If you’re looking to keep up with payroll, file taxes, or otherwise manage finances for your business, there is no shortage of software available to meet every need. 1-800Accountant is a unique model that calls itself an all-in-one solution for business and bookkeeping. The virtual accounting form combines technology with dedicated finance professionals to offer services to small businesses nationwide.

For those willing to invest in their company’s financial well-being, 1-800Accountant may be a good choice. Keep reading for all the details on the company and its services.


  • Access to a wide range of specialists who are professional and knowledgeable
  • Experts are chosen based on location and industry, so the advice is tailored to each business
  • Many services are available, including tax filing and mileage tracking
  • Live chat support is available
  • Startup businesses can choose a free option
  • Services span all areas of accounting
  • Plans include access to mobile applications and technology


  • Dashboards are not always user-friendly
  • Charges per service can become costly
  • Some users experience a delayed response time
  • No discount for paying annually or upfront
  • Free plan is very limited
  • Invoicing options do not allow for the setup of recurring invoices

What is 1-800Accountant?

1-800Accountant is designed as a virtual accounting firm, with all of the services a traditional firm may offer packaged in a sleek online system. Customers can access an online dashboard and a mobile application to track and manage all their accounting needs. Along with the technology, clients are assigned a dedicated team of financial professionals, including bookkeepers, financial advisors, experts in filing taxes, and more. The platform also includes the option to automate basic financial processes to make life easier for business owners.

Customers can choose to use their full suite of services or only the specific areas needed for their business. The services offered include:

Entity formation

Before a business is even formed, there are a variety of tasks an entrepreneur must complete. 1-800Accountant handles all legal documentation for entity formation, including filing for a tax ID and ensuring all assets are handled properly. Experts can also consult with businesses on the right structure for their business and how to minimize early tax burdens.

Bookkeeping services

The everyday tasks associated with running a small business are often the most overwhelming. A bookkeeper is assigned specifically to each client to help manage each transaction, invoice, and expense. Bookkeepers use 1-800Accountant’s technology to document all financial elements of a business, make smart business decisions, and take the burden off of business owners.


For businesses with employees, payroll can involve more than just cutting a check. Employment taxes, withholding, and benefits are all a part of payroll, which can be handled by 1-800Accountant. The service includes automatic filing of payroll taxes for a hands-off experience.

Small Business Taxes

Since taxes can be complex and often overwhelming, tax experts are one of the largest aspects of 1-800Accountant’s services. Experts can do everything from preparing and filing taxes to helping defend against an audit. Additionally, a business owner’s individual income taxes can also be prepared and evaluated as a part of the service. The goal of tax experts is to keep each business in compliance with all laws while minimizing its tax burden.

Who is 1-800Accountant best for?

The services were designed for small businesses that may not have in-house financial teams or the expertise needed to carry out these tasks. The guiding philosophy of the company is that small business owners deserve to have the same level of tax and accounting services that larger companies are able to use.

Each customer is assigned an accountant and other professionals based on location and industry, and all industries are represented. The exact services offered can vary based on these factors and what the company is lacking in accounting resources.

When signing up, customers are able to choose the package that best reflects their needs. Startups can choose a package that focuses on entity formation, while established businesses can choose a variety of options depending on how much assistance is needed.

One of the most-used options is the suite of tax services, which can be used by businesses of any size and that are any structure. Tax season services offered include:

  • Audit Defense: Experts will review your taxes and audit paperwork and essentially help with tax planning to properly pay the IRS. All necessary financial documentation is prepared by a certified tax professional or CPA.
  • Tax Return Advisory: Year-round support for proper tax filing, helping to avoid errors and maximize refunds. This includes business taxes as well as personal taxes for business owners. Tax advisors are experts in their industry and state.
  • Tax Smart: This service combines both audit defense and tax advising into one simple service.
  • Personal Taxes: Business owners can file their personal taxes using 1-800-Accountant’s portal and resources to ensure they get the most out of these returns as well.

Notable features

Features include both technologies that allow customers to perform their own accounting tasks, as well as services that involve communication with experts on staff. Features also span all areas of accounting, depending on what services have been purchased.


Any 1-800Accountant package includes access to the technology that underpins the offering. Users are first brought to a Dashboard that shows things like upcoming events, income statements, and balance sheets. This Dashboard is also how users can contact their assigned contacts and manage communication. Each part of the tool is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so even business owners without a lot of technology experience can navigate the platform.

Mobile App

For those who prefer to use a mobile device, both iOS and Android offer a mobile application that replicates web-based capabilities. All of the same features are available through the app, but the website is also optimized for mobile to be used on a browser.


