• Plan Reviewed: The Fax 750 Plan
  • Free Trial Period: All plans have a 30-day free trial except the “Corporate Plan.”
  • Monthly Fees: $14.99, or $12.99 if billed annually.
  • Page Counts: 750 sent and received pages.
  • Users: Unlimited, although defining additional extensions is limited.
  • Overage Charges: Scales with the plan, highest is at 5.9¢ per page.
  • Mobile App: Android and Windows phones only.

Choose RingCentral if:

  • You need to use toll-free fax numbers or would prefer a vanity number.
  • You will be regularly sending large file types.
  • You have a need to schedule faxes to be sent automatically.
  • You’re also in the market for other communications services such as business telephone lines.

Don’t Choose RingCentral if:

  • You only need to send a low volume of fax each month. The entry tier has quite a high page count.
  • You just want to fax.
  • You need extensive fax tracking and organization abilities.

It’s important to note that, first and foremost, RingCentral is a business devoted to voice communications. The fax-side of the software, while robust, is not their central selling point and this is clear in the product design. Despite that, it remains a powerful and feature-rich online fax service.

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RingCentral Pricing

Right out of the gate, RingCentral is heads and shoulders above the competition… in terms of pricing. It’s one of the most expensive fax software. This is due, in part, to the RingCentral business structure that focuses on voice calls. And, no, the increased price doesn’t come with any voice-related bonuses. 

Instead, the faxing software is meant to be an add-on for businesses that already use RingCentral voice communication services. For those already enrolled and immersed in the system, the addition of fax support to a familiar software ecosystem is a great boon. 

For those not already using the service, it’s not quite as enticing.

Don’t pass over RingCentral quite yet, though. It’s still worth a look if you like software with lots of useful features.

As far as pricing goes, it’s not actually a bad deal for what you get. At 750 pages a month, it’s the highest page count for a first tier-level subscription of any service we reviewed. By the time other services offer that many pages per month, their price is also more expensive than RingCentral’s. 

The long and short of it is this: If you are going to be sending and receiving at least 600+ faxes per month, but not significantly more, it’s the best bang for your buck. Outside of that admittedly specific scenario, you will probably want a cheaper plan or one that offers unlimited faxes.

RingCentral Features

RingCentral’s extensive communication services suite spills over into its fax department, meaning that it has access to many quality of life improvements that other online fax services don’t provide.

For example, setup can be completed totally online without the need to get a rep from the company involved. That includes the ability to transfer your fax number from the old machine or service to your RingCentral account. That’s a pretty handy deal because it saves you valuable time scheduling an appointment. This service is unique to RingCentral.

On the other hand, you aren’t eligible for 24/7 customer support by phone until you’ve upgraded past the first-tier plan. You win some, you lose some.

When you’re setting up you can choose to use your old number, a toll-free number, or even a vanity number for free. Unlike other online fax services, RingCentral lets you choose to use letters in your vanity number. Additional lines of any type cost $30.

Once you’re set up in the system, however, you’ll likely be annoyed at the interface. If you’re using RingCentral solely for fax the dashboard will look unfriendly – it’s full of references and links to the rest of their communications products. While it’s no doubt handy for people using the full, integrated communications suite, it’s an irritating design choice if you just want to send faxes.

The native fax storage and organization capabilities are weak, but like HelloFax, it supports integration with online cloud storage. At this time, the only supported applications are DropBox, Box, and Google Drive. RingCentral is integrated into Google for Work, however. 

The accompanying app is only available to Android and Windows phones. It’s free, fortunately, but plagued with the same design choice as the computer software – it’s catering to users of the unified communication suite. It’s perfectly functional and intuitive if you disregard the irrelevant voice and messaging functions, however.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s one of the only online fax services that support the ability to schedule faxes to send at a later date. This feature is particularly useful for invoices.