by MetroFax too; if you try to exploit that for a free month you’re going to end up subscribed to their service. If you wanted to go MetroFax anyway… well, you just got an extra month free!

Their prices are among the cheapest of all online fax services, but MetroFax backs it up with quality. Frankly, it’s impressive that other services continue to survive when charging double for half as many pages… and still having a worse customer experience than MetroFax provides.

There are three levels of plans:

  1. The Essential: 500 combined pages a month. $7.95 paid monthly or $6.63 per month if paid annually.
  2. The Value: 1000 combined pages a month. $12.95 paid monthly or $10.79 per month if paid annually.
  3. The Professional: 2500 combined pages a month. $35.95 paid monthly or $29.96 per month if paid annually.

If your needs are greater than 2500 faxes sent and received each month, they advertise that you can contact them for customized enterprise solutions.

While the overage charges remain the same through each plan, the price per page that you’re paying drops as you go up in tiers. By the time you’re at The Professional level, you’re already paying 3¢ a page anyway – overage doesn’t matter anymore.

MetroFax features

The first thing we noticed upon landing on the MetroFax homepage was the ability to test the service immediately. There’s an option to enter your email and receive a sample fax in your inbox – simultaneously testing the fax to email service as well as getting an early look at formatting.

During setup, you have the opportunity to choose a new local or toll-free fax number (or you can port over your old one) at no extra charge. You can even choose numbers from Canada! Any other international numbers, however, are not available through MetroFax.

One unusual and unfortunate policy that MetroFax has is that international (anything beyond the US or Canada) faxes “cost” more than their actual page count. For example, a one-page fax to Asia might expend two or 3 of your monthly page allowance instead of just one.

The native fax organization and storage capabilities are, as per usual, not very good. You wouldn’t think it’s particularly difficult to sort and search through faxes, but hardly any online fax service providers have done an exceptional job.

Also, the user interface isn’t stellar. It’s not bad by any means, just dated and not particularly friendly. It’s unlikely that you’ll get the shiny “new car” feeling when trying it out for the first time. If you want, it’s possible to bypass their site almost entirely since you have the ability to send faxes directly from your email inbox.

There’s good stuff too, however. A useful feature of MetroFax that we haven’t seen elsewhere is confirmation of receipt, and by extension, the option to automatically resend. That’s especially useful in combination with fax broadcasting, which MetroFax supports. There’s nothing worse than blasting a fax to 50 clients and then having to retry 10 that failed.

By far the best part of MetroFax is their app. It’s quite possibly the best fax app on the market. It’s not particularly flashy but it does everything you’d want and more.

With the app, which is available on both Android and iOS, you can receive faxes directly (not just notifications of faxes in your email inbox). You can send new faxes by using the phone camera to scan a document. You can view old faxes and forward them through email or fax to new recipients.

Basically, everything you can do on a computer you could do on your phone. Even stuff like checking your account balance. That alone may be worth the (very low) price of admission.