The ability to create and send invoices is a key part of the 1-800Accountant technology. In this part of the tool, users can view all previous invoices and filter by status. Invoices also feed into a cash flow chart for visualization and finance management.

Tax Portal

One of the largest areas of 1-800Accountant’s user base is in tax services, which span many features within the online tax portal. The software allows users to enter tax information, which is sent to the assigned tax professional to begin preparing and evaluating. The tax portal allows for the management of both business and personal taxes, including the ability to request extensions through the IRS.

A separate area for Tax Projections provides a breakdown of taxable income and potential credits, as well as suggestions from a tax advisor to maximize returns and efficiency.

Expert financial professionals

The largest draw is unrestricted access to professionals across a variety of financial disciplines. Customers are able to choose the types of services they need and are assigned accountants and other experts based on their business needs, industry, location, and a variety of factors.

Along with general accounting, experts can assist with bookkeeping, payroll, tax filing and audit defense, and business entity formation processes.

How much does 1-800Accountant cost?

The cost can vary widely based on what services are being used and the size of the business. There are four main packages offered, with each billed annually. If none of the packages meet a company’s needs, they can also create a customized package by working directly.

The existing packages and pricing are as follows:


This package is for brand-new businesses that generally need help with forming their company and basic business accounting tasks involved in the process. There is no cost for this package, though customers are responsible for all state fees associated with entity formation. Unlimited phone and email support are included.


At $125 per month or $1,500 per year, this plan is for businesses seeking basic accounting support. This level grants access to the online portal and mobile app, as well as a dedicated accountant. Customers will also have the ability to get tax advice all year and proactively plan their taxes. Quarterly reviews are offered with each accountant.


In addition to the offerings in the Business package, companies who also want personal and business tax preparation and filing will choose this package. The cost is $225 per month or $2,700 per year.


This full-service package is $375 per month or $4,500 per year and adds bookkeeping and financial reports to all other packaged business services. Additionally, customers at the Enterprise level are given priority in all matters of support.

Customer support

All packages include unlimited support and access to dedicated financial professionals. A customer’s assigned accountant is their primary point of contact, and they can be accessed via the portal and mobile application at all times. These professionals do have set business hours, so there may be a delay in response during certain times of the day or week.

There is a separate customer support team to help with technical issues and needs. 1-800Accountant does not have an extensive library of help documentation or guidance, but there are some resources available.

While response time is generally short, priority is given to those in the Enterprise package, the highest level offered.


Does 1-800Accountant have services in my state? 

Yes, 1-800Accountant works in all 50 states. Each expert is chosen based on the location of a business, as well as factors like the industry and requested services. This ensures that state guidelines and tax laws are always considered during the accounting process.

Is 1-800Accounting free? 

Businesses can choose a free plan for 1-800Accounting, known as the “Startup” package. This package includes entity formation and tax advising services. Customers will need to pay any state fees associated with the formation. Other plans are available for fees starting at $125 per month.

Does 1-800Accountant do my payroll?

Yes, one of the services offered at 1-800Accountant is payroll assistance. Payments can be made through the software, and payroll taxes are submitted automatically at no extra charge. Most customers can complete payroll in minutes using the built-in tools. Experts can also advise on creating procedures for payroll, tax payments, and reporting.

How do I use 1-800Accountant? 

Users of 1-800Accountant have an online portal and dashboard that can be used by all customers to manage their finances. In addition to high-level information about a company’s finances and open tasks, the software also enables easy communication with assigned experts. The website has been optimized for mobile or can be accessed via a mobile app.

Can I use 1-800Accountant for a new business? 

For startup businesses, 1-800Accountant offers a free plan to help with establishing the business. This plan includes assistance in filing all legal documents in the appropriate state (customers pay these fees) and obtaining tax identification numbers. This helps businesses to start out in a compliant way and ensure they do not encounter issues later.

Can I pick and choose services on 1-800Accountant? 

1-800Accountant offers four packages that offer different levels of services for clients. However, if one of these packages does not meet your business’s needs, you can contact the company to create a custom plan. This allows a company to pay for only the services they need.

Do small businesses need an accountant?

All businesses, no matter their size, need to manage finances appropriately. This includes paying bills, issuing invoices, filing taxes, and managing daily expenses. Some companies may not have a dedicated accountant but will benefit from someone with knowledge in these areas, like a 1-800Accountant expert.

Does 1-800Accountant file my taxes? 

For customers using tax services through 1-800Accountant, filing is one of the services offered. This includes submitting taxes, applying for extensions, and requesting other items from the IRS on your behalf. Tax experts will also review forms to ensure compliance and accuracy before submitting them.