PR Newswire (owned by UBM, a prestigious and well-connected media company) is a high-level press release distributor allowing businesses to get the word out about important news to a large network of journalists and media outlets.

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PR Newswire have been operating for a long time, and have built up a reputation among their impressive client base for professionalism and effective PR distribution.

As an organization with high-level corporate clients, PR Newswire offer outstanding customer care and work meticulously to ensure that every press release meets the highest standards.

PR Newswire isn’t among the most affordable options, however. Small businesses or startups with limited budgets may struggle to afford their services.

Additionally, features that other distributors include for free are often paid extras. Adding images to a release costs an extra $325, for example.

Who it’s best for

Given their high fees and broad network of national and international media outlets, PR Newswire are best for small, digital startups with enough funding to support rapid growth.

Companies like these would be able to support the high price tag and benefit from PR Newswire’s wide network as the availability of their services aren’t limited by geography.

Alternatively, PR Newswire also makes sense for established local businesses profitable enough to afford the cost of an expensive press release and want to use the narrow local targeting to make a big impact upon prominent news outlets in their local area.

This might be useful when:

  • Opening a new location to raise awareness
  • Notifying the public about important changes to the business
  • Issuing important advice to the public, like during a product recall
  • Organizing a major event
  • Addressing a local issue or controversy

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Largest basic distribution

Like Send2Press, PR Newswire have a network for distribution they’ve spent decades building up. In fact, PR Newswire are among the oldest PR distribution companies operating.

As a result, PR Newswire currently claim to have the strongest network on the market, with:

  • 4000+ websites
  • Around 3,000 media outlets
  • 550+ news content systems
  • 39,000 Newswire for Journalists members across an additional 9,000 media organizations

Target specific cities

While other distributors allow for regional targeting down to the state level, PR Newswire are unique for allowing businesses to target individual towns and cities, even small ones.

That means if you run a consultancy in Boise, Idaho and you don’t care about the rest of the state (or want to target other locations with a different message) you can limit your release to your city of choice.

Target unusual niches

The majority of distributors provide access to professional media outlets of some kind, often with the ability to target specific industries (like financial news, for example).

However, PR Newswire offer distribution to additional niches that others don’t. For example:

  • Public officials
  • Charities
  • Foundations
  • Narrow online audience segments

This means that some types of public relations or marketing campaigns that couldn’t be done with other distributors are only possible with PR Newswire.

For example, if a business is wants to donate to charities in the local area (both to support the local economy and take advantage of tax deductions), they can make third sector organizations in the area aware of their plans and ask for proposals from potential beneficiaries.

This can create a positive buzz around the business as a whole and improve public perceptions of the company.


PR Newswire are among the most expensive press release distributors.

To send out a release, businesses have no choice but to sign up for an annual membership, which costs $195.

Once a customer has signed up, they’re then required to pay per release on top of the membership fee.

There are three types of single-release plan available:

  • State and local – $350
  • Regional and top markets – $575
  • National – $805

What does each plan include?

  • State and local
    • 400 word limit
    • Distribution to 1,000 outlets
    • Guaranteed posting on 125 release-only media sites
    • Targeting by local area
    • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Regional and top markets
    • 400 words included
    • Distribution to 1,300 outlets
    • Release featured on 200 media sites
    • A permanent live link
    • Advanced reporting and analytics tools
  • National
    • 400 words
    • Release sent to 5,800 outlets
    • The release will appear on a minimum of 250 sites
    • A permanent live link that can be used for SEO purposes

Customer service

PR Newswire offer strong customer service and support. They can be contacted by:

  • Telephone
  • Online chat
  • Email support

Unlike some other distributors (like PR distribution), PR Newswire:

  • Respond quickly to questions via online chat
  • Get back to emails promptly
  • Have short hold times for phone support (usually less than a minute)


  • Large basic distribution
  • Can target specific cities
  • Can access unusual niches like public officials, charities, and philanthropists
  • Very responsive customer service


  • Multimedia (like video, audio, and images) cost extra
  • Can’t send a release without paying for annual membership