Omnisend is an online marketing automation platform with integrated tools to create and share marketing campaigns on multiple channels through the convenience of a single dashboard. Best known for its easy to use templates, it saves marketers and businesses a lot of time in designing and creation of new campaigns.

This marketing automation platform is extremely effective, with customized communications based on user behavior analysis, the inclusion of promo codes and personalized product recommendations, birthday discounts, and other features that drive up conversion rates. Since its pricing is based on the number of subscribers you have, you can control your expenditure per campaign, which makes Omnisend an ideal marketing software for marketing firms, as well as small and medium businesses.

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Omnisend features

  • Omnisend’s USP is that its very effective email marketing tool that offers additional inbound marketing features like resending newsletters, re-engaging consumers via compelling call-to-action campaigns infused with CTR driving features like discount vouchers.
  • You can create journeys for your users with personalized email messages triggered for different events, with automated workflows free of any manual intervention.
  • In addition to performance metrics and user data, Omnisend also provides action items in its reports to improve your campaigns on the go. This constant feedback loop contributes greatly to higher conversion rates.

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Omnisend pricing

Omnisend offers a 14-day free trial, with a limit of 2000 emails/day.

Paid plans are charged by the number of subscribers you have and come in three price bands:

  • Standard – For a subscriber base of 1000, it’ll cost you $20/month, and you’ll be able to send 15,000 emails in total. This plan is the best for businesses and marketers who are have limited budgets and/or small lists. A 22% discount is available if you pay for a full year up-front.
  • Pro – Unlimited emails at $199/month up to 9000 customers. This plan is perfect for businesses that are in growth mode and looking to scale.
  • Enterprise – Fixed price of $2000/month, independent of the number of subscribers. Includes additional privacy and security measures.

Automation Workflows are included in all plans.

Omnisend customer support

Omnisend offers both email and live chat support. Users are encouraged to use the Help Center to resolve their issues before approaching customer service. Pro and Enterprise plans include dedicated account managers who are easily accessible and resolve issues promptly. Standard subscribers can also expect professional customer service, albeit at a slower pace.


  • High email marketing conversion rates and sales
  • A library of customizable templates for emails and social media marketing
  • The ability to incorporate discount codes, gifts vouchers, scratch cards, along with the ability to pick products directly from the site in marketing campaigns, to improve click-through-rates
  • Easy integration with established as well as trending e-commerce platforms.


  • No custom themes are available for holiday marketing
  • There’s been a steady increase in pricing plans over the years, with no change in the features being offered
  • Every new social media campaign needs data to be input from scratch.

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 4.8
  • Features: 5
  • Price: 4.5
  • Ease of Use: 5
  • Customer Service: 5