Spectrum Business Internet Review (2023)

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Spectrum Business is the division of Charter Communications, an internet service provider (ISP), serving the needs of businesses across 41 US states, which is more than any American non-satellite provider.

Spectrum Business primarily provide internet via the same cables many Americans still use to receive television (coaxial connections). They also offer fiber-optic connections in some metropolitan areas, but this is still rare.

To see if Spectrum Business internet is available in their area, small businesses can check the Spectrum website and enter their ZIP code to see a list of locally available plans and pricing.

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Spectrum Business: Best for bundles

Spectrum Business is distinctive for offering an impressive range of bundle options for businesses to choose from depending on their own needs, giving value and flexibility.

Bundles mean that businesses that would also spend money on services like television subscriptions for visitors or phones can combine them into a single monthly payment from one provider.

This simplifies financial planning and can save businesses money.

Bundles include the following types of service:

  • Internet, with a choice of speeds
  • Unlimited long-distance phone
  • TV (40+ channels)

Packages combining these services may be useful for the following kinds of business:

Businesses offering entertainment to visitors

  • Sporting and cultural venues
  • Bars and casual eateries
  • Beauty salons and hairdressers

Businesses like these can enhance their value to customers by providing TV, WiFi, or both.

At bars, for example, it’s common to televise sports and organize special events around them. For example, Super Bowl parties or World Cup finals. These events can generate significant revenue in a short time, and make impressive returns on the TV subscription.

By including TV in a bundle from Spectrum Business, it’s possible to drive down the cost and increase net profits even further.

These businesses can also benefit from free WiFi to impress customers and bring in revenue. At screenings of sporting events, patrons may want to use social media to share their experiences.  

By providing free WiFi, businesses enable customers to do this, potentially boosting their social media presence and making their venue an attractive to potential customers.

TV and WiFi also makes businesses like salons and cafés more entertaining and convenient for customers, who may watch TV while waiting to be served, or seek out the venue as a place to work due to the free WiFi

Businesses needing a dedicated phone line

  • Marketing agencies
  • Local news companies
  • Recruitment agencies and sales firms
  • Brick-and-mortar stores

Using personal mobile numbers may work for some small businesses, but not others. A landline phone number makes a business look more professional.

Even if customers don’t use it, the fact that it’s listed on a website increases trust, which is a valuable part of sales and all business relationships.

A landline also means that multiple employees can use the same phone across different shifts. This is useful in customer-facing businesses such as restaurants, where patrons want to call the same number to make a reservation, whoever happens to be working that day.

Is Spectrum Business internet expensive?

No. In fact, if 100 mbps is fast enough – which it is for most small businesses – the prices are extremely reasonable.

With 100 mbps internet, multiple users can stream HD video, make video calls, and upload large files at the same time.

Only with at least ten employees doing all these tasks at once do higher speeds start to become necessary.

The bundle packages including other services are also good value, although these come with contracts starting at 12 months.

Internet only plans

  • Business Internet 60 $59.99/mo – download speed 60 mbps/uploads 10 mbps
  • Business Internet 100 $59.99/mo – download speed 100 mbps/uploads 10 mbps
  • Business Internet 200 $59.99/mo – download speed 200 mbps/uploads 10 mbps
  • Business Internet Ultra 300 $109.99/mo – download speed 300 mbps/uploads 20 mbps
  • Business Internet 400 $109.99/mo – download speed 400 mbps/uploads 20 mbps


  • Business Bundle $74.98/mo (12 month contract) – 100 mbps internet + unlimited long-distance phone, free Modem, custom email addresses and domain, security suite, cloud backup, and customer WiFi
  • Business Bundle Ultra$119.98/mo (24 months) – 300 mbps internet + unlimited long-distance calling, internet security, email, domain, backup, and public WiFi
  • Business Triple Play –  $99.97/mo (12 months) – 100 mbps internet + unlimited long-distance phone + TV (40+ channels), free Modem, custom email addresses and domain, security suite, cloud backup, and customer WiFi

How good is Spectrum Business’ customer service?

Customer support is available 24/7, 365 days a year by phone. Answering specific questions may mean being passed around between different teams, but the staff is well-meaning and polite, even if they can’t help in the first instance.

Pros of using Spectrum Business

  • Generous bundles with other business essentials like phones
  • Reasonably priced high-speed internet
  • No contracts for internet-only plans
  • Will buy customers out of existing contracts
  • Free extras, like internet services and customer WiFi
  • Available in 43 US states

Cons of using Spectrum Business

  • Unimpressive upload speeds with faster plans
  • Fiber availability rare
  • Lengthy contracts for bundles

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