Send2Press Newswire are a press release distributor with a focus on traditional media. They send releases to a large number of reputable outlets at rates affordable for many small businesses.

Send2Press have one of the biggest networks around, and can offer distribution to over 6,000 outlets with their full national plan.

Who it’s best for

Small businesses who are interested in accessing an impressive network containing some big name outlets and networks at an affordable rate should consider Send2Press.

However, to take advantage of this network, customers will need to have something to say that will interest those organizations, as none of their subscribers are obligated to pick up the story.

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Smarter regional targeting

Many distributors offer some form of regional targeting, but it’s usually basic and priced unfairly.

For example, under many distributors price system, companies pay the same for state distribution in California (population 39,540,000) and Vermont (623,000).

Send2Press is better because it has a regional pricing system that reflects the population of the different regions, so people targeting less densely populated areas get better value.

That’s a big upside for small businesses outside of big metropolitan areas like New York and the Bay Area.

Wider social media promotion

Other distributors sometimes offer some social media support. PRWire offer temporary access to industry focused Twitter accounts, for example.

However, Send2Press go further by sharing the news release on Facebook as well as Twitter, also including between three and five hashtags important to the client.

Higher word limit

Unlike most other distributors, which place a 400 word limit on their basic plan and then charge to increase it, Send2Press offer 1,000 words at no extra charge.

That’s more than any small business is likely to need in a press release.

Send2Press themselves recommend that users stick to between 300 and 500 words, but sometimes it’s useful to be able to make an exception.

For example, if a company is involved in a legal dispute, issuing the business’s official position as a press release can be an effective way of managing public relations.

As legal issues can be technical and require offering a lot of contextual information and explanation, this higher word limit could be useful.

Same day push or scheduled sending of releases

As press releases can be urgent it’s important to be able to get them out quickly, especially in an emergency such as when managing a public relations disaster like:

  • Product recalls
  • Bad earning statements
  • Public scandals

That’s why it’s useful that Send2Press include ‘Same Day Push’ with all of their plans. Most distributors require companies to pay more for this, either has a more expensive plan or paid extra.

They also offer scheduled sending as standard, which helps coordinate releases with wider PR and marketing efforts.

User experiences suggest that Send2Press are usually successful in sticking to agreed sending times.


Send2Press don’t charge subscriptions or membership fees. Instead, clients choose one of four single-release plans:

  • Standard State + Online$99 – Print and broadcast daily media in one US state, prominent aggregator sites like Google, Bing, and Apple News, syndication on 250+ websites
  • Standard Industry + Regional$149 – All the features of Standard State + Online, plus targeting by region (e.g. Northeast, Southwest) or by industry, including relevant magazines
  • Standard National Plan $199 – All basic features of lower plans, plus access to the unique Send2Press list of over 6,000 outlets which has been building since 1983
  • Premium National PLUS$499 – Includes all features of lower plans, plus Send2Press use their partnership with CISION / PR Newswire® to send the release to over 22,000 newsrooms via AP and Reuters

This is one of the widest distributions available. However, unusually, Send2Press cut the word limit in their top plan to 500 words. This is possibly due to the use of third-party networks.

Because of the wide coverage offered by the Premium National PLUS plan, small businesses may decide that it’s worth the drop in the word limit, especially because most releases are under 500 words anyway.

Customer service

Send2Press can be irresponsive occasionally. They don’t have a chat box on their site and email responses generally arrive after about a day.

However, they can be reached by phone. Small businesses who specifically want effective online support should consider Newswire or eReleases.


  • Excellent location-based targeting
  • No membership fees
  • Affordable access to ‘big name’ outlets and networks
  • High word limit
  • Free multimedia included
  • Same-day push available even with the cheapest plan


  • No chat box customer support and occasionally slow email responses
  • A dated interface