There were 10.7 million job openings in the United States as of June 2022. While openings might be abundant, finding the right job is a challenge. Many tools exist to help you find open positions, apply easily, sharpen your interview skills, and land new job offers.

CareerBuilder is a popular platform for job seekers looking for a full or part-time position. We’ll look at its features and help you weigh the platform’s pros and cons.


  • Customized preferences for job alerts
  • Easy to use
  • Will deliver your resume to matching jobs
  • Job titles are often well matched to the role
  • Features career tests with easy-to-use assessment tools


  • Has advertisements
  • Low cybersecurity rating from Security Scorecard
  • Has average employee ratings

CareerBuilder fast facts

  • CareerBuilder is most known for its expansive job board.
  • More than 80 million job seekers in the U.S. use the job site to search job listings every day.
  • While the focus is on the U.S., CareerBuilder offers services in Canada, Asia, and Europe too.
  • The employers pay the company to list their opportunities on
  • The recruitment company is in 60 global markets, with 14 million unique monthly visitors and 60 million resumes on file.
  • Robert J. McGovern founded the company in 1995 with the original name of NetStart Inc. It’s now owned by TEGNA, Tribune Media, and The McClatchy Company.

How does CareerBuilder work?

Employers buy a plan, pay CareerBuilder to post their jobs, and the platform notifies them when a matching resume is uploaded. Employers can also conduct a user-friendly resume search.

Job seekers upload their information and use the search to look and apply for jobs.

There are several ways CareerBuilder helps people apply for jobs and put their skills in front of potential employers.

  • Resume builder: Helps applicants craft a resume.
  • Career tests: Applicants show their proficiency in the field.
  • Search: An easy-to-use search engine gives employers and potential employees a hassle-free way to find matches.
  • Notifications: Job seekers can be notified by text messages or email when a new job pops up.

CareerBuilder claims to ease the job search workload and cut down the time needed to find a new job. While the CareerBuilder website automatically sends employers resumes and facilitates communication between an employer and new prospects, the time it takes to review applications, conduct interviews, and hire is solely based on the company’s timetable.

What kind of jobs are listed?

There are a number of high-paying jobs listed on CareerBuilder, but it also contains entry-level jobs and work-from-home opportunities.

What does it cost to use CareerBuilder as a job applicant?

Job applicants never pay to use Careerbuilder.

The platform makes its money from employers who pay a fee to post jobs. Employers can give the platform a test run with a  five-day trial period where you can post a job for free. This way, employers can see how the platform works and get a feel for the type of applicants on the site.

However, employers must choose a plan to access the resume database and contact candidates. The fee gives employers access to an applicant tracking system, applicant matching, talent acquisition sources, and talent screening.

CareerBuilder features

CareerBuilder has some unique features that are proving effective for job applicants.

Intuitive recommendation engine

This platform uses AI extensively to look for keywords in your resume that match jobs. This feature helps you get ahead of employers where your skills and interests are suited.

Hire insider tool

This free tool offers a report to show job applicants how they compare to others applying for the same job. It shows the applicant how many others are interested in the position and what their experience, education, and salary requirements are.

This feature helps job seekers compete for a position and understand the odds of getting a particular job.

Personalized career tests

These are customizable tools that help you analyze your career and learn about different careers that may be suitable for you. It’s a solid tool to use if you are considering a career change or looking for your first job.

This AI tool can reveal skills you didn’t know about and help you plot your course in a field meant for you.

Advanced search

You can customize your search by location, company name, and job title, just to name a few. It’s easy to find jobs in your chosen career path without sorting through hundreds of non-related jobs.

Trust and site security (TSST) installed

This is a program with specialists that track, research, and monitor all site activities so it can root out scams or fraudulent job postings. This is done 24/7, so fraudulent job ads are identified quickly. TSST helps keeps your CareerBuilder account full of verified job listings.

Salary calculator

This awesome little tool helps you research annual salaries, compare information in your area, and show you how much you can make in your field. It’s helpful to those looking to set the appropriate salary requirement in their job search and keeps applicants from selling their skills too cheaply.

CareerBuilder pricing

CareerBuilder offers a free trial to employers looking to find and hire new candidates. The offer is to post a job free for five days with promises to reduce hire time by 30%.

There are four pricing tiers that employers can choose from: pay as you go, lite, standard, and pro.

