Timely is a lot more than a simple time tracker. It’s a full-featured scheduling program that’s geared towards salons. It’s a great example of the perfect customer-facing software. It’s got a robust set of features from group appointments, calendar management, a notification system for text and email messages, a CRM that stores data about all of your customers and more.

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To be fair, it’s not explicitly a time tracker. It is meant to be an all-in-one solution for service businesses. Despite that, Timely has a very slick staff management interface that is infinitely customizable for both the boss and the employees. It’s incredibly easy to see at a glance staff availability and their assigned hours (which are indeed counted up for you). There’s an option to enable GPS tracking to see how long the employees are on site.

Timely can even generate a timesheet automatically on demand, filling it out with useful information like where the employee worked, what they worked on, and how much they sold. This timesheet feature is a Timely-special called “Memory”. It’s an AI-powered time tracker that generates a suggested timesheet every day (or another period of time) to help you schedule projects, clients, or team members to stay on track with your goals.

If you strictly want the ability clock-in and clock-out, and you don’t need no fancy AI telling you how to schedule your days, you’ll probably want to give Timely a pass.

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Who Timely is best for

Definitely beauty salons or barbershops, as well as related service businesses. It is extremely customizable with a very full feature list, so it’s likely that just about any business that takes appointments could get some use out of it.

Timely pricing

Timely has a somewhat unique pricing structure. The second and third tier plans scale by the number of team members you input, and it gets pricey quickly.

  • Solo$7/month, 3 active projects, does not support time tracking in teams
  • Essential $14/month (per person), unlimited active projects, tracks hours billable
  • Company$21/month (per person), unlimited active projects, separate into teams, timesheet control, priority support

Timely customer support

Timely is an extensive software suite, and fortunately, it has a similarly extensive database of articles related to support. It’s in the modern-classic style of blog posts, so a search on the site should reveal the answers to questions about customization or the interface.

There is no phone number to call if you want immediate support, however. Only online chat and email.

They also have a support chat on the website, although it’s only active during business hours. If you use the Company plan, however, you get 24-hour priority support.


  • Practically the only software that allows for double-booking / piggyback appointments.
  • The Timely team will help onboard your website and business.
  • Excellent sales reporting and time tracking data.
  • Mobile apps for employees and employer.


  • There is no option for the customer to add tips.
  • English only.
  • No telephone number for support.