Incfile Registered Agent Review – 2022

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Incfile is another registered agent service that helps businesses form LLCs, file important paperwork, annual reports and keep up to date on many compliance issues. For example, some common compliance issues that business owners face include filing FUTA and SUTA taxes. These taxes pay for an employee’s unemployment compensation and filing dates must be kept in mind.

Incfile has been around since 2004 and has guided over 15,000 businesses on important legal topics. These statistics prove that it’s an established company that has great experience in this space. IncFile can be used for any sized business, but it can be a wonderful choice for solopreneurs and small businesses due to its price points. For example, a small business could establish an LLC for around $50 via this provider. However, it doesn’t have the features other registered agents have like long-term personal compliance coaches. This could be a deal-breaker for some that want extra guidance.

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  • Affordable price point: This option is pretty affordable considering that the silver package starts at just $49. It also includes a free year of registered agent services and this costs just $119 per year after renewal. Related to this, Incfile doesn’t have upsells or hidden fees on its platform. This gives consumers confidence and establishes IncFile as a strong brand.
  • Great organization tools: Being a business owner can be tough as most have to wear multiple hats and keep track of deadlines like filing estimated payments. IncFile recognizes this and includes lifetime alerts for important due dates like renewing business licenses and taxes. This makes it much easier to run a business as most owners would have to keep on top of these deadlines themselves.


  • Slow customer service: There are many busy times of the year especially around the tax filing deadlines. Therefore, it can take a significant amount of time to receive a response. Even inquiries via email can be delayed by several days.
  • State filing issues: WhileIncFile can file paperwork and assist owners with state requirements, it has dropped the ball on several state filing deadlines. Generally, IncFile has good customer reviews, but some have complained that it failed to correct file state tax documents. This not only wastes the client’s time but can also waste their money via fees.


Incfile has many standard features that other options provide like name search, compliance, and IRS filing services.  It also offers unique services like dissolution and foreign qualification options. Dissolution is used when a business wants to terminate its LLC or corporation for a myriad of results. Foreign qualification doesn’t refer to businesses expanding internationally, but instead to those that want to do business in other US states.

It’s a common misconception to think that foreign qualification only refers to international expansion. The reason behind its title is that every state has foreign rules and its own government, which businesses must realize.


Incfile has three pricing tiers which are silver, gold, and platinum with each service costing $49, $149, and $299 respectively. Its silver package is definitely one of the more affordable options and is one of Incfile’s greatest advantages. However, it charges significant fees for additional services like company websites, EINs, and filing IRS form 2553. It’s important to note that each option doesn’t include state fees which can vary greatly.

The silver package includes name search, preparing and filing articles of organization, one year of registered agent service, order tracking, and 30-minute business consultation. This 30-minute business consultation includes being able to speak with a licensed professional which is usually a CPA and clients can ask any questions. Having this feature is a great way that Incfile differentiates itself from the competition.

Its gold package includes all the silver features and also has S corp tax preparation, operating agreement, express shipping, and an EIN. These additional features justify the extra $100. Also, each additional year of registered agent services costs just $119 per year, which is on the cheaper side.

Customer support

Their customer support has been rated highly, but there have been some issues during the busy season. Generally, representatives are very busy from February to April as this is the time businesses file taxes. They can also experience high call volume between September and October as businesses file extension returns then.

Other providers like the well-known legal service, LegalZoom, charge higher rates as they have extended call center hours. In fact, LegalZoom has its hours go until 10 pm EST during the week. This can make it easier to receive quality information in no time. Conversely, IncFile has its representatives work from 10 am – 7 pm EST during the week.

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