  • Pay as you go: An upfront, one-time fee of $425. Employers get to post one job for 12 months with 10 resumes able to be pulled daily and 10 notifications daily when new resumes are added. CareerBuilder will send emails automatically to a total of 35 qualified candidates.
  • Lite: A plan that’s $349 monthly. It includes one job posting a month with 10 resumes that can be pulled daily and employers receiving 10 notifications of new resumes daily. CareerBuilder will send emails to a total of 35 qualified candidates automatically.
  • Standard: The Standard Plan is billed at $449 monthly. It includes three job postings a month, 30 resumes that can be pulled daily, and the employer getting 30 notifications for new resume matches daily. CareerBuilder will automatically send out emails to 100 qualified candidates in total.
  • Pro: The Pro Plan is $749 monthly. It allows five job postings a month, 50 resumes pulled daily, 40 notifications daily notifications about new resume matches, and a total of 150 qualified job candidates emailed by the platform.

CareerBuilder customer service

Customer service is where the platform lacks in comparison to other sites like ZipRecruiter.

There is no live representative either by phone, text, or chat. You can only contact customer support by email and must wait for them to return an email to get an answer. That can take up to 48 hours, although you will get an automatic replay that your question has been received.

A bright spot of CareerBuilder’s customer service is that there is a wide knowledge base where you can search for an answer on your own, and the platform has many video tutorials as well.


Is CareerBuilder trustworthy?

CareerBuilder is a noted job recruitment platform and is trustworthy. It doesn’t sell your information and has a monitoring system that constantly checks and removes scam postings.

Are emails from CareerBuilder legit?

Yes, CareerBuilder emails are legitimate. They will match your resume to jobs using keywords and automatically send you a notification about new jobs matching your skills, education, and requirements.

Which is better: ZipRecruiter or CareerBuilder?

Both are highly-rated job recruitment platforms that help job candidates find jobs and employers find people to fill openings. However, ZipRecruiter offers not only robust job opportunities and salary tools but also has extensive company reviews.

Why might a company not use CareerBuilder?

The one reason a company may not use CareerBuilder is the cost. While the platform claims to cut time-to-hire by 30%, the monthly cost of using this staffing tool can add up.

Can I find out who has looked at my resume on CareerBuilder?

Yes, there is a tool to see how many people searched your resume in a week and the type of employers who looked at it. You won’t see specific names, though.

Who can see my resume on CareerBuilder?

You can select private or public posting. Private posting makes your resume searchable by recruiters visiting the CareerBuilder database. Public posting allows any registered company or individual recruiter who signed on to CareerBuilder to see your resume and contact details.

Does CareerBuilder sell your information?

This has been investigated, and CareerBuilder stated that no job applicant information has been sold without expressed consent by the applicant. Terms of use are found on the site, and those show the way information is used after you register on the platform.

Is CareerBuilder better for getting a job than LinkedIn?

It is a different way to get a job. LinkedIn is a completely different style of platform that is mostly free and depends on people knowing each other and connecting through networks. CareerBuilder is a recruitment platform matching qualified job candidates to employers looking to fill positions.

Is CareerBuilder legitimate?

Yes, CareerBuilder is a legitimate recruitment service for employers looking to fill jobs. It offers a variety of job opportunities in many fields and has around 80 million users globally in more than 60 countries.

Who uses CareerBuilder?

Many large and small companies use CareerBuilder to find qualified job seekers to fill needed positions. It is considered one of the main players in job recruitment, alongside ZipRecruiter, Monster, and GlassDoor.

Are there scams on CareerBuilder?

At one point, there were a number of scammers on the platform trying to get people to give them personal contact information and acting like employers. However, the company instituted new security protocols that monitor the site along with a security team. This pinpoints scams and stops them quickly and consistently.

Do I have to submit a resume to look at jobs on CareerBuilder?

No, you don’t have to submit a resume to look at jobs on the platform. However, you will need to join the site and submit your information to apply for jobs and search for specific jobs.

How do I search for jobs on CareerBuilder?

Once you get to the site, there is a Find Jobs button. You can search by job keywords or by geographic location. There is another button on the home page that lets you search by job category as well.

Why should I register on CareerBuilder as a job applicant?

Registered users have benefits. You will be able to track the applications submitted to various jobs and have a record of your job search history. You’ll also be able to use other features like the resume builder tool, the Hire Insider tool, and the career personality tests. It’s free for job applicants to register, and it doesn’t cost anything to search for jobs on the site.

How is CareerBuilder different from Indeed?

Both platforms offer things like alerts, resume-building help, and the ability to do advanced job searches, but CareerBuilder has a stronger applicant tracking tool and is more focused on higher-educated job applicants and higher-tier jobs.