• Plan Reviewed: Basic Free Plan
  • Free Trial Period: None necessary, it’s free!
  • Monthly Fees: None.
  • Page Counts: Send 2 faxes a day for free, so up to 60 per month.
  • Users: One.
  • Overage Charges: None.
  • Mobile App: No.

Choose GotFreeFax if:

  • Your faxing needs are minimal – a fax per day or even less.
  • You don’t like company watermarks on your cover page.
  • You like the pay as you go model.

Don’t choose GotFreeFax if:

  • You require a clean and user-friendly interface that walks you through it.
  • You will be sending large amounts of faxes.
  • You fax more than a few pages a day.
  • You need to receive incoming faxes.

GotFreeFax does one thing and one thing only – it lets you send a couple faxes a day for free. If you’re looking to get much more out of the service, you’re going to be disappointed. For what it is, however, it’s pretty fantastic. It happily accommodates the need for an occasional fax to those clients that are stuck in the 80s.

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GotFreeFax pricing

The pricing structure is quite simple.

  1. You may send up to two faxes per day (it resets at midnight).
  2. Each fax may contain up to 3 pages.
  3. You can attach up to ten files to each fax.

That’s all free. Pretty generous, right?

How can they afford to send free faxes on your behalf? Through advertisements. The ads are not placed on your faxes. Instead, advertisements are visible on the website itself and in the confirmation emails they send to you. None of the ads ever reach the recipient of your fax.

That’s a pretty reasonable tradeoff, and one we’re happy to make for some free faxes.

If you particularly enjoy the simplicity of the system and want to use it to send more than 2 faxes a day, that’s totally possible. GotFreeFax offers two additional, paid, services.

The first is a pay as you go fax option. It essentially just raises the limit on how many pages you can send in a single fax. For example, you can pay about a dollar to fax up to 10 pages. Add another dollar for another 10 possible pages, and again to a maximum of 30 pages for around three bucks.

That’s not bad at all if you’re only planning to send a few one-off faxes.

If you see yourself using this service more often, GotFreeFax has a prepaid option as well. Geared for businesses, it allows you to purchase page credits in bulk with credits that never expire. There are three tiers – 100 pages for $9.95, 300 pages for $19.95, and 1000 pages for $49.95. Those prices, especially the highest tier, are fairly competitive.

If you really hate monthly fees or if your fax needs are sporadic, GotFreeFax might just be the online fax service you need.

Payments are accepted via PayPal, which is good because it means there’s a modicum of protection. The website’s early 90s aesthetic doesn’t do much to promote a sense of security. The account registration is just a username and a pin and doesn’t feel all that secure either, so it’s nice to have a barrier like PayPal between them and your money.

GotFreeFax features

Describing GotFreeFax as having “features’ might be a little too generous. It’s more defined by its utter lack of features.

In some ways, though, that’s a good thing. There’s something to be said for stripping out all of the nonsense features nobody wants or needs to make for a smoother user experience.

It’s so smooth at GotFreeFax, in fact, that there’s not even a traditional homepage. When you go to their website they don’t waste any time trying to sell you their product. The first page you land on is the fax form that you fill out and send.

It’s a bit jarring since we rarely see any company quite so straightforward these days. You’re expecting a buffer of a few pages before you get to your goal.

It’s doubly disorienting because the user interface of GotFreeFax is taken straight out of the 90s website playbook. No colors, no spacing, no images – just boxes of text and menu items in that coldly clinical gray and white scheme. You can practically see the HTML they used to write the website.

Appearance aside, there a few extra things that GotFreeFax does to make your life a bit easier. They provide a free cover page, for example. Notably, there is no advertisement or company watermark on that page (unlike other free fax services).

When using one of the paid services, your fax is sent over high-priority encrypted channels, offering a more secure experience. Particularly sensitive faxes shouldn’t be sent over the regular free channels.

Using the highest tier, you gain the ability to do fax broadcasting (sending faxes to multiple recipients). At the tier, you’re also able to fax downloaded images rather than just text.

There are several shortcomings of GotFreeFax that you should be aware of. First and foremost is the inability to receive faxes. That alone makes this service unusable for many businesses.

Furthermore, they do not send faxes internationally – only to the 50 United States and Canada. They apparently have a sister company that operates similarly and has international faxing capability.