HappyFox is an affordable option for small businesses that are looking for a customer support software. It offers a powerful and comprehensive ticketing management system that pulls inquiries from all communication channels and converts them into tickets.

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The application is fast and light-weight, which makes it easy to deploy and set up. HappyFox works on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices, allowing team members to quickly respond to any ticket through its Web and mobile apps anywhere at any time.

The HappyFox help desk app also features a smart round-robin system that automates ticket assignments to the available staff pool. This eliminates the need for an admin to come up with staff assignments and keep track of schedules.

Who HappyFox best for

HappyFox is one of the best help desk applications for startups and small businesses. The company couples affordable pricing with one of the most capable ticket management software in this industry. Larger enterprises looking to scale operations will appreciate the flexible pricing tiers.

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HappyFox pricing

HappyFox - 2png pricing

HappyFox has 4 pricing tiers:  

  • Mighty Tier – At $39 per agent per month, this plan offers the basic ticket management, reporting tools and support center services.
  • Fantastic Tier – At $59 per agent per month, this plan includes all Mighty Tier features plus satisfaction survey customization, custom ticket queue, more custom domains, and longer reporting history.
  • Enterprise Tier: At $79 per agent per month, this plan includes all features of the Fantastic Tier, plus an option for EU data center hosting, task and asset management options, sentiment analysis and custom fields reporting.
  • Enterprise Plus Tier – At $99 per agent per month, this plan includes all Enterprise Tier features, plus options for agent scripting, a customer success manager, more than 1 terabyte of attachment storage and the ability to retrieve reporting history for all time.

By paying annually, customers will save $10 per agent per month for each plan.

HappyFox customer support

HappyFox customer support is excellent. They are available through email, phone, live cha, and tickets. Their knowledge base is detailed, and even features comparisons between their own services and competitors so users can make more informed decisions.


  • Easy to set up, with an intuitive interface
  • Powerful ticket management system allowing users to gather tickets through multiple channels
  • Strong mobile support, which enables agents to pick up tickets anywhere at any time on any mobile device
  • Highly-customizable dashboard with a wide variety of options
  • In-depth and visually pleasing reporting and analytic modules
  • Fast and accurate customer support.
  • Robust tools to build a knowledge base so customers can self-service.


  • Automation lacks flexibility due to its rule-based system
  • Can become expensive for those looking for more integration

Rating breakdown

  • Overall Rating: 4.3
  • Features: 4.2
  • Price: 4.3
  • Ease Of Use: 4.4
  • Customer Service: 4.5