Hubstaff Review – 2020

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Hubstaff has a good suite of tools for time tracking, sales teams, and even the HR department.

There are all of the time tracking tools one would come to expect – trackers, timesheets, scheduling, and attendance tools. You can even do timesheet approvals. If working with contractors, for example, you can limit the amount of work they are able to claim.

There are also plenty of options regarding the money – you can send invoices, do payroll, create and track budgets on a per-client or per-project basis.

Our only reservation about Hubstaff is that the balance of power is weighed far heavily towards the employer, so much so that it has almost a Big Brother-like feel to it. There are a few features that raise eyebrows.

One is the activity tracker, available at all levels of subscription. It records mouse and keyboard usage of users and puts it into a report so you can get an idea of their productivity (or fiddling). That’s disconcerting in and of itself, but combined with the setting to send alerts when a threshold of “idle time” is met… now that’s just oppressive.

Hubstaff also takes random screenshots of users’ computers and files them away for review later along with tracking apps and URLs visited.

It also supports mobile GPS tracking, which isn’t a unique feature for clock-in apps, but it seems a lot more ominous here.

Who Hubstaff is best for

Hubstaff shines for medium-sized teams that need a customizable or fluctuating number of users. It’s also a great choice for design agencies that might take on freelancers or contractors temporarily and need to track their billable time. 

Hubstaff pricing

Hubstaff is a surprisingly cheap time tracker, considering how feature-packed it is. It scales non-linearly with the number of users you choose to include, so prices may vary slightly. There is a discount for paying annually of about 15%.

The Free plan is a barebones time tracker and employee monitoring software, which seems a little unnecessary since it’s limited to one user. There are free trials available for the paid plans anyway.

  • Free – $0/month (up to 1 user), time tracking, activity tracking, screenshots
  • Basic – $5/month per person (up to 50), 1 app integration, 24-hour support, payroll abilities
  • Premium – $10/month per person (up to 50), unlimited app integration, invoicing, project management suite

Hubstaff customer support

Hubstaff is unusual in that it has 24-hour phone support available for even then first paid plan, rather than just the enterprise level plan. It’s also equipped with an on-site chat box which will connect you with a representative if requested.

Email support is available for users at all levels.


  • Competitive, customizable price.
  • Integrates sales, HR, and productivity very neatly.


  • The Free tier is mostly useless.
  • Integration is limited unless you’re on the Premium plan.
  • Your employees might quit if you use all the employee monitoring features.

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