Line2 turns everyday devices, like smartphones, laptops, and iPads, into a business phone system. In tech speak, Line2 offers a VoIP service that’s ideal for small businesses looking for a 2nd phone line; hence the name Line2. 

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There are many communication tools businesses can use to consolidate their lines, and it can be quite overwhelming. If you are looking for VoIP services alone, there are a plethora of choices available in the market, and finding the best one for you can be time-consuming and somewhat stressful. 

If you haven’t decided where to start, Line2 might be worth taking a look at. It’s well-suited for smaller businesses with simple communication requirements that need a second phone number. Although some medium to large businesses find Line2’s services a bit lacking in specific areas like third-party app integration, video conferencing, and collaboration, it is still a pretty solid platform. 

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What is Line2?

Line2 is a VoIP or business voice-over IP that allows small businesses to communicate with prospects and customers within one app. (The app can be downloaded from the App Store). It provides customers a cross-platform messaging and VoIP service that enables you to turn your cell phone, laptop, or tablet into a business-grade phone system.

With Line2, you can take your small business to the next level in terms of communication, making your small firm appear more professional and legitimate in the eyes of your customer.

Instead of using your personal iPhone number as your business number, Line2 allows you to use your computer or mobile phone as a 2nd toll-free line that you and your employees can use to communicate with each other or with customers. 

Line2 enables you to communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere, and from any device. 

What are the pros and cons of Line2?

When looking for the right VoIP service, it is best to take a look at the pros and cons for comparison. It will help set expectations for each platform. Here are the pros and cons of Line2:


  • Easy to set up

Out of all the business VoIP services we looked into, Line2 offers the easiest setup process. Because it is a software-based solution, you won’t need to set up any complex hardware. All you need to do is set it up with your PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device and you are good to go. works with Mac and Windows computers. As for mobile devices, you can download and install the dedicated apps for both Android and iOS users. Since the service is dedicated to small user groups, there is no need to worry about network optimization, which is yet another benefit for small businesses.  

  • Low cost

Because this virtual phone system is aimed at small businesses, the prices are affordable. They offer different plan options to match the size of your business and your needs, enabling small businesses to step up their game when it comes to communicating with their clients and their employees. 

Although there might be more affordable services with more features to offer, you can still consider using Line2 because of its excellent uptime and unparalleled customer service. 

  • 99.9% uptime

One of the best things about Line2 is their 99.9% uptime guarantee. Because customers expect your business and your phone lines to be on whenever they call you, you want to make sure that your phone lines are never down and always reachable when you are open.

One of the reasons why customers refrain from doing business with a company is lack of communication. How many times have you called a business and got annoyed when you couldn’t reach them? You don’t want your customers to experience that, which is why you should consider signing up for a VoIP with a high uptime guarantee. 

  • Easy-to-use interface

The user interface is something to look forward to as it is very effortless to navigate, even if you aren’t tech-savvy. The interface essentially resembles a phone’s dial pad, so it gets high marks for ease of use. 

The interface also includes unlimited texting, supports group messaging for your team, and Line2 users say every feature works well with desktops and mobile devices. Faxing is also included. However, it is limited to receiving faxes, which are then sent to your email. 

The basic account does not have call recording, so if you want to voicemail transcription and want to record your calls for quality assurance purposes, you will need to upgrade to one of the pricier plans. 


  • Limited third-party app integrations

One of the biggest cons about Line2 is its limited integrations with third-party apps. Although it allows you to sync your contacts in your Google Workplace account or Microsoft Outlook, users are still hoping for more when it comes to software integrations. 

It would have been a better service if you can integrate it with other collaborating apps that allow you to send files and video chat with your team members, especially since more companies are shifting to a hybrid work schedule.  

  • Limited features

Line2 is not intended for a large number of users, and because of this, Line2’s administrative features are limited. The features are basic, and you will perform all routine user administration tasks using the admin portal.

But because of its basic features, it makes the service a lot easier to use compared to other VoIP services in the market. Once you log in to your account, you will immediately have access to all the users associated with your account. 

Line2’s plans differ, meaning you can upgrade for more data reports and additional customization. However, most smaller teams don’t necessarily need a bunch of analytics, so Line2 is still a viable choice

  • Only a runs on browser and mobile app

Line2 only works with a web application and app. It does not have its own stand-alone software, meaning the resources and preference settings may be limited. Despite its limitations, this business phone service is still a great communication tool for your company. 

