Imagine being able to outsource complex web development tasks to quality freelance web developers, which saves the company time and money. A business owner won’t have to deal with flakey freelancers, overpriced platforms nor have to worry about getting these jobs completed promptly. Luckily, there is a relatively new freelance job platform called CodeControl that makes it effortless for companies to find superb freelance web developers.

This site is different from the rest as it implements strict background checks to ensure that the freelancers are reliable and are competent in their skillset. Having this type of policy makes it similar to TopTal, which is another high-quality freelance job site. Yet, this guide will cover CodeControl’s features, pricing, ease of use and other fundamental information about top freelance job sites.

What distinguishes top freelance job sites from the rest?

Some factors that differentiate the top freelance sites from the others include:

Low, Transparent Fees

Small business owners want to work with sites that have transparent fee structures that aren’t excessive. Some sites charge high fees to post jobs and others charge freelancers 20% of the completed project fee. This is a lose-lose situation for both parties.

MatchMaking Services

Some freelance sites like Fiverr, aren’t known for quality as anyone can create a profile for free. It’s also received complaints about spamming, scams and poor quality work. Conversely, top-notch platforms help clients find the right matches based on survey results and phone conversations. Additional matchmaking services will ensure that both the client and freelancer are satisfied moving forward.

Customer Service

It’s prudent to work with companies that have excellent customer service reviews, active social media/blogs, and numerous mediums of contact. Be sure to use sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, and Trustpilot to verify a freelance site’s customer service reviews. Also, it’s wise to work with a site that offers service in multiple languages as some European based business owners would need this as most Europeans usually speak at least 2-3 languages.

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CodeControl features

CodeControl mainly emphasizes matching clients with freelancers that specialize in web development tasks like app development, CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React.js, and much more. It’s a German-based company that has its headquarters in Berlin. Many of its freelancers have worked with big-name companies like Airbnb, Google, eBay, NASA, and Siemens. As it’s located in Germany, it ensures that it lets clients, especially German-based airline Lufthansa, select from German-speaking developers.

It has each freelancer undergo four tests which are Resume Review, Phone Interview, and a Technical Test. These tests ensure each freelancer has relevant experience, is a good communicator and has on the job skills. The freelancers who pass these stages are 27%, 8%, and 2%, respectively. These strict steps set both the client and freelancer up for success by ensuring quality work as well as open communication. Rarely, things can go wrong and this platform continually monitors the freelancer’s skills, feedback, and progress. If the freelancer is incompetent, then it will replace him or her with a better alternative.

CodeControl pricing

CodeControl has pricing that can fluctuate based on the freelancer’s skills, languages and hours worked. It sends each client an invoice at the end of the month which reflects this. The platform’s fees can range around 5% of the final billed amount. Also, it has sample pricing on its site for the day rates of a mobile app, backend, and front end developers. These are €600, €850 and €350, respectively.

Clients can also hire workers by the hour and even have them come onsite to their headquarters. The fees for this can vary as freelancers set their own hours and onsite fees along with transportation costs may apply. However, expect to pay at least €54/hr. to hire beginner developers and €150/hr. for those that have years of experience. Pay can also vary based on the complexity of the tasks as a project involving PHP assistance will likely cost more than one requiring basic HTML.

CodeControl customer support

CodeControl doesn’t have many customer reviews on various online resources. However, clients can receive service by emailing its main customer service department and it offers support in English along with other main languages such as German. It also has a PR/Marketing support area that lets clients team with this company for services like guest posts, speaking at events and other partnership opportunities.

It also has an active blog that is regularly updated that discusses freelance work, remote contracts, and other related topics. Besides this, CodeControl also has an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It has 10 5 star reviews on its Facebook page. These highlight CodeControl’s quality community, quick responses, and overall reliability.

CodeControl usability

CodeControl is a relatively user-friendly platform as it handles all of the contractual terms between the client and freelancer for them. So, clients can start the process by signing up for an introductory call with a Calendly link on the site. This call lets CodeControl learn about the client’s needs and preferences for their projects.

After this stage, CodeControl scans its database for top freelancers that fit this criterion and the client’s requirements. Then, it sends a profile of the selected freelancer to the client. Lastly, the client will have a phone call with the freelance candidate which will determine if the freelancer will be chosen for the job.

This process usually takes between 2-3 days and is much quicker than the standard process to hire full-time employees which range from 2 to 4 weeks. Many users have given CodeControl positive feedback for being efficient and only selecting top developers for their platform.

Rating breakdown

  • Overall Rating: 4.25
  • Features: 4.5
  • Price: 4
  • Ease of Use: 5
  • Customer Service: 3.5

Bottom line

CodeControl can be a great option to use if a business owner is looking to outsource development work to superb freelancers. Since it’s predicted that half of the American jobs will be freelance by 2020, it makes sense to research freelance project sites before working with them. CodeControl sets itself apart from the rest by having strict background checks, matchmaking services and by having strong social proof as it’s workers have completed projects for Airbnb as well as Google. Lastly, CodeControl could be a good choice as it has excellent customer service, good user design and is relatively easy to use.