Toggl is impressive in that it manages to stay simple while being incredibly powerful. It does a great job of separating out its core offerings – a time tracker, a time sheet, and reporting – from the additional features it offers so that the interface never gets overwhelming.

In addition, it’s one of the few software we reviewed that is primarily a time tracker. Many of the apps that aspire to be a time tracker get tied up in all of the features they offer and end up becoming something closer to a project or even business management tool. Toggl deftly avoids that pitfall while still offering enough to compete with their competitors.

So, what are these additional tools beyond the basics? The time tracker reports directly to timesheets, so whipping up a billable hours report is dead-easy. Toggle also offers suggestions for actionable business intelligence by looking at your data. Having insight from an outside perspective is useful, even if it’s a robot.

Toggl is very well-integrated. They have browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox that tie-in to more than 80 other online tools. Not to mention they have Android and iPhone apps, as well as a desktop app.

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Who Toggl is best for

If you’re looking for just the essentials, a time tracker and a timesheet, but you don’t mind paying a little extra for a friendly interface, this is the tool to choose. It’s great for teams of all sizes, from solo freelancers up to mid-sized design agencies. It’s hard to go wrong with Toggl.

Toggl pricing

Toggl is one of the few options that has a truly free plan, and that comes with a generous 5-member limit. The other plans all offer a 30-day free trial upon sign up and are generally well-priced considering the features they offer. Especially refreshing is that every tier has unlimited users, so you can pick a plan that offers the features you need, regardless of team size.

There is an option to pay annually for a reduced rate.

  • Basic$0/month (up to 5 members), only offers basic time tracking
  • Starter$10/month per user, detailed time tracking, project timelines and reports
  • Premium $20/month per user, project and employee profitability charts, schedule reports to email, concierge setup
  • Enterprise – custom pricing, priority support, team training, customizable solutions

Toggl customer support

Toggl has what they call the “Toggl Master” program. They’ve set up a network of certified consultants, available globally, that can drop in and help a team with anything regarding Toggl. Examples of help include everything from onboarding to advanced training, and even secret techniques like setting up custom reports.

While that’s only available for the Premium tier and above, their standard customer service is also quite excellent.


  • Apps for any device.
  • Extensive integrations options across multiple browsers.
  • There’s a fun startup simulator flash game on their website.


  • Toggl lacks some of the advanced reporting features in other software.
  • Few project management tools.