InCorp is another well known LLC provider and has been around for over 20 years and serves over 125,000 clients. There are many LLC providers, but InCorp has been able to make a name for itself in this crowded industry. It does this by having excellent service, affordable prices, mail forwarding, EINs,  and certificates of good standing. Each feature has an additional cost but can be very helpful depending on each business’s situation.

InCorp is great for those that want reasonable pricing, great service and long term registered agent access.


InCorp includes many standard features like filing articles of organization and name lookup. It also offers a la carte services and products like an LLC book for dummies. This simple resource can act as a guide for those that aren’t familiar with the LLC process. Another important feature that it has are certificates of good standing. These might seem useful for only decoration purposes, but they can be important for any type of business transaction, like obtaining bank financing.

They also include having a registered agent for $99 during the first year. Having a registered agent will receive your mail on the business owner’s behalf which helps protect personal assets in case of a lawsuit. This feature is very important, but other providers include this for free during the first year. Yet, InCorp has a volume-based discount approach, which has this fee drop as low as $67 per year after the 5th year. Thus, this platform would be a good choice for those that want a long term registered agent.

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InCorp’s registered agent service starts at $99 for the first year, $90 for year 2, $80 for year three and $67 for each year after that. Its price scheme rewards those that want to stick with this business long term. It also has packages that help businesses with foreign qualification at $149. Each option doesn’t include state fees.

This company also offers many licensing services that allow businesses to verify, file, research, and comply with various government standards. These tools are powered by LicenseLogix and enable businesses to stay organized regarding their license deadlines.

The license compliance tool costs $99 per year, research is a flat $139 per jurisdiction and verification costs $35 per license. It also offers license filings at $199 per license which secures as well as maintains business licenses, permits, and tax regulations.

Customer support

InCorp has pretty positive reviews for the most part which can be seen on the Better Business Bureau and Google. It has 4.3 stars on both platforms and approximately 140 total reviews between them. They have customer support available via email or phone from 9 am to 9 pm EST during the week. These long hours can make it easy for them to handle busy seasons for businesses. In turn, this reduces the wait time each business owner has to deal with prior to speaking to a representative.

While InCorp has great customer reviews and service, it doesn’t provide tailored coaching. It doesn’t offer users the opportunity to speak with a tax professional for 30 minutes as Bizee does. A lack of a dedicated compliance coach can be a deal breaker for those that want to delegate many important legal tasks without hiring a lawyer.


  • Price: InCorp has some of the best prices around, especially its year of registered agent service. It starts out as somewhat expensive but drops to just $67 per year after 3 years. This company also has a price guarantee that states it will beat registered agent services by other vendors.
  • Additional Guides: This company offers additional resources like books, guides, and certificates of good standing. These resources might seem small, but they can make the difference over the long run. Having expanded educational resources can enable business owners to become savvier with these topics.


  • Website User Experience: InCorp is relatively easy to use, but many customers have complained about a cumbersome FAQ section. The FAQ section has plenty of resources to help owners with a variety of complex organization topics. However, customers have mentioned they’ve had to use the control F keyboard shortcut to find appropriate resources. InCorp could improve this section by having designated libraries based on unique topics.
  • Generic Service: The service is good, but there’s no custom coach on this option. Other competitors like Harbor Compliance charge more to provide their users with individual coaches. This could be good for those that just want to save money and bad for others that want personalized assistance.  

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 4
  • Features: 4
  • Price: 5
  • Ease of Use: 4
  • Customer Service: 3