Scout Business Security System Review (2023)

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Scout is another security system that integrates with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings, providing a nice added feature that some other security system companies don’t. Overall, though, Scout would be considered more of a minimalist-type of security system that is geared more toward the at-home than business security customers.

Quality and warranty

Scout offers a quality security system product that looks nice, too. The company is very focused on technology, and that has both its upsides and downsides. The quality of the hardware itself is solid, although there are some limitations on what the system can do.

The hardware you purchase with Scout comes with a three-year warranty.

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Scout’s security system revolves around advanced technology. Everything runs from the hub. It works wirelessly, but it also must be plugged into a power supply and ethernet connection. The hub provides 12-hour backup battery with 3G cell backup in case the power or internet goes out.

The Scout system also offers all the normal sensors, but they only offer four pieces of equipment, and each has only a 100-foot range. You can buy an extra piece of hardware that can extend that range, though. The biggest thing Scout doesn’t have is a control panel. The hub runs the system, but you have to completely control it through a mobile app or smart home system.

In addition, Scout doesn’t offer any proprietary cameras. To get a security camera system with Scout, you have to purchase a third-party product as well as a third-party monitoring plan. This not only adds to the complexity of the system but also the price of deploying it.


It costs $445 to equip your business with the basic equipment and sensors for the Scout system. However, this might not be enough for your business, especially if you need a range of more than 100 feet.

Scout offers two monitoring plans that can be paid on a monthly basis or an annual option that provides a discount. The Always On plan is $9.99 per month ($107 annually) that provides the mobile app, SMS and email alerts, and push notifications to mobile devices. The Always On+ plan is $19.99 per month ($215 annually) and adds 24/7 professional monitoring and police dispatch services.

Scout’s plans do not require a contract, which is a nice feature.


Scout does provide a fairly impressive customer support experience. Not only are they very focused on this aspect of their business, but they provide extra online resources such as forums and video tutorials. This fits in line with the company’s focus on the forward-thinking approach to security systems.


The Scout security system is a completely DIY installation. The nice part about it is it doesn’t require any drilling or extensive work. The hardware comes with a double-sided adhesive that easily allows you to press and stick the devices on any wall.

Scout offers printed instructions as well as a walkthrough for the installation on the mobile app. There are also video tutorials available to help customers who need to see someone else doing the process.

Things to consider

The biggest thing to consider if you’re thinking about Scout for your business security system is whether you are comfortable with a completely mobile system. There is no keypad, and the entire system must be monitored and controlled through a mobile device. While this makes for a very impressive technological offering, it might not make a lot of sense to secure your business.

It’s nice that the Scout system is affordable, is easy to install on your own and the company offers great customer service and online support. But they do have some shortfalls when it comes to product offerings, especially since the range of each device is only 100 feet, without the use of an extender.


  • Very tech-focused company
  • Mobile apps control the entire system
  • Affordable hardware and monthly plans
  • No contracts required ever
  • Easy to install
  • Simple integration with popular smart home systems
  • Outstanding customer service and online resources


  • System doesn’t have a central control panel
  • Entire system must be managed through mobile devices or smart home system
  • Limited range of only 100 feet for each hardware device
  • No proprietary cameras
  • Basic security system, especially compared to competitors

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 3.9
  • Equipment: 3.3
  • Features & Technology: 3.6
  • Contract & Price: 4.1
  • Customer Service: 4.6

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