Tick is more of a project manager with awesome time tracking capabilities instead of the other way around. Don’t skip it, though, as it has a few unique time tracking tools we haven’t seen before.

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You can assume it has all the standard time tracking and reporting tools, so here are a few of the cool ones. Tasks are divided into different cards, each of which can have their own timer running simultaneously. You can jump between tasks, starting and stopping the clocks manually or automatically, all while having a meta-timer tracking the hours logged for the day. These can be exported into a timesheet that shows the exact breakdown.

Another nifty feature is the budget feedback tool. Once you enter the relevant information – client, rate, budget, schedule, etc. – the tool chunks the tasks and creates a timeline, complete with countdowns to suggested complete-by times.

The recurring project feature, one we haven’t seen anywhere else, would be very desirable for businesses that have work that repeats on a monthly basis. Lawyers on retainer, for example, or devs that need to do site audits periodically.

The integration is quite extensive, even going so far as to integrate with QuickBooks so you can export the data for invoices and payroll easily. The app is deployed to quite a few common platforms. There’s a Chrome Extension, iOS and Android, and a Mac desktop app. Surprisingly, there’s even an Apple Watch widget which isn’t half bad.

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Who Tick is best for

Being a project-based time tracker, rather than just strictly time-based, puts Tick in an interesting position. Large teams that have just a few active projects, or even those that work on one project at a time, will be able to take full advantage of the software for very little cost.

Tick pricing

Tick takes a very unique approach to its pricing structure. All plans have unlimited users and mostly the same features. The difference is in the number of projects you can track at once. Assuming that staff size scales with a number of concurrent projects, Tick is very cost-effective.

Furthermore, you can try it free for 30 days and sign up without a credit card.

  • Free $0/month, unlimited users, 1 project, Basecamp integration
  • 10 $19/month, unlimited users, 10 projects, Basecamp integration
  • 30$49/month, unlimited users, 30 projects, Basecamp integration, recurring projects
  • 60 $79/month, unlimited users, 60 projects, Basecamp integration, recurring projects
  • Unlimited $149/month, unlimited users, unlimited projects, Basecamp integration, recurring projects

Tick customer support

The customer support at Tick is limited to email, unfortunately. They’re pretty responsive though, often replying within a few hours. There is both a FAQ section and a well-organized informational database so you can search for answers on your own.


  • Works on your smartwatch!
  • Potentially very cheap.
  • Innovative tools not seen in its competitors.


  • No native support for billing or payroll.
  • Customer support lacks options.