  • Focuses on only small businesses 

If you have a medium to large business, Line2 may not be the VoIP service for you. It has basic functions limited to telephone features with a little bit of texting and contact integration. 

If you have a small business, and you don’t want to spend too much of your resources on expensive VoIP services, Line2 might be a good fit for you and your firm. 

What are the best features of Line2?

Although Line2’s set of features are quite basic, they are still quite useful for some businesses. To understand which features are offered, here’s a quick list for reference. 

Voicemail transcription

The voicemail transcription feature allows you to receive transcribed voicemails directly to your email account. This will give you and your employees more time to review each message and call your customers back promptly. 

SMS messaging

All of the plans include unlimited text messaging, enabling you to contact your clients via text message. Since many people do not have the time to answer phone calls, sending an SMS is one of the best ways for you to reach them and vice versa.

When you send clients a text message, your number will not appear in their inbox. Instead, the name of your company will show up, making your company look more professional. 

Toll-free number access

Every plan, including the Basic plan, offers access to a toll-free number. Having a toll-free number will make your business look more professional, which is a huge plus for any customer-related business. 

Electronic fax capabilities

Although many companies do not rely on fax machines anymore, you can still receive faxes and get them straight to your inbox. Sending and receiving faxes are still reliable ways of communicating, and it is nice to see that Line2 provides limited fax features included in their service. 


One of the coolest features in the Growth and Business plan is the Auto-attendant feature. This feature is a call-answering process that may add a more professional look to your business. You can use a real-life or virtual auto-attendant to greet your callers and divert the call to the respective department. 

Automation features like this one are excellent for businesses with a growing number of clients and potential clients, enabling businesses to attend to them even when short-staffed. It will not only help your business attend to more customers at once, but it will also make your small business appear larger and more trustworthy. 

Call reporting

Call reporting is an analysis feature used by growing companies to analyze the data of their calls. It helps businesses understand inbound and outbound calls, view and analyze key tracking metrics, monitor call logs, and understand what the customers need. 

How much does Line2 cost?

Line2’s pricing system is pretty straightforward. The service has three different pricing plans including the Starter, Growth, and Business plan. 

Below is a list of each plan, their prices, and what is included:

  • Starter Plan for $14.99 per month. This plan is pretty basic, and it is an excellent plan to start with if you own a small business. With this plan, you can get a local toll-free number, unlimited calls and texts, and basic call forwarding. 
  • Growth Plan for $19.99 per month. The Growth Plan has a little bit more features. It includes everything from the Starter plan, with additional features such as the Auto-attendant and Call Scheduler feature. This plan is perfect for businesses with more projected clients. Thanks to the additional features, you will get automated features to accommodate them all. 
  • Business Plan for $24.99 per month. The Business plan includes the most features, which is probably the best for small to medium-sized businesses. It includes everything from the Starter and Growth plan and includes all of Line2’s most prominent features. It includes call recording, voicemail transcriptions, and advanced reporting for analytics. 

Although these plans are not necessarily pricey, they are still pretty basic when compared to other VoIP services with better features. 

What kind of customer support can users expect?

The features might be very basic, but in terms of customer support, users can expect to receive quality service from Line2. The help desk attendants are very helpful, and it really shows how much knowledge they have about their product. 

What are the benefits of Line2?

Line2 is what it is. It is a solid phone service with basic features. They might lack in other areas, but they do an incredible job with the features that they have instead of adding more features that are too much for them to handle.

Although it would be nice to see more growth in the future, the service benefits small businesses with what they have to offer and that is the important thing.

What are the disadvantages of Line2?

One of its biggest disadvantages is the lack of third-party app and software integrations, and that might be all. They are pretty solid at what they do, and adding more features might lower the quality and uptime. 

The system they have going on is pretty remarkable, and if you own a small business, you probably wouldn’t want to change a thing. 


What is the best Line2 plan for small businesses?

For small businesses that don’t require a ton of analytics, the Growth plan at $19.99 per month is a pretty solid plan. It includes unlimited calls and texts, an auto-attendant, and a call scheduler– allowing small businesses to handle multiple calls and serve more customers simultaneously. 

Does Line2 have call recording?

Yes, Line2 has a call recording feature, which is excellent for quality assurance for calls between your employees and customers.

How many callers can Line2 accommodate simultaneously? 

Line2 can accommodate up to 99 callers simultaneously, which is a pretty significant number– considering you own a small business. Although it does not support conference calls, this feature allows you to conduct department-wide meetings.