Propertybase provides a unique CRM platform for real estate professionals. The company’s program is based on Salesforce, instead of being a uniquely-designed solution. This might be a good aspect of the CRM for real estate professionals who are used to working with other large CRM solutions.

Propertybase has advanced functionalities that make it ideal for organizations that have a lot of team members or that have employees working off-site often. Propertybase is an all-in-one real estate platform that integrates CRM, marketing, websites and lead general into one program.


As a partner of Salesforce, Propertybase has a powerful system that provides a wealth of features and advanced integration into other systems as well. The CRM allows real estate professionals to organize, track and sell with ease, allowing you to automate as much of your day-to-day tasks as possible.

Their features include marketing tools and transaction management, in addition to the usual run-of-the-mill lead generation and customer information management.

Some of the other top features include:

  • Luxury IDX Websites that help build your brand online, in a simple way to obtain and convert more leads
  • Marketing automation including email campaigns and landing pages
  • A brokerage intranet that provides compliance-driven transaction management for real estate
  • A wealth of reports and different dashboards to use with real-time data
  • Integration with more than 200 partners, allowing for a plug-and-play solution

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Propertybase offers three main plans that feature a sliding scale of features and benefits. All three plans provide Smart CRM, marketing automation, a CRM mobile app, dashboards and reporting, and an open API and single sign-on feature.

The Gold plan upgrades from the basic Silver plan to add some web components, such as MLS integration, a brokerage website and agent websites. The top-level Blue plan adds transaction and leads functionality to the Silver and Gold packages, with features such as a brokerage intranet, transaction management and lead generation.

Pricing is $99 per user per month for three users, $79 per user per month for four users and $99 per user per month for 10 users. Pricing is also based on the level of the package that you choose, though.

Each of the packages comes with a free 14-day trial that requires no credit card to start, as well as a free demo of the product.

Customer support

Much of Propertybase’s customer support and service is done through an online trouble ticket system and online information resource. You can submit a request for help through Propertybase’s website, or you can search through a list of information resources there as well.

Some customers have said that responses can take up to 48 hours to receive a response, so if you are part of a company that needs a quick response, then Propertybase might not be the best fit for you.

Propertybase does provide a list of each of their support team members as well as headshots, which is a nice feature that shows they are concerned about the human aspect of business. That may not be the biggest help for you, though, if you need a problem solved ASAP.

What’s lacking

Propertybase is more expensive than a lot of their competitors, and that might price out some potential customers. This CRM wouldn’t be considered a baseline program, at all, and you’ll definitely pony up for the advanced features and technology they provide.

For a program this powerful, too, it would be nice if it came with more personalized customer support and customer service. While it’s nice that the company provides free demos and a lot of information tools on their website, for the price they charge, you would think the customer service would be more personal.

Propertybase also doesn’t have a solution for an independent real estate agent or a very small team, as their lowest plan will charge you for at least three users.


  • Very powerful system backed by Salesforce
  • Easy integration to a wide offering of third-party services
  • Extensive features including marketing and web design
  • Real-time data and stats help with advanced reporting features


  • Pricey option compared to other CRMs on the market
  • Not great customer support or customer service
  • Minimum requirement of three users makes it not a good fit for independent real estate agents

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 4.1
  • Pricing: 3.8
  • Features: 4.8
  • Customer Support: 3.7
  • Ease of Use: 4.1