Vector Security is a well-respected security system provider. They have a specific team on staff that is dedicated to handling business security clients. They offer a plethora of security options, both basic and advanced, as well as automation services such as control of lights and temperature.

Vector Security customizes their security solutions to each of their customers, meaning your business will get a security plan that is based on your building, your location, your industry, and your needs.

Quality and warranty

Vector Security provides quality equipment to keep your business safe. In addition to the basic security hardware such as a control panel, motion and window/door sensors, key fobs, and emergency pendants, the company offers mobile solutions, access control to your building, and even environmental hazard monitoring.

The company provides a one-year warranty on all of its products from the date of installation. This is actually a short period of time compared to some of their competitors.

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Vector Security serves businesses of all sizes, so they have a vast offering of features to cater to all of these clients. The company uses cell service as the support for emergency connectivity and they send text messages as well as notification through their mobile apps.

The company also offers indoor and outdoor cameras, 24/7 monitoring, building automation (with the ability to control lights and temperature remotely) as well as cloud storage for saving clips of video from any security camera feeds.


Because each of their solutions is customized to the client, Vector Security doesn’t provide much information on the price of their systems. This makes it a little difficult for a potential customer to decide whether Vector Security’s impressive features would even be in the ballpark, budget-wise. To get an equipment package quote, you have to contact the company and have someone do an assessment of your building.

The monthly monitoring services are the same way, but you can expect to pay at least $40 per month for 24/7 monitoring. Vector Security does require you to sign a contract between 36 and 60 months, and they charge an early termination fee of 100% of the remaining contract.


Vector Security offers great customer service. The company owns and operates their own monitoring center, which gives them complete control over the entire process for you 24/7. They provide good customer support through phone and email, and they also publish a blog on their website that has helpful tips and tricks as well as tutorials.

The company also offers demo videos on their website that show you how different aspects of how their system works, such as home automation, energy management and video monitoring. None of these videos are specifically geared toward businesses, though.


Professionals from Vector Security will install your entire system from start to finish. This means you won’t have to be involved in any part of the process, ensuring that your system is installed properly. If you want to change, add or remove any devices from your system, Vector technicians will come out to your business to make these changes for you.

Things to consider

Vector Security isn’t available in every state. This might be an issue for larger businesses that have multiple locations across the country, or for businesses that may be moving to a state that Vector Security doesn’t serve.

While Vector Security is a highly reputable company, they do lack somewhat in their transparency, especially when it comes to pricing. The nice thing about them, though, is that you know you will be getting a personalized security solution when you go with Vector Security and that the company has years of experience in the business sector.


  • Well-respected company that has been around for 40 years
  • Has a separate segment of the company dedicated to business customers
  • Owns and operates its own 24/7 monitoring center
  • Impressive features including location automation and entrance monitoring
  • Professional installers handle setting up your system
  • Provides custom solutions catered to your specific needs


  • Pricing not available easily; requires a fully customized solution
  • Long contracts of at least 36 months required
  • Charges 100% early termination fee
  • Only a one-year warranty on their equipment
  • Doesn’t operate in every state

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 3.9
  • Equipment: 4.4
  • Features & Technology: 4.2
  • Contract & Price: 3.3
  • Customer Service: 